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[2020-10-13 07:11:20] --> monr0e has joined the channel
[2020-10-13 07:25:04] <monr0e> guru3_ I can make the codebase freely available if you'd like, you're well enough respected in the armagetron community that I'm happy to give you a restricted, temporary ftp login to the auth service alone. However, given that Arma still relies on md5 and operates over plain HTTP, it's never going to be as secure as it could be. I'll get Deso or Nelg to take a look, if they have the time. Registration is very simple - emails are optional,
[2020-10-13 07:25:05] <monr0e> but required for resets. The auth service is essentially just there to be a quick and easy alternative to making a forums account, given the decline in forums activity over the internet at large, and I'll add an entry to the wiki for the auth service. It;s basically the same kind of idea as lightron, only with a simpler reg service.
[2020-10-13 07:25:37] <monr0e> incidentally, the registration form is here: https://armathentication.vixen.international/
[2020-10-13 07:26:02] <monr0e> and the auth service operates in-game from http://gameclient.armathentication.vixen.international
[2020-10-13 07:44:08] <Lucifer_arma> what's the purpose, then?  Why is it even needed?  Who's going to use it?
[2020-10-13 07:52:58] <monr0e> Anyone who doesn't want to attach an email account to a login (pertinent, given the http nature of armaauth), or doesn't care to navigate the forums, etc etc. Basically, anyone coming from steam who is under 20.
[2020-10-13 07:53:13] <monr0e> Titan is going to take a look at the php behind it all
[2020-10-13 07:54:53] -!- monr0e changed nick to delinquent
[2020-10-13 08:18:29] <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [0.4-winlibs] r189 Merge pull request #1 from ArmagetronAd/dependabot/maven/pro... || [0.4-winlibs] Bump junit from 4.4 to 4.13.1 in /protobuf/java...
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[2020-10-13 10:49:59] --> Titanoboa has joined the channel
[2020-10-13 10:56:09] <Titanoboa> ohai, I'm here to vouch for delinquent's character in terms of getting to have a shortened custom global id auth thingy! He gave me a login to check his thingy out through FTP, which I did, but I'm too illiterate to know what to look for.. But I guess if he tries to phish tronners through it (which I doubt) and you need to permaban him and stuff,
[2020-10-13 10:56:10] <Titanoboa> you can permaban me as well for vouching for him, I guess? guru3_ can you do the thing with the thing so his thing becomes a thing? I bellieve that's the correct terminology. Pls & ty.
[2020-10-13 11:01:58] <delinquent> FWIW here is the entire source of the armathentication solution I implemented: https://vixen.international/assets/pub/vix.armathentication.zip
[2020-10-13 11:03:02] <Titanoboa> also hi luke-jr!!! Long time. ]yandere ftw
[2020-10-13 11:03:18] <luke-jr> hi
[2020-10-13 11:03:38] <Titanoboa> ohey! How are you?
[2020-10-13 11:03:47] <luke-jr> shrug
[2020-10-13 11:04:54] <Titanoboa> Last we spoke (albeit in great quantities) you were homeschooling a 12-year-old (and supposedly more kids too)... they must've grown up by now :O
[2020-10-13 11:05:11] <Titanoboa> not* in great [...]
[2020-10-13 11:06:43] <luke-jr> yeah,  now they're 15, 13, 11, 10, 4, 2, and <1
[2020-10-13 11:06:52] <luke-jr> and going to school online
[2020-10-13 11:08:22] <Titanoboa> Ooo you've been pooping out a lot of new ones.
[2020-10-13 11:09:06] <Titanoboa> Guess they weren't 12 a decade ago then... I guess the convo was about the future
[2020-10-13 11:09:22] <Titanoboa> So, the oldest ones have been learning to handle shotguns and stuff?
[2020-10-13 11:12:30] <Titanoboa> Still advocating the everything-should-be-in-base-12 project? :D
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