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Log from 2017-06-11:
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[06:34:55] <Z-Man> guru3: How long is the forum probation time supposed to be? I just had to approve posts 15 and 16 of stephanietubesocks, seems a bit excessive. Maybe something is a bit broken?
[06:47:08] <Z-Man> AmarokNelg: Custom textures were planed. But don't hold your breath or go to hunger strike.
[06:48:08] <Z-Man> Lucifer_arma: what excatly is "sorta accidentally" here? You forgot about his problem, didn´t you? :)
[08:23:33] *** Joins: AmarokNelg (~AmarokNel@unaffiliated/amaroknelg)
[11:38:23] <AmarokNelg> Z-Man: will tron also have floors available for custom texture in certain spots?
[11:39:15] <AmarokNelg> Uh oh, the armagetron forums aren't loading...
[11:42:16] <AmarokNelg> there we go
[11:42:43] <AmarokNelg> a little slow
[13:32:23] <Z-Man> Putting textures on walls is just changing the parameters of what the code already does. Changing textures in areas on the floor requires bits of new code. And our floor is a wee bit special, so just paining over the cusom bits won't completely work... don´t expect that at all, realistically.
[13:32:53] <Z-Man> (Unless we do the switch to a stock engine, then all that stuff is going to be trivial for us)
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