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[2021-06-17 13:30:05] <Z-Man> I more than get on with the Windows GUI. There's only two things bugging me about it.
[2021-06-17 13:31:49] <Z-Man> The handling of multiple monitors with different scaling factors/DPIs is piss poor. As you drag a Window from one monitor to the other, it will be huge or tiny on the monitor you drag it to for a bit, then switch to regular size and be tiny or huge on the other one, making it very hard at times to actually get it to a placement you like.
[2021-06-17 13:33:52] <Z-Man> My workaround: Don't mix DPIs. In case of my work laptop (250ish DPI) connected to my home office screens (100ish DPI), I just tend to put the laptop screen to a quarter its native resolution. Or, more often, keep its lid closed.
[2021-06-17 13:35:35] <Z-Man> The other thing is that the only viable font rendering method that consistently doesn't turn ugly is the one with subpixel antialising, which I despise. A few selected programs can be persuaded to use pixel fonts, no antialising at all, Visual Studio luckily being one of them.
[2021-06-17 13:37:05] <Z-Man> These two issues combined can get even more annoying... the chat program we used at work before switching to Teams does not support high resolutions at all, so it renders in a lower resolution WITH subpixel antialising, which then gets scaled up by Windows, which of course makes the subpixel antialising break horribly.
[2021-06-17 13:38:28] <Z-Man> The Mac is better in both areas. Yeah, you only get non-subpixel antialized fonts most of the time, which are blurrier, but the number of pixel fonts and apps that support them is greater.
[2021-06-17 13:40:21] <Z-Man> And dragging between screens of different resolutions is simply beautiful. Sometime in between, it switches the actual render resolution, but it will always keep both parts of the window at the correct size, scaling up or down as needed. Well, catch is, you can't ever DROP a window so it stays visible on two screens at once.
[2021-06-17 13:43:14] <Z-Man> Not even screens with identical resolutions. Because consistency.
[2021-06-17 13:43:28] <Z-Man> I suppose.
[2021-06-17 13:48:49] <Z-Man> Now, the Mac's fullscreen windows, multiscreen, workspaces, side-by side windows and Apple-Tab window switching are all bonkers. I can't even describe what they do. I find them unusable. It's simply impossible to set up different work environments on multiple screens. So you can easily switch between browsing forums/twitter whatever, browsing news, and having development docs and development tools in some other setup. There is this odd 
[2021-06-17 13:48:49] <Z-Man> distinction between fullscreen windows, which are on their own workspace and need different key combinations to reliably get to, and just maximized windows, and you can only just maximize a window by manually resizing it to fullscreen size.
[2021-06-17 13:49:43] <Z-Man> Nope. I'm just using the Mac to view and download Youtube videos, occasionally check quassel or discord.
[2021-06-17 16:16:42] <Z-Man> My simple trick for getting readable fonts and stuff on the TV: Lie to X about its size. You can override the EDID size in xorg.conf. I do that on the PI connected to the TV, but that display is not used for much apart from showing the master server logs.
[2021-06-17 16:24:25] <Z-Man> On the real media PC, I just run Kodi as a frontend and occasionally Steam in big picture mode. Kodi is nicely usable with a TV remote and handles turning the thing on and off for TV recordings. Kodi can be a bit of a configuration and upgrade nightmare; most plugins are unsupported and some even fought by the respective content provides :( The Portuguese TV plugin recently started just showing a short clip of cartoon aliens waving 
[2021-06-17 16:24:25] <Z-Man> goodbye, no matter what you wanted to see.
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