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Log from 2009-04-16:
--- Day changed Thu Apr 16 2009
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00:07 <PinkTomato> .llog MATCH_WINNER
00:07 <tronner> PinkTomato: MATCH_WINNER: [team]
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00:14 <Vanhayes> .tea
00:14 <tronner> Vanhayes: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
00:14 -!- nsh22 [n=neal@unaffiliated/nsh22] has joined #armagetron
00:15 <nsh22> luke-jr: can you check the status on the vps?
00:23 <noob13> .tea
00:23 <tronner> noob13: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
00:24 <noob13> .sd fort
00:24 <tronner> noob13: Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress0xffff88: 0xffff88Players (4/14): 808 STATE, Alfa, CDC!@LE3Xo1!BPT, EX-3
00:24 <noob13> .server
00:24 <tronner> noob13: holmes.freenode.net
00:24 <noob13> .serves
00:24 <noob13> .servers
00:24 <tronner> noob13: This data is 53 seconds old; Wild West  =Sumo= (9/16), Wild West  =Capture The Flag= (9/10), |FA| Black Tar! (8/16), Swampland Mud Puddle (7/8), Afrothunder's High Rubber (7/10), Crazy Tronners Open Sumo (7/12), [] Cheers! [] The friendly server. (7/12), - | D u r k a  D u r k a  L a n d | - (6/16), WILDCAT (5/8), The YELLOW Submarine (5/12), Afrothunder's Project Freedom (4/10), Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress (1 more message)
00:25 <PinkTomato> .more
00:25 <PinkTomato> (23:34:07) tronner: Error: That's all, there is no more.
00:25 <PinkTomato> lies.
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00:40 <noob13> .more
00:40 <tronner> noob13: (4/14), -=MadZenTH=- Micro High Rubber (4/5), -=Prutopolis=- -=Dog Fight=- (3/17), {Delicious Desserts} High Rubber (2/10), |FA| Devils Rings! (1/16), World Of Cy (Loose DF touching walls allowed) (Beta) (1/8), {PinkTomato} NonWorkingServer (1/16), {Delicious Desserts} Racing II (1/14), ~*SpeederS*~ Server (1/12), -  [ Nano's Playground | Nano Standard ]  -         . (1/8)
00:41 <noob13> :P
00:41 <noob13> 7 days..
00:43 <PinkTomato> noob13: 7 days :)?
00:44 <Vanhayes> 7 days of what?
00:44 <noob13> that movie with the film and the well and the spooky woman saying "seeveeen daaays.."?
00:45 <epsy> this is a bait for your mum jokes.
00:46 <noob13> what was that movie called again, gah..
00:46 <noob13> whatever.
00:46 <Vanhayes> the ring?
00:46 <noob13> i was actually referring to ubuntu 9.04 being released in 7 days
00:46 <noob13> YES!
00:46 <noob13> thats the one, thanks.
00:47 <noob13> ... i never saw Ring 2 :P
00:47 <Vanhayes> i never saw ring 1
00:47 <noob13> it was hilarious!
00:48  * Vanhayes doesnt care for horror movies
00:48 <Vanhayes> or rather "horror"
00:48 <noob13> they are mildly entertaining at times
00:48 <noob13> why is epsy up so late btw?
00:49 <Vanhayes> crack
00:50 <Vanhayes> wait, isnt it like 1 am for you noob13 ?
00:50 <noob13> 01:50 am at the moment
00:50 <noob13> GMT+3
00:51 <noob13> but i dont got shit to do tomorrow
00:51 -!- solete [n=sol@84-73-123-180.dclient.hispeed.ch] has quit []
00:51 <noob13> plus my rhythm is still kinda screwed
00:52  * Vanhayes has to stay up all night about once a month to reset the rythm
00:53 <noob13> yeah, sounds familiar.. ;P
00:55 <nsh22> espy, where do you live in paris (btw i want to live there so watch out)
00:56 <Vanhayes> the eiffel tower
00:57 <noob13> he's sitting on it.
00:58 <nsh22> i was on that thing, it was awesome
00:58 <noob13> i was there once too..
00:59 <noob13> we were the first people to get in
00:59 <noob13> so we smoked a spliff at about 10 am at the top
00:59 <noob13> after an hour it was packed with tourists
00:59 <Vanhayes> and you didnt want to share with them?
00:59 <nsh22> lol you were there when it opened or some other day?
