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[2023-01-03 00:43:31] <Z-Man> Only as secure as you can keep your secret key you use to sign transaction requests, according to my rudimentary understanding. 
[2023-01-03 00:44:13] <Z-Man> He was already using a "cold wallet", which I assume means something like storing the secret on an USB stick or something.
[2023-01-03 00:45:22] <Z-Man> But whatever you do, at some point you have to show that to some computer running some software.
[2023-01-03 00:49:20] <Z-Man> I suppose one could use a perfectly air gapped machine for that and copy the data that would usually go over the net by hand, USB stick, or scanned QR code or something, some mechanism that you have absolute manual control over.
[2023-01-03 00:50:34] <Z-Man> THen, even if the machine that sees your key get hacked somehow, there still is no way for the hacker to obtain the key. I don't know how far he went with that.
[2023-01-03 00:51:55] <Z-Man> Anyway, you either have to keep your key secure, or trust your bitcoin to some online wallet, where the provider can then offer the usual online banking security functions like 2FA to you.
[2023-01-03 00:53:50] <Z-Man> Problem with that is that the online wallet providers and crypto brokers themselves get hacked reallly quite a lot. Or go out of business.
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[2023-01-03 15:13:10] <Z-Man> Sweet, my Ryzen 5800X3D arrived. Now I have to wait for the rest of the upgrade components (board, RAM, cooler).
[2023-01-03 15:15:50] <Z-Man> guru3: The people having trouble with the forum registration had it resolved, your action must have set the mail free.
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