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Log from 2018-12-27:
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[16:53:46] <Z-Man> ct|kyle: What is your plan? Do you want to move to git with no way back? Then you just install git-remote-bzr locally, fork the main armagetronad repository on gitlab,
[16:54:37] <Z-Man> get a local clone of it and in it, add the bzr branch with 'git remote add lp-bzr bzr::<URI of bzr branch>'
[16:58:59] <Z-Man> switch to the 0.2.8 branch in your local repository with 'git checkout legacy_0.2.8',
[16:59:46] <Z-Man> if you desire, create a new branch here with 'git checkout -b awesome_ct_branch'
[17:01:20] <Z-Man> pull in the bzr branch content with 'git pull lp-bzr legacy_0.2.8',
[17:02:01] <Z-Man> (if you updated your bzr branch to armagetronad-0.2.8-work before that, this shoud be a clean pull without a merge, no editor should pop up)
[17:02:24] <Z-Man> and publish the result with 'git push'
[17:03:00] <Z-Man> which won't work, but give you an error message with the command you should execute instead, something like 'git push origin awesome_ct_branch'.
[17:05:08] <Z-Man> I'm planning on doing all that myself from within the one repository I use for syncing; this has the advantage that the main sync repository remembers which bzr revision corresponds to which git revision and is less likely to break down once we start actually working on the git side.
[17:06:17] <Z-Man> Which won't happen too soon precisely becaue of the potential trouble for the forks.
[18:20:36] <ct|kyle> Z-Man: my plan is not to go back :) and that's the reason I want to get my forks all moved to git
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[22:50:49] <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [0.2.8-armagetronad-sty+ct] r796 Merge with mainline || [0.2.8-armagetronad-sty] r918 Merge with mainline
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