01:00 <noob13> heh, no we didnt wanna share :P
01:00 <noob13> and we had just arrived in paris with a night train
01:00 <nsh22> noob13: are you french?
01:01 <noob13> nope.
01:01 <noob13> Je suis Finlandais...
01:02 <noob13> hm, no idea if thats correct.
01:02 <nsh22> partly, dunno about filandais tjho
01:02 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@63-245-159-7.kitusa.com] has joined #armagetron
01:02 <nsh22> luke-jr: !!!!
01:03 <Vanhayes> PLAYOFFS
01:08 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@63-245-159-7.kitusa.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
01:11 <Vanhayes> >google fight Pittsburgh Philidelphia
01:11 <Vanhayes> .google fight Pittsburgh Philidelphia
01:11 <tronner> Vanhayes: http://digg.com/world_news/WTF_Fight_over_urinating_dog_lured_police_to_Pa_ambush - WTF? Fight over urinating dog lured police to Pa. ambush
01:11 <Vanhayes> ]google fight Pittsburgh Philidelphia
01:11 <ljrbot> Vanhayes: Error: "google" is not a valid command.
01:12 <Vanhayes> bah you are all infirior to armabot
01:13 <Vanhayes> meh probably pittsburgh
01:14 -!- Vanhayes_ [n=Ping@CPE0013f7c4ff79-CM0013f7c4ff75.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #armagetron
01:15 <nsh22> rogers fails
01:16 <Vanhayes_> epic
01:17 <nsh22> epic fail
01:18 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50871A27.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
01:18 <Vanhayes_> hmm this time last year i was watching the playoffs in a hostel in edmonton with 3 montrealers 2 irishmen and a girl from outside london
01:19 <Vanhayes_> the montrealers were hardest to understand
01:20 <nsh22> obvi
01:22 <Vanhayes_> hmm i need to plan a hosteling trip this summer
01:23 <nsh22> to wherE?
01:23 <Vanhayes_> somewhere down in the states
01:24 -!- Ratchet-- [n=Joshua@99-195-13-23.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #armagetron
01:24 <Vanhayes_> i want to go back to the desert
01:24  * Ratchet-- is back now
01:24 <Ratchet--> i just butraped some guyz on cod4 :o
01:25 <nsh22> vanhayes: use your tax return and go to  france :P
01:25 <Ratchet--> The_Master, The player that's been in CTFS the last few days?
01:25 <nsh22> Ratchet--: ew
01:25 <The_Master> Ratchet--: What specifically brings been in CTFS the last few days to mind?
01:27 <nsh22> ratch, i hope you know its a bot
01:27 <PinkTomato> yay!
01:27 <nsh22> LUKE-JR!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:27 <PinkTomato> Anyone have a RINCLUDE for pigsty CTF, CTFS?
01:28 <Vanhayes_> if i wanted to be surrounded by french people id go to Quebec city, alot cheaper
01:28 <luke-jr> WTF U WANT NSH22
01:28 <nsh22> <nsh22> luke-jr: can you check the status on the vps?
01:28 <nsh22> i think its dead
01:29 <Vanhayes_> it is, I killed it
01:29 <Ratchet--> looking at your name....
01:29 <PinkTomato> Ratchet--: ?
01:29 <luke-jr> nsh22: what IP again?
01:29 <Ratchet--> i was skimming the names on the right side, and saw you PinkTomato
01:29 <nsh22> ratch, i hope you know who i am
01:29 <PinkTomato> you have ctf settings on a server?
01:29 <Ratchet--> i did, til ivantis crashed it
01:29 <Ratchet--> :
01:29 <PinkTomato> webserver
01:29 <PinkTomato> aww
01:30 <luke-jr> nsh22: ah,
01:30 <nsh22> ... -_-
01:30 <luke-jr> what?
01:30 <nsh22> nvm
01:30 <luke-jr> looks fine to me
01:30 <nsh22> but i cant get on it
01:30 <PinkTomato> (00時39分39秒) Ratchet--: i want something really really simple, php has all )(*&)(&)][;][ll[];[
01:31 <PinkTomato> anyone, got a clue what he means?
01:31 <luke-jr> nsh22: why not?
01:31 <luke-jr> PinkTomato: you're Japanese?
