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[2021-02-22 01:09:53] <Z-Man> That bit with the solar power is fine, but the vacuum pump/steam turbine combination is nonsense :) The steam the vacuum pumps generate is going to be very low pressure and very cold. Turbines need hot high pressure steam. Also, vacuum pumps are going to be less efficient than regular pumps, and they're going to make the water below freeze because of the evaporation heat. If you put a bit of water in a vacuum, half of it boils away,
[2021-02-22 01:09:54] <Z-Man> the rest freezes, then evaporates/sublimates(?) slowly.
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[2021-02-22 04:52:10] <Armanelgtron> Masters 1 and 2 seem dead
[2021-02-22 13:20:16] --> zmanuel has joined the channel
[2021-02-22 13:20:17] -!- zmanuel changed nick to Z-Man
[2021-02-22 14:29:18] <Lucifer_arma> ah, so just using pumps to pump the water uphill is more efficient.  Well, one day if I get to build my fantasy power plant, I'll skip the water as energy storage plan and just use batteries anyway
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[2021-02-22 22:08:29] <Armanelgtron> master1 is back up, but master2 and the main website appear to be down

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