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[2023-02-12 16:14:49] <zmanuel> Lucifer_arma: The thought about grabbing some moneys from them did cross my mind, after my response :) But really, if they go through with it, we do benefit enough, I think. They're paying to get their brand and our game in front of people. 
[2023-02-12 16:17:12] <zmanuel> That is probably worth more to the community than any direct funding. We should get them to place readable links to the games they present, nothing huge, but big enough that people can ask themselves, "what is this weird game, let me pause the video and check it out"
[2023-02-12 16:18:30] <zmanuel> I'm not so sure whether their plan to let real people play the games for real and film them is going to work out. People use actors predending to play prerecorded videos for a reason.
[2023-02-12 16:19:37] <zmanuel> Maybe their plan is to pick random people on the street, put them on a laptop, let them play the games, and afterwards they reveal they have been playing over that great mobile internet the whole time. That could work.
[2023-02-12 16:20:46] <zmanuel> For me, progress on the game isn't even about lack of time so much any more :( It's now lack of motivation. The codebase sucks.
[2023-02-12 16:21:51] <zmanuel> And have you noticed that now even 0.2.9 and sty+ct+ap have become unmergable?
[2023-02-12 16:23:06] <zmanuel> They accidentally did some huge reformat, I think. That means that whatever I do, does not make it to 99% of active servers.
[2023-02-12 16:30:00] <zmanuel> Godot 4.0 is in the release candidate phase. I have been continuously testing it since the early alphas, writing a small app that connects to the web service I'm building at work.
[2023-02-12 16:31:55] <zmanuel> Nothing too complex. You have to do some HTTP requests, send and receive binary and JSON data. There are bits of UI, a tree view, text input fields, check boxes, combo boxes, all dynamically genreated in an instant from the data the service sends.
[2023-02-12 16:32:46] <zmanuel> Then there is an image viewer and a 3D model viewer with camera controls.
[2023-02-12 16:35:14] <zmanuel> Too bad I don't yet get decent 3D model data from the service. I'm planning to sneakily do this during actual work, because a) I think it's genuinely useful and b) I'm essentially writing a testing app for free, so in exchange I'm entitled to some personal project coding time.
[2023-02-12 16:35:28] -!- zmanuel changed nick to Z-Man
[2023-02-12 16:36:25] <Z-Man> Anyway, it has been generally a very pleasant experience. A couple of times running with the head against the wall, as is to be expected while learning.
[2023-02-12 16:38:03] <Z-Man> My biggest gripe with Godot is that the debugging experience is not very good. Mostly, the variable inspector can only show builtin types.
[2023-02-12 16:41:58] <Z-Man> That includes numbers and strings, obviously, but also arrays and dictionaries. Anything else just gets shown with an ID.
[2023-02-12 16:43:08] <Z-Man> You can inspect what's in there by clicking on the ID, but that is shown in a separate docking window that only can show one object at a time.
[2023-02-12 16:45:21] <Z-Man> I should try working with VS Code there. I haven't used it much for debugging anything yet, but it could have a more consistent interface.
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[2023-02-12 21:08:01] <Lucifer_arma> Well, it wouldn't surprise me if someone like 2020 or eddiefantastic is behind this.  :)

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