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Log from 2019-11-17:
[00:36:36] *** Joins: physkets (~physkets@unaffiliated/physkets)
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[13:55:30] <Lucifer_arma> So, apparently Zantac is under recall, in part, because if you take it while you have nitrites in your stomach, the active ranitidine in Zantac will react with the nitrites to create a buttload of NDMA, which is a huge carcinogen
[13:55:46] <Lucifer_arma> Meaning you're fine if you don't eat foods containing a lot of nitrites
[13:56:03] <Lucifer_arma> the problem, of course, is that foods containing nitrites cause heartburn
[13:56:13] <Lucifer_arma> so, suffer with heartburn now, or suffer with cancer later
[21:34:22] *** Joins: zmanuel (~Z-Man@p5B326F1D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de)
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