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Log from 2016-07-26:
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Jul 26 05:07:51 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	Well, I got a call from a shelter in Killeen.  I got a voicemail, asking for my consent for her to stay there.  I called back and told them she's a runaway, and basically they won't get my consent, so either they have a way to deal with runaways or they don't.
Jul 26 05:08:43 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	But the night person I talked to had no clue what I was talking about, just a log entry, and I had to call his attention to that.  So, not terribly organized.  Also, he threatened me with CPS several times.  I ain't scared.  Throw CPS at me.
Jul 26 05:09:25 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	Anyway, she's obviously trying to get to a shelter, and she's not going to any of the nearby runaway shelters, and maybe her friend isn't quite so available to take her
Jul 26 05:10:00 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	Turns out that if you leave your parents, you're not quite guaranteed anything.  Right?
Jul 26 05:36:12 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	Maybe I should quit talking about this.  I can be quite ruthless, and maybe this is the sort of situation where people'd rather not know I was ruthless.
Jul 26 05:51:05 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	Ruthless and vicious, he'll stomp on your face.  Deadly, malicious, stay out of his way.  He'll rip your eyes out don't you look the wrong way.
Jul 26 05:51:07 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	etc.
Jul 26 05:51:18 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	'Cause Sargent D is coming, and you're on his list.
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Jul 26 13:51:50 2016 <Z-Man>	Bunnies! And our castle got snowed in.
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Jul 26 15:33:21 2016 <Z-Man>	Lucifer_arma: What I don't get is why the shelter asked for your consent. Aren't they supposed to, among other things, protect kids from abusive parents? And woudn't contacting the parents in such a case be counterproductive?
Jul 26 15:34:10 2016 <Z-Man>	Or is it more of a general homeless shelter?
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Jul 26 15:34:55 2016 <Z-Man>	And yeah, running away probably sucks. Where are you going to charge your phone?
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Jul 26 17:13:07 2016 <luke-jr>	Z-Man: at the very least, they probably handle kids differently if they don't claim to be abused
Jul 26 17:13:31 2016 <luke-jr>	Lucifer_arma: sorry, I missed the background of what's going on.. :x
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Jul 26 20:05:35 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	Z-Man: I was wondering about that, too.  Isn't the whole point of shelters to take in homeless people in general, including runaway teens?  Texas law explicitly protects such shelters against prosecution for harboring runaways, so they don't ever need parental consent nor to tell parents when their kid is there
Jul 26 20:06:18 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	the idea is that kids who are being abused by their parents (or someone else they live with) *can* run away and get help
Jul 26 20:06:45 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	maybe because there's no abuse involved, they want my consent?  If that's the case, then I'm glad my kid's not lying about the home situation she ran away from
Jul 26 20:08:14 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	I've learned everything I can, short of talking to a lawyer, and at 17, a kid can't be compelled to live with their parents (the law says that kids < 17 hae to live with their legal guardian, not kids <= 17)
Jul 26 20:09:05 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	a 17yo *can* consent to medical treatment (as well as consent to sex as an adult, but that's not relevant in this situation), and filing the runaway report removed any legal/procedural requirement for medical providers to notify me about anything
Jul 26 20:09:31 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	that runaway report is supposed to give her more rights than a standard 17yo living at home would have, in order to enable her to actually make it on her own
Jul 26 20:10:19 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	it still doesn't give her the right to vote, or fully emancipate her and empower her to sign legal contracts, but she's only 4.5 months away from turning 18, when she gets those rights
Jul 26 20:11:20 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	at 16, you get the right to work as many hours as you want, but are limited to something like 8am-midnight for when you can work.
Jul 26 20:11:42 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	The time requirement is lifted if you're supporting a family, or you get a GED (or manage to graduate from high school early)
Jul 26 20:12:05 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	I don't know if it's lifted when you're a runaway, but she can work full-time in the timeslots allowed, so that's really not an issue
Jul 26 20:12:50 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	there's also a program offered at the school where if you work full-time, you can get class credit for the job, and the amount of classes you have to actually attend drops
Jul 26 20:13:23 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	I'll sign the appropriate consent forms when/if they're presented to me, that's what it means to not stand in her way
Jul 26 20:14:34 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	(also, if she wants to drop out and get a GED so she can start working to support herself before she's 18.  After she's 18, she doesn't need my consent)
Jul 26 20:15:29 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	we're keeping her on our health insurance at least until she's 18, but legally we can carry her until she's 26, I believe
Jul 26 20:45:10 2016 <ct|kyle>	Lucifer_arma: 26 is from obamacare, The shelter probably called you as they don't want finatual burden of taking on her when home life was not abbusive
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