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[2021-08-02 17:16:51] <Z-Man> Sooo, I'm planning to go surfing on an artificial standing wave tomorrow.
[2021-08-02 17:17:13] <Z-Man> When I booked it, whether reports were fine.
[2021-08-02 17:17:31] <Z-Man> There have been two tiny problems even before I booked:
[2021-08-02 17:18:06] <Z-Man> There have been bad floodings, among those from a river my train there was about to cross.
[2021-08-02 17:19:17] <Z-Man> Also, a chemical waste depot exploded 1 km from the tracks. The tracks were downwind. That was less than a week ago, authorities say there is no danger.
[2021-08-02 17:20:06] <Z-Man> But now, because of the flooding, they're repairing the tracks and it turns out they wanted to extend them anyway, so the trains don't run, I'll partly have to take a bus.
[2021-08-02 17:21:07] <Z-Man> Good thing: The bus is not going to go as close to the explosion site. Of course, it's taking longer.
[2021-08-02 17:22:57] <Z-Man> And the whether prediction changed to medium rain with chances of thunderstorms. They should be done by my time slot. Did I mention the wave is on a lake? The wave is on a lake.
[2021-08-02 17:23:59] <Z-Man> So, how doomed am I?
[2021-08-02 17:28:11] <Z-Man> (In chase you're wondering, this is an artificial standing wave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogOqeJuvvwo the one I'm going to is not as wide, naturally.)
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