01:31 <luke-jr> PinkTomato: he wants BASIC
01:31 <nsh22> luke-jr: ok specifically, i cant get n aa-admin (cannot display webpage) and my ftp wont work on it
01:31 <PinkTomato> luke-jr: No, But I have yet to configure the IME to work in english (UK) :)
01:32 -!- Vanhayes [n=Ping@CPE0013f7c4ff79-CM0013f7c4ff75.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
01:32 <nsh22> Ratchet--: im neal btw :P
01:32 <luke-jr> nsh22: looks like a problem on your end
01:32 <Ratchet--> i know
01:32 <Vanhayes_> keep blaming luke-jr tho
01:32 <nsh22> another person cant get on it as well...
01:32 <Ratchet--> luke thats my vps
01:32 <Ratchet--> :o
01:33 <Ratchet--> ooh
01:33 <Ratchet--> nm
01:33 <Ratchet--> 12
01:33 <luke-jr> Ratchet--: …
01:33 <Ratchet--> mines 16
01:33 <Ratchet--> rofl didn't notice tha last #
01:33 <luke-jr> nsh22: what's your IP at home?
01:33 <luke-jr> or where u r
01:33 <PinkTomato> so luke-jr sold 15 of them?
01:33 <luke-jr> PinkTomato: no, the range starts at 12
01:33 <nsh22> luke-jr: why?
01:33 <PinkTomato> oo, ok :)
01:33 <luke-jr> nsh22: so I can traceroute to you
01:34 <luke-jr> cuz everythign is working from here
01:34 <luke-jr> PinkTomato: and Lucifer isn't paying atm
01:34 <nsh22> i dont even know my own ip so....
01:34 <luke-jr> so I think it's more like 4 or 5
01:34 <luke-jr> nsh22: http://whatismyip.com
01:34 <Vanhayes_> nsh22, its 32
01:34 <Ratchet--> what are good easy programming languages, besides VB, that are able to use a GUI with
01:34 <Ratchet--> :o
01:34 <luke-jr> Ratchet--: you can use Kate/KWrite with any good language
01:35 <nsh22> luke-jr: couldnt you supposedly hack my comp with my ip?
01:35 <luke-jr> Ratchet--: Perl looks creepy, but works well
01:35 <PinkTomato> nsh22: No!
01:35 <luke-jr> nsh22: no
01:35 <luke-jr> nsh22: IPs are public information
01:35 <PinkTomato> and for a start luke-jr could already get it
01:35 <PinkTomato> and I could get yours if you have been on my server :)
01:35 <Ratchet--> ditto
01:35 <nsh22> oh nvm, it works again :P
01:35 <luke-jr> ………
01:36 <PinkTomato> Ratchet--: why do you need to GUI?
01:36 <PinkTomato> programming GUI is a pain,
01:36 <PinkTomato> I did swing once..
01:36 <luke-jr> PinkTomato: I like Kate
01:36 <PinkTomato> luke-jr: me too :)
01:36 <Vanhayes_> who is kate?
01:36 <noob13> she's hot, for sure.
01:36 <nsh22> i like armaboot, but she ran away
01:36 <Vanhayes_> high priced hooker?
01:37 <Vanhayes_> with a heart of gold of course
01:37 <noob13> Vanhayes_: sounds about right.
01:37 <nsh22> Vanhayes_: kate is lukes wife (jkjkjkjk plz dont kill me)
01:37 <Ratchet--> what good is a program without a visual form
01:37 <Ratchet--> and i dont think i'd like doing it manually
01:37 <PinkTomato> Ratchet--: I don't understand what you want
01:37 <luke-jr> Ratchet--: programming is always in text
01:37 <luke-jr> Ratchet--: computing is in text for real users
01:37 <luke-jr> mouse is a design flaw
01:37 <PinkTomato> do you want an IDE with drag and drop
01:38 <PinkTomato> or do you want to program GUI's
01:38 <Ratchet--> i want something where you design it with buttons and toolz, not text
01:38 <PinkTomato> The whole drag and drop IDE is a soley Microsoft thing,
01:38 <PinkTomato> afaik
01:38 <luke-jr> Ratchet--: no such thing exists
01:39 <luke-jr> and probably never will
01:39 <luke-jr> because it is inherently flawed
01:39 <Ratchet--> yes'
01:39 <Ratchet--> like that qt thingy
01:39 <PinkTomato> Microsoft's solution is flawed
01:39 <luke-jr> that's for designing GUIs
01:39 <Ratchet--> and ms's visual thingies
01:39 <luke-jr> not for programming
01:39 <PinkTomato> Those things always produce Absolute sizing,
01:40 <Ratchet--> im confused
01:40 <PinkTomato> so it goes funny when you resize your box
01:40 <PinkTomato> your window
01:40 <Ratchet--> ok
01:40 <Ratchet--> so lets say
01:40 <luke-jr> PinkTomato: no
01:40 <PinkTomato> luke-jr: ?
