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[2023-02-19 21:27:16] <Lucifer_arma> Z-Man: filesystem::path and the string class are both pretty immature.  What I'm after with strings is that externally, when reading/writing files, and when passing strings over the network, etc, utf8 is standard.  I'd probably prefer utf16, actually, but I don't want to write a string class for that
[2023-02-19 21:27:48] <Lucifer_arma> so I did the little thing I did hoping it would make everything work correctly, and also because the stdc++ docs said to do that (with some help from stacktrace)
[2023-02-19 21:28:32] <Lucifer_arma> filepath needs to be able to take a string, but it doesn't matter what the internal representation is as long as it can be parsed with the standard operations, and whatever's on disk can be accessed correctly
[2023-02-19 21:29:29] <Lucifer_arma> I'm willing to write a string wrapper class that provides the same interface everywhere in cerritos but provides the appropriate platform-specific stuff as needed, I just have bigger fish to fry
[2023-02-19 21:30:16] <Lucifer_arma> sprite and everything associated with it is currently deprecated, but I haven't had a chance to go in there and mark it as such, so don't worry about it
[2023-02-19 21:31:26] <Lucifer_arma> any chance you've tested the conan stuff in wine?  *IF* it's something you could do in like a few minutes and just see how it compares, that would be useful to me, because I have wine, and if the build can be done in wine for windows, and the build system for wine is the same as windows, then I can work on that without needing a windows system I don't possess
[2023-02-19 21:32:15] <Lucifer_arma> I've had terrible luck with wine recently, though, so I'll readily understand if you don't have the "few" minutes to look at it :)
[2023-02-19 21:33:20] <Lucifer_arma> I haven't tried dadsteroids since the last time my son worked on it, so it's possible he did something janky.  He was coming in from a python background and having a hard time wrapping his head around constructors/destructors
[2023-02-19 21:34:21] <Lucifer_arma> when I get back to it, I'm probably going to delete all existing examples and start with new ones, except for maybe the hello, world one.  Next on my plate are two things:
[2023-02-19 21:35:20] <Lucifer_arma> 1.  Download the source for sdl_mixer and just add it to cerritos, c++'ing it up and cerritos'ing it up in the process.  I'd use sdl_mixer directly if it didn't have the silly limitations it has, but it's mit-licensed, like cerritos, so no reason I can't just use it as a base for a cerritos engine
[2023-02-19 21:36:18] <Lucifer_arma> 2.  GUI.  The first apps I intend to write need a functional object library.  Even the first games (I want to bring "text adventure" games to Android).  So I want to eliminate the openAL dependency and get an actual game written.
[2023-02-19 21:36:41] <Lucifer_arma> but first, my "hello, World!" app is an alarm clock, and I need a new fucking alarm clock
[2023-02-19 21:41:00] <Lucifer_arma> but before all that, my programming project is back to the stock market.  I've had a new epiphany that's going to move that project forward quite a bit and get me closer to a working model, while establishing a working cluster.
[2023-02-19 21:41:56] <Lucifer_arma> Because of recent crap with my son (I asked him to clean up after himself, so he moved out, and it's a bit of a story), I now have all three of my raspis available for the cluster
[2023-02-19 21:43:05] <Lucifer_arma> So I'm going to make the AI stuff work over the cluster, setup my three nodes (I've got all the hardware I need for that, too!), and get the stockanalyst analyzing.  I don't need to narrow it down to the "right" AI right now, because I've got three 4-core nodes to work with
[2023-02-19 21:43:52] <Lucifer_arma> I *need* to get it downloading stock market data everyday and analyzing it.  Since I'm not all over this, and it's taking some time, I should have it downloading the data, analyzing it, and making predictions, using the various bot configurations I'm testing
[2023-02-19 21:44:14] <Lucifer_arma> that way, next time I get back to looking at it, I'll have a history of predictions to compare to actual stock market movement.
[2023-02-19 21:44:41] <Lucifer_arma> so I'm at "build the cluster, because if you build it, they will come"
[2023-02-19 21:49:01] <Lucifer_arma> Oh yeah, last thing about strings, I'm trying to make sure that the string class will support il8n when the time comes to build that into cerritos.  So it's a case of YouWillNeedThis, and I don't want to ignore that in favor of expediency right now.
[2023-02-19 21:49:34] <Lucifer_arma> It's frustrating that libstdc++ doesn't provide a cross-platform string class that takes care of all these issues.  Except maybe it does and I used it incorrectly.
[2023-02-19 21:51:03] <Lucifer_arma> But if you happen to have knowledge on how to integrate boost without having to download the 500MB of dependencies, I'm all ears.  I've tried once using cmake build files, and went down a rabbit hole on it
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