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Log from 2017-06-08:
[00:13:15] <AmarokNelg> wha
[00:13:39] <AmarokNelg> Lucifer_arma: I mean like a COCKPIT_FILE_SERVER where the server can set its own cockpit for the clients to use
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[12:10:11] <wrtlprnft> I recall that there was some discussion with the result that this feature would be way too easy to circumvent to be worth implementing
[12:11:03] <wrtlprnft> For starters, you could just edit the server's intended cockpit file in your client's resource system cache
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[18:48:29] <Lucifer_arma> wrtlprnft: it's just like the incam server problem.  The client can always disable it by, I dunno, just switching camera views.  It's more of an honor system thing.
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