01:40 <luke-jr> PinkTomato: Qt Designer works quite well
01:40 <PinkTomato> luke-jr: not tried that, but I know Microsoft fails at it
01:40 <luke-jr> sure
01:40 <Ratchet--> ok lets say i got python
01:41 <luke-jr> but Qt Designer makes you use relative stuff
01:41 <Ratchet--> and use kate, which is just a text editor
01:41 <epsy> Ratchet--, there's this lego thing, but it is pretty expensive
01:41 <luke-jr> Ratchet--: not "just" a text editor
01:41 <Ratchet--> how am i stupposed to edit the looks of the program
01:41 <Ratchet--> when ran
01:41 <epsy> and you're not going to program anything else than a robot with it
01:41 <luke-jr> Ratchet--: programs don't have looks
01:41 <luke-jr> Ratchet--: they have input and output
01:41 <Ratchet--> ..
01:41 <Ratchet--> YOU SEE IT
01:41 <Ratchet--> .
01:41 <Ratchet--> IT WAS PROGRAMMED
01:41 <Ratchet--> ARGUMENT OVER
01:42 <Ratchet--> :|
01:42 <Ratchet--> jeez
01:42 <epsy> no it wasn't programmed, it rose up magically
01:42 <epsy> fool
01:42 <luke-jr> design flaw
01:42 <Vanhayes_> i created it with cheese
01:43 <luke-jr> there should be no such thing as an "IRC client"
01:43 <luke-jr> there should be a MUC GUI
01:43 <luke-jr> and an IRC backend
01:43 <PinkTomato> Ratchet--: http://www.javabeginner.com/java-swing/java-swing-tutorial
01:43 <luke-jr> PinkTomato: don't promote Swing plz
01:43 <PinkTomato> that's a rubbish site, and I'm not advocating Swing,
01:43 <PinkTomato> or Java.
01:44 <PinkTomato> But it was a good 10 lines of code that can be understood
01:44 <nsh22> btw, is forum auth workng yet?
01:44 <noob13> nsh22: yes.
01:44 <Vanhayes_> yup
01:44 <nsh22> ok :P
01:44 <Ratchet--> with THAT being said
01:44 <noob13> nsh22: you'll have to login to the forums though
01:45 <nsh22> oh ok
01:45 <Ratchet--> i'll ask again, how would it work putting the looks of the program and the text together
01:45 <noob13> nsh22: ... if you haven't yet.
01:45 <Ratchet--> 2 programs?
01:45 <Ratchet--> is there 1 with both?
01:45 <PinkTomato> Ratchet--: I'm going to suggest
01:45 <PinkTomato> that you start with command line
01:45 <PinkTomato> first
01:46  * noob13 agrees
01:46 <PinkTomato> It will also get your head in the right direction
01:46 <noob13> Ratchet--: if you're going to use python, look into GTK and try glade2
01:46 <Ratchet--> still gotta decide a language..
01:46 <noob13> thats what i used for my pythin thing
01:47 <Ratchet--> i want an ez one with semi-intelligable
01:47 <Ratchet--> syntax
01:47 <PinkTomato> Ratchet--: python's good, forces you to keep clean code
01:47 <Ratchet--> python, i think i was using IDLE, and uhh
01:47 <epsy> IDLE?
01:47 <PinkTomato> Now, for some reason though, Java seems to be the first language of choice at many schools
01:47 <PinkTomato> or at least mine
01:48 <nsh22> PinkTomato: yeah, they teach it at mone too
01:48 <nsh22> mine*
01:48 <Ratchet--> Integrated DeveLopment Environment
01:48 <PinkTomato> IDE,
01:48 <Ratchet--> its called idle on ubuntu..
01:48 <Ratchet--> its a python shell
01:48 <Ratchet--> like command line
01:48 <PinkTomato> It's an IDE
01:49 <Ratchet--> its an IDE, but its CALLED  Idle
01:49 <Ratchet--> when you download, tha name is IDLE
01:49 <PinkTomato> you don't need an IDE for python :)
01:49 <Ratchet--> .google IDLE
01:49 <tronner> Ratchet--: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idle - Idle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
01:49 <Ratchet--> nope
01:49 <Ratchet--> .google Python IDLE
01:49 <tronner> Ratchet--: http://docs.python.org/library/idle.html - 25.5. IDLE — Python v2.6.1 documentation
01:49 <Ratchet--> voila
01:50 <noob13> Idle is a term which generally refers to a lack of motion and/or energy.
