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[2021-10-24 02:28:38] --> Lucifer_arma has joined the channel
[2021-10-24 04:18:11] <Armanelgtron> so lately i've been running into a problem where if i type something quickly and hit enter, it misses the last letter when sending the chat to the server, but doesnt miss the letter in the chat history
[2021-10-24 04:18:49] <Armanelgtron> for example i type rq and hit enter, it sends as if i only chatted "r" but chat history still shows "rq"
[2021-10-24 04:19:08] <Armanelgtron> i think maybe i am typing the last letter and hitting enter on the same frame
[2021-10-24 04:19:32] <Armanelgtron> i coudln't get it to happen on purpose but it's been happening on accident a lot
[2021-10-24 04:29:13] <Armanelgtron> i probably ought to try to capture it in an aarec
[2021-10-24 21:02:40] -!- Z-Man changed nick to Guest3967
[2021-10-24 21:02:42] --> Z-Man has joined the channel
[2021-10-24 21:06:46] <-- Z-Man has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[2021-10-24 21:08:08] --> Z-Man has joined the channel
[2021-10-24 21:10:11] <-- Guest3967 has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)

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