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[2023-02-24 08:55:20] --> monr0e has joined the channel
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[2023-02-24 16:20:18] <Z-Man> OF COURSE THEY JUST RELEASED CONAN 2.0
[2023-02-24 17:08:47] <Z-Man> (1.X is still available, of couse. I'll adapt the docs so it gets picked.)
[2023-02-24 17:51:57] <Z-Man> BUILDCEPTION: I discovered conan has a package named msys2 (it gets installed automatically in wine). It is a unix-like build environment for windows. With a package manager. Arch Linux's package manager. In that repository, there is a conan package. So you probably can install msys2 with conan, then conan with msys2 in conan, then msys2 with conan in msys2 in conan :) (Not going to try that...)
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