01:50 <Ratchet--> IDLE is the Python IDE built with the tkinter GUI toolkit.
01:50 <noob13> "*"
01:50 <Ratchet--> .
01:50 <epsy> noob13, hrhr
01:50 <epsy> noob13, lazyness ;à
01:50 <PinkTomato> Ratchet--: no need for an IDE...
01:50 <PinkTomato> Ratchet--: also, keep it simple
01:51 <Ratchet--> k
01:51 <PinkTomato> some say one task done well is better than loads of little tasks done not so well.
01:51 <Ratchet--> just pointing out pink,
01:51 <Ratchet--> you said start out with a command line
01:51 <epsy> yeah, text editor + interpretter is entirely sufficient
01:51 <Ratchet--> IDLE, is a python program that you type code in, just like command line, and it executes it
01:51 <Ratchet--> :/
01:52 <PinkTomato> Ratchet--: it might not execute it in the way you want it to work
01:52 <Ratchet--> oh?
01:52 <epsy> the interpreter has such a function
01:52 <epsy> a bit like php's php -a
01:52 <PinkTomato> input | ./process | output
01:52 <PinkTomato> something like that,
01:52 <epsy> no
01:53 <PinkTomato> is it not?
01:53 <epsy> python -
01:53 <epsy> simply
01:55 <noob13> i liked python, unlike java you dont have to type lots to achieve simple things
01:55 <noob13> same might apply to perl and php
01:56 <noob13> perhaps many others too
01:57 <noob13> http://aardvarks.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/sarajeanunderwoodplayboylingerieadvertisements107112.jpg
01:57 <noob13> also, googling python brings goodies.
01:58 <Ratchet--> yeh i think il lstart at python
01:58 <noob13> i wouldn't mind my python in that..
01:58 <PinkTomato> Ratchet--: If your not busy, join me in {PinkTomato} NonWorkingServer
01:58 <epsy> noob13 brought the winning point
01:58 <ct|kyle> PinkTomato: why did you brick your server
01:58 <PinkTomato> ct|kyle: ?
01:59 <Ratchet--> k
01:59 <ct|kyle> PinkTomato:  NonWorkingServer
01:59 <PinkTomato> Because I forgot my IP, so I kept it on master, and wanted a name to scare people off
02:00 <ct|kyle> heh
02:00 <Ratchet--> PinkTomato:
02:05 <noob13> tronner: tea
02:05 <tronner> noob13: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
02:06 <noob13> hm, not surprised.
02:06 <noob13> .sd fort
02:06 <tronner> noob13: Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress0xffff88: 0xffff88Players (8/14): 3450, 3dot (3dot@ct), Azam Ali, Blubber Nuggets, icepick, maño (hand@ct), MobiusPoint (MobiusPoint@ct), pruHell-lo
02:06 <PinkTomato> .sd PinkTomato
02:06 <tronner> PinkTomato: {PinkTomato} NonWorkingServer0xffff88: 0xffff88Players (2/16): Pink Tomatoes (Pink\_Tomatoes@forums), Råt¢hêt
02:07 <noob13> sounds amazing :D
02:07 <PinkTomato> LOL, it can start a new match, you can join teams,
02:07 <PinkTomato> only needs to know when to stop
02:07 <PinkTomato> it's counting match wins correct as well
02:11 <PinkTomato> Ratchet--: Ty, good to user test
02:13 -!- nsh22 [n=neal@unaffiliated/nsh22] has quit ["gud bye"]
02:21 <Ratchet--> PinkTomato: yw :o
02:23 <PinkTomato> noob13: thanks to you to, I'll think about the team system :)
02:31 <Ratchet--> ww.isgettingrelegay
02:31 <Ratchet--> always messing up some server
02:31 <Ratchet--> anyone here want a sig
02:31 <Ratchet--> im bored as all hell
02:34 <PinkTomato> Ratchet--: Nothing wrong with Ww really
02:34 <PinkTomato> They can do what they want with their servers anyway
02:35 <PinkTomato> Only, I wish they could make their forums actually readable :(
02:36 <Ratchet--> exactly
02:36 -!- sinewav [n=sinewav@adsl-76-197-255-20.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
02:39 <noob13> PinkTomato: the log file probably takes note of someone wanting to join/create a team, you could use that as a trigger..
