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[2021-04-02 04:28:27] <Armanelgtron> right, so I have a Mac 10.13 VM which is *cough* tooootally running on actual Apple hardware and not at all on a ThinkPad
[2021-04-02 04:29:15] <Armanelgtron> anyway, it seems that you cannot open the application from the finder, it complains the minimum version required is 10.14
[2021-04-02 04:29:47] <Armanelgtron> but it works from terminal if you cd /Applications/Armagetron\ Experimental.app and run ./usr/bin/armagetronad-experimental yourself
[2021-04-02 04:31:33] <Armanelgtron> i don't know that it matters, I was only messing with this because I was trying to figure out how recordings worked on Mac so I could help someone else with them, and that was the solution anyway
[2021-04-02 04:37:54] <Armanelgtron> to cd into said directory and run ./usr/bin/armagetronad-experimental --record ~/Documents/test.aarec
[2021-04-02 06:15:58] <Z-Man> Armanelgtron: It's built on 10.14 with libraries for 10.14 and the SDK for 10.14...  so that's what is put into the compatibility info in info.plist.  Launching from the terminal as you did, I think, completey circumvents info.plist.  I think a better way to run on older OS versions is to build it yourself via homebrew.
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