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Log from 2018-07-10:
[00:25:57] *** Joins: physkets (~physkets@unaffiliated/physkets)
[03:47:13] <Armanelgtron> physkets: what were you asking about earlier? you said something about recent changes? I know +ap got a GCC fix
[03:51:09] <Armanelgtron> that is, it wouldn't compile on the latest GCC
[05:18:15] <physkets> Armanelgtron: ah, okay; I thought development was happening in 0.2.9 instead of 0.4
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[10:49:34] *** Joins: BerenErchamion (~chatzilla@thsnmb0135w-bras5-207-109.dynamic.bellmts.net)
[10:51:08] <BerenErchamion> What happened to the forums.armagetron.net website?  Did they change they move the forums to another website?
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[19:24:58] *** Joins: BerenErchamion (~chatzilla@thsnmb0135w-bras5-207-109.dynamic.bellmts.net)
[19:26:25] <BerenErchamion> Which keyboard button controls your speed?
[19:27:58] <BerenErchamion> I'm playing Armagetron Advanced v0. and having trouble finding which key on my keyboard is used for accelerating
[19:32:42] <BerenErchamion> Also, I tried looking in Player 1 Settings --> Input Configuration --> Setup keyboard and mouse controls for this player . . . and still I can't find the speed adjustment key.  But I did find the brakes key, just not the accelerator key
[19:36:08] <BerenErchamion> I can see that the cycles do in fact have varying speed values, depending on which cycle it is, who is riding the cycle, whether the light cycle is near a wall, and I've been testing different keys, but I still have not yet found the accelerator key.  I also noticed that the AI cycles and human cyclists are able to accelerate faster than mine when we're racing along side each other.  But the...
[19:36:09] <BerenErchamion> ...annoying problem is they know the accelerator key, and I have still not found it on my keyboard
[19:36:56] <BerenErchamion> so where is the key?
[19:43:25] <BerenErchamion> Obviously, the accelerator key is a very important tool when playing the game, because if you know how to accelerate your light cycle, you can trap your opponents more easily
[19:44:31] <BerenErchamion> and that is what the AI light cycles are doing when we race close beside each other.  I can see them accelerating ahead of me
[19:45:10] <BerenErchamion> and it's annoying, because I can't accelerate my light cycle ahead of their's
[20:06:12] <theocrite> BerenErchamion: There is no speed key. The more you're close to a wall, the more speed you get. Also you get even more speed if you're between two walls.
[20:07:01] <BerenErchamion> Actually, I just discovered you can use the T3h Console to change your cycle_brake to an accelerator
[20:07:30] <theocrite> The amount of rubber also determines how close to a wall you can get and therefore the speed you get.
[20:07:54] <theocrite> ok
[20:18:18] <BerenErchamion> How do you open the T3h console?
[20:19:07] <BerenErchamion> It's supposed to open when I type the tilda key:  ~
[20:19:39] <BerenErchamion> that's the key I assigned to cosole input, but it doesn't work
[20:31:20] <BerenErchamion> Actually, it's working now, but the messages are flashing too quickly when I enter console commands
[20:31:31] <BerenErchamion> How do you keep the messages on the screen?
[20:31:39] <BerenErchamion> They're flashing too fast for me to read
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