02:40 <PinkTomato> .llog TEAM
02:40 <tronner> PinkTomato: DEATH_SHOT_TEAMKILL: [killed] [killer] || DEATH_TEAMKILL: [killed] [killer]
02:40 <PinkTomato> Not that I am aware :S.
02:40 <noob13> hmm
02:41 <noob13> then maybe, some /help messages could do the trick
02:42 <PinkTomato> OK :),
02:42 <noob13> meaning people would have to use the #join etc stuffs
02:42 <PinkTomato> yeah :/
02:42 <noob13> they'd have to be documented/spammed in the console output somehow
02:42 <noob13> :)
02:43 <noob13> idk what im talking about
02:43 <noob13> :P
02:45 <PinkTomato> haha, Yeah, I get it :)
02:45 <PinkTomato> anyways,
02:45 <PinkTomato> .night :)
02:45 <tronner> Good night PinkTomato!
02:47 <Ratchet--> store it in #help
02:47 <Ratchet--> and when they type it, it pops up
02:47 <Ratchet--> =]
02:47 <PinkTomato> :)
02:47 -!- PinkTomato [n=sam@5ac756f6.bb.sky.com] has quit ["Leaving."]
02:48 <luke-jr> Ratchet--: tkinter FTL
02:48 <luke-jr> epsy: 'python -' < 'python'
02:48 <epsy> vroom.
02:51 <noob13> .help llog
02:51 <tronner> noob13: (llog <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "rss http://crazy-tronners.com/ladderlogconfig.php?config=$1".
02:53 <luke-jr> wow, my wifi map almost doubled in size today
02:53 <luke-jr> http://dashjr.org/maps/wifi/
02:53 <epsy> and that's a firefoxfreezer
02:54 <luke-jr> epsy: might take a while to load
02:54 <luke-jr> but my old desktop did it under a mintue
02:56 <Ratchet--> luke-jr: i see your house.
02:56 <luke-jr> …
02:57 <noob13> .fortune
02:57 <tronner> noob13: 'Change your thoughts and you change your world.\n\n[fortune] http://iheartquotes.com/fortune/show/46722\n'
02:57 <noob13> wow, how insightful.
02:57 <epsy> fortune sucks donkey balls..
02:58 <epsy> if you haven't got that already >.>
02:58 -!- Ratchet-- [n=Joshua@99-195-13-23.dyn.centurytel.net] has left #armagetron []
02:58 <noob13> .eightball does fortune really suck a donkeys ball?
02:58 <tronner> noob13: You're kidding, right?
02:59 <epsy> @8ball does fortune really suck donkey balls?
02:59 <noob13> most bot generated crap sucks donkey balls
02:59 <epsy> time to run our magic command
03:00 <noob13> !cyborg epsy
03:00 <Frobot> noob13: E.P.S.Y.: Electronic Person Skilled in Yelling
03:00 <noob13> heh, forgot he was here
03:00 <noob13> !part
03:00 -!- Frobot [n=Frobot@mastercontrolprogram.de] has left #armagetron ["noob13"]
03:00 <noob13> i should !part myself
03:00 <noob13> its late
03:00 <noob13> gn
03:01 <epsy> it teabot ever going to reconnect ? >.>
03:01 -!- teabot [i=xclan@fiji.dreamhost.com] has joined #aRmAgEtROn
03:04 -!- GodTodd [n=Truth@pool-173-74-72-105.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
03:07 <luke-jr> wtf
03:08 <luke-jr> teabot = dreamhost abuse?
03:12 <epsy> good night
03:12 -!- epsy [n=epsy@unaffiliated/epsy] has quit ["Ragequit."]
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05:31 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@m370436d0.tmodns.net] has joined #armagetron
05:33 -!- zurd [i=629675b5@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-38b3f3a935035e04] has joined #armagetron
05:33 <zurd> luke-jr ping
05:34 <luke-jr> what
05:35 <zurd> i went to set up a new server, on an exsisting account, i did "/addusr"(or w/e, i know thats not the code, but i put in the right code) and the control panal is on that account, but when i start the server, its not on the list
05:35 <zurd> but it says its running
05:36 -!- GodTodd [n=TheTruth@pool-173-74-72-105.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
05:37 <luke-jr> did you add TALK_TO_MASTER?
