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[2021-11-03 03:28:45] <Z-Man> Sorry! I was struggling with Ubuntu changes.
[2021-11-03 05:04:09] <Armanelgtron> and on a related note, oddly despite me still being subscribed, I no longer seem to be getting e-mails after pushing commits to +ap
[2021-11-03 05:04:33] <Armanelgtron> makes me wonder if they broke that or if they just changed it to not send e-mails about one's own revisions
[2021-11-03 05:06:08] <Armanelgtron> i probably ought to be subscribed to other branches as well since ljrbot is no longer here
[2021-11-03 05:06:46] <Armanelgtron> and I have been just checking manually, which is obviously lame :P
[2021-11-03 16:55:52] <Z-Man> Well, the git-bzr bridge seems to still be running, which is a small wonder because I haven't thought of bzr in maybe nine months, so it's not that.
[2021-11-03 22:42:16] -!- Z-Man changed nick to Guest4871
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[2021-11-03 22:47:24] --> Z-Man has joined the channel
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