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Log from 2019-06-08:
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[10:04:12] <Z-Man> I hate delivery tracking. I saw the truck hours ago (and it was the right truck), yet the tracking page insists the packet is going to be delivered half an hour ago.
[10:05:51] <Z-Man> The drivers here have the habit of just dropping all parcels at the small corner shop, I suspect that's what he already did.
[10:06:23] <Z-Man> But without a delivery notice, I can't go there and fetch it.
[10:08:17] <Z-Man> What really drives me up the wall is the tracking page's insistence on displaying information in obvious conflict with reality.
[10:11:03] <Z-Man> Ah, I think I get part of the system. When a packet is loaded onto the truck, its tracking goes into the "in delivery" state.
[10:11:50] <Z-Man> When the truck comes back to the depot without it, it is considered "delivered".
[10:12:57] <Z-Man> I suppose the handheld signature collecting devices can also trigger that change early.
[10:13:42] <Z-Man> And at the shop, they skip that step, presumably.
[10:54:53] <physkets> Z-Man: what'd you order?
[11:37:36] <Z-Man> A nice, fat 2TB SSD.
[11:50:45] <physkets> oooh what make/model ? and how much did it cost you?
[11:55:50] <Z-Man> A relatively cheap intel 660P for 200 Euros. Its one caveat is the low specified durability of only 400TB total written.
[11:56:43] <Z-Man> I checked the one regular hard drive that collects stats that I have, and I wrote about 20TB total to it over several years. So I will probably be fine.
[11:58:05] <Z-Man> Especially since the regular old HDs are going to stay and I if a subset of the stuff I do causes to many writes, I can move it there. The main advantage I want from a SSD is fast reads.
[12:01:35] <Z-Man> Also, no particular reason I can't keep the smaller SSD (256 GB) installed and use that for high-write stuff. I don't really need it anywhere else, maybe for Z-Girls future computer.
[12:03:04] <physkets> ah
[12:31:01] <Z-Man> Yep, it was at the shop. Installed it already. 730MB/s read, 200MB/s write. That'll do.
[12:32:06] <Z-Man> Now, my weekend is the usual OS reinstallation gauntlet :)
[12:41:28] <physkets> ya, SSDs are becoming pretty cheap now, and ther eis a wide variety
[12:42:45] <physkets> I recently got a low-end, 256GB Crucial BX500 for ₹2500
[13:29:46] <Z-Man> Nice.
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