05:38 <zurd> well, yeah, TALK_TO_MASTER 1 is added automaticly to the server, and i did just check, its there
05:41 <zurd> hrm...
05:42 <zurd> aparently they JUST started working, luke-jr
05:43 <ivantis> It takes a second for it to appear on the list
05:43 <luke-jr> zurd: so how's your Arma hosting biz working out?
05:43 <luke-jr> got a site?
05:47 <zurd> well...we have kinda
05:47 <zurd>
05:47 <zurd> but no domain
05:48 <luke-jr> zurd: that looks like your clan site
05:48 <luke-jr> :p
05:48 <ivantis> armahosting.ath.cx?
05:49  * luke-jr grabs it
05:49 <ivantis> luke-jr: look at the bottom of the page
05:49 <luke-jr> :O
05:50 <ivantis> Wow, lightspeed systems is sofaking stupid
05:51 <ivantis> They don't filter things by subdomains, so if one .ath.cx website has pr0ns on it, they block all of them
05:51 <luke-jr> zurd: you're too cheap :x
05:51  * luke-jr is going to have to move to just VPS hosting eventually
05:51 <luke-jr> maybe
05:52 <luke-jr> my support is still pretty competitive ;)
05:52 <ivantis> Why?
05:52 <zurd> not for the cheap servers i provide, i think its just right ;)
05:52 <zurd> :P
05:52 <luke-jr> ivantis: his prices are insanely low compared to mine
05:52 <ivantis> Yeah, SSH and the web-interface are cool
05:52 <luke-jr> ivantis: zurd has my web interface
05:53 <ivantis> Ö
05:53 <luke-jr> and in theory can offer SSH too
05:53 <ivantis> Yeah, if he isn't a noob and can set it up right
05:53 <luke-jr> well, he has limited help from me on that
05:53 <luke-jr> it's just a matter of setting the user's shell, rly
05:54 <ivantis> Jah
05:54 <ivantis> But is scp not an issue still?
05:54 <ivantis> I remember you had someone do something bad with the scp on the demo servers
05:55 <luke-jr> ivantis: I think demo servers is beyond what I support him with ☺
05:55 <luke-jr> Actually, I think my "solution" was to turn off scp for demo :p
05:55 <ivantis> What was that last character?
05:55 <luke-jr> a smiley
05:56 <ivantis> I can't see it on my phone
05:56 <luke-jr> stupid phone
05:56 <ivantis> Unicode fails
05:56 <ivantis> The chart has a lot of empty spots
05:56 <luke-jr> pfft
05:56 <luke-jr> the smiley is basic ASCII
05:57 <luke-jr> maybe
05:57 <ivantis> Maybe, but I still can't see it
05:58 <luke-jr> no, it was added in CP437
05:58 <ivantis> Fascinatinglÿ, I have entry for accented characters and some other things, …, but cannot see a simple smiley face
05:58 <luke-jr> in CP437, it's chr(1)
05:58 <luke-jr> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_page_437
05:58 <ivantis> ...…...…
05:58 <ivantis> They look the same
05:59 <ivantis> chr(1)? Smileys are important
05:59 <zurd> darnit...luke, whats the code to edit user levels, for the vps
05:59 <luke-jr> zurd: wtf?
05:59 <zurd> sudo?
05:59 <zurd> visduo?
05:59 <luke-jr> visudo
05:59 <zurd> ty
06:00 <luke-jr> be careful you don't delete the control panel's entries
06:00 <luke-jr> ☺
06:00 <zurd> k
06:00 <ivantis> ©2009 ivantis
06:00 <ivantis> ç
06:00 <luke-jr> :o
06:00 <luke-jr> :O
06:00 <luke-jr> hm
06:00 <luke-jr> why doesn't that replace work
06:01 <ivantis> ö
06:01 <luke-jr> -
06:01 <zurd> its ./adduser <name> right?
06:01 <ivantis> Ö
06:01 <luke-jr> zurd: just do ./adduser to get usage
06:01 <zurd> kk
06:01 <luke-jr> ö
06:01 <luke-jr> Ö
06:01 <zurd> ty
06:02 <luke-jr> there we go
06:02 <luke-jr> :p
06:02 <luke-jr> Ö
06:02 <luke-jr> meh
06:02 <zurd> -bash: ./adduser: No such file or directory
06:02 <luke-jr> my NULL- didn't work
06:02 <luke-jr> zurd: fail
06:02 <zurd> o.o
06:02 <zurd> where did i fail?
