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[2023-01-27 11:16:18] <Z-Man> npm for C/C++ developers, basically.
[2023-01-27 11:18:18] <Z-Man> It is a software dependencies package manager. You tell it what your stuff depends on in a metafile, and a single command line then fetches it all. Compiles it if necessary. Two lines in the CMake-file then let cmake use these dependences.
[2023-01-27 11:19:42] <Z-Man> I suppose it's one of those things were when it works, it is glorious. But when not, you have a lot of fun debugging. So a perfect companion for cmake.
[2023-01-27 17:25:55] <Z-Man> Well, I almost got it to build on macOS., still without Conan (not required there because Homebrew works pretty much like any Linux package manager). PR created. The one compilation error that is left is the same I get on Manjaro Linux: the AL/alut.h header is not found.
[2023-01-27 17:27:55] <Z-Man> That is OpenAL, right? On Linux, I do have the AL directory, but it contains alc.h, alext.h, al.h, efx-creative.h, efx.h, efx-presets.h.
[2023-01-27 17:47:22] <Z-Man> Ah, freealut on both systems.
[2023-01-27 17:59:37] <Z-Man> Have you found the explicitly linked stdc++ libraries required? I don't need them on Manjaro, and on macOS, the stdc++fs one does not exist. I think it is cmake's (or the linker's) job to take care of them.
[2023-01-27 18:01:29] <Z-Man> OpenAL on macOS is deprecated :o just like OpenGL. Stopping for today. State: Linux links, examples link and start, but don't find their data. macOS: linker errors with unresolved OpenAL symbols.
[2023-01-27 18:06:50] <Z-Man> Windows: conan does something, but cmake then fails to find SDL. Also, alut does not seem to be available.
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[2023-01-27 23:51:22] <Lucifer_arma_> I couldn't get it to build without explicitly linking to stdc++.  I am using it
[2023-01-27 23:51:58] <Lucifer_arma_> the examples need to be run from the build directory, eg "./examples/whatever".  I haven't figured out yet how to make cmake copy the assets needed by the examples into the build directory
[2023-01-27 23:52:52] <Lucifer_arma_> I'm not sure how to get openAL for windows.  I know that it's been taken back as closed source, proprietary crap, and it's my intention to not use it anyway.  My son added that, and it doesn't really do anything yet
[2023-01-27 23:53:19] <Lucifer_arma_> I need to write it out and use SDL_Sound instead.  I don't want to use SDL_mixer, but it might actually make sense to do so

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