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[2020-09-14 04:53:09] --> guru3 has joined the channel
[2020-09-14 12:07:26] <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [0.2.9-armagetronad-sty+ct+ap] r1174 Always write TEAM_COLORED_NAME and stop using MapDirection e...
[2020-09-14 13:37:36] <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [0.2.9-armagetronad-sty+ct+ap] r1175 Slightly better invulnerability bug handling.
[2020-09-14 17:27:19] <Z-Man> guru3: A 'wolf' on discord laments that the forum now enfoces a minimum username lenght of 5 characters.
[2020-09-14 17:28:50] <Z-Man> They wanted to claim wolf@forums at first, but there already is one who even has posted, so they have already given up on asking you to give it free :) But its existence proves that way back, shorter names were allowed.
[2020-09-14 17:29:58] <Z-Man> (They'd settle for w0lf@forums now, obvs.)
[2020-09-14 18:02:22] <guru3> 'way' back feels like it might be referring to phpBB2 days, I think the minimum name length thing came in with phpBB3
[2020-09-14 18:03:43] <guru3> discord happily gets around name length issues using the #code (discriminator)
[2020-09-14 18:05:24] <guru3> I don't feel especially inclined to grant an exemption to the name length given that there are a few good alternatives eg wolfe and wolff
[2020-09-14 18:06:06] <guru3> but if he registers and leaves me a dm eventually I might get around to changing it
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