06:02 <luke-jr> :O
06:02 <luke-jr> there
06:03 <zurd> ^.-
06:03 <zurd> O.o
06:03 <luke-jr> Ö
06:03 <luke-jr> I can type BOTH now
06:03 <luke-jr> :D
06:05 <ivantis> Great, my paypal account got done processing, but I forgotten the password
06:05 <ivantis> And the email address password
06:05 <zurd> ╛.╛
06:05 <zurd> luke-jr why did it say -bash: ./adduser: No such file or directory???
06:05 <zurd> what did i do wrong?
06:06 <zurd> ouch
06:06 <zurd> that sucks
06:06 <ivantis> adduser doesn't exist, noob
06:06 <luke-jr> zurd: go find the real command name
06:06 <luke-jr> and make sure you're in the right dir
06:06 <ivantis> Try adduser, without the ./
06:07 <luke-jr> ivantis: chances are he wants the control panel setup script
06:07 <zurd> thank you ivantis, heven forbid luke tell me that >.<
06:08 <luke-jr> [23:07:31] <dattaway> I have seen things happen and have a need to be anonymous sometimes
06:08 <luke-jr> [23:07:49] <luke-jr> dattaway: blabbign about it on IRC is hardly the best step to being anonymous
06:08 <luke-jr> [23:07:53] <luke-jr> dattaway: consider yourself reported
06:08 <luke-jr> [
06:08 <ivantis> luke-jr, wat email address would I send muneyz to to get VPS server?
06:08 <luke-jr> ivantis: none, you setup service first
06:09 <ivantis> How?
06:09 <luke-jr> PM me
06:09 <zurd> 21:08	luke-jr	[23:07:31] <dattaway> I have seen things happen and have a need to be anonymous sometimes 21:08	luke-jr	[23:07:49] <luke-jr> dattaway: blabbign about it on IRC is hardly the best step to being anonymous 21:08	luke-jr	[23:07:53] <luke-jr> dattaway: consider yourself reported
06:09 <zurd> whats that mean?
06:09 <zurd> or have to do with anything lol
06:09 <ivantis> PM you? No let us speak in here
06:09 <luke-jr> you want everyone here to get your address and phone number?
06:10 <ivantis> Why do you need that?
06:10 <zurd> luke, you dont even have our address and phone numbers...
06:10 <zurd> >.<
06:10 <luke-jr> ivantis: billing address
06:10 <luke-jr> zurd: uh, yes I do
06:10 <zurd> "paypal"
06:10 <ivantis> For paypal?
06:10 <zurd> you dont have mine, i never gave that info O.o
06:11 <luke-jr> ivantis: yeah, PayPal will provide it anyway, but I generally ask outside first, and then verify it matches
06:11 <zurd> :o
06:11 <luke-jr> zurd: yeah, I think the service is technically under neal
06:11 <zurd> whats my adress!
06:11 <ivantis> It does?
06:11 <zurd> ohh, right...
06:11 <ivantis> 123 noob lane
06:11 <luke-jr> zurd: you live in Canada? that's the address I have for you
06:11 <zurd> lol
06:11 <zurd> >.<
06:11 <luke-jr> ivantis: I don't take fraudulent customers anymore, sorry.
06:11 <ivantis> Fraudulent?
06:12 <zurd> fraudulent costumers lol, as long as yer geting paid luke!
06:12 <ivantis> Why of course not! I am not fraudulent
06:12 <luke-jr> ivantis: yeah, that's what lying about your address is when money is involved
06:12 <luke-jr> zurd: stolen credit cards are not somethign I enjoy dealing with
06:12 <zurd> meh
06:12 <ivantis> Can you do a lookup on paypal?
06:12 <zurd> happens
06:12 <ivantis> Like now
06:12 <luke-jr> ivantis: no
06:12 <luke-jr> it would be with the payment
06:13 <luke-jr> which is generally after I setup service
06:13 <ivantis> I don't think I changed my address after I moved
06:13 <ivantis> Possibly
06:13 <luke-jr> either way, I need your current address :p
06:13 <ivantis> Why?
06:13 <ivantis> Trust me, I'm not a robot
06:13 <luke-jr> because billing addresses are a must in the real world
06:14 <luke-jr> (and phone number if you want a VPS, for emergencies only)
06:14 <ivantis> Emergencies?
06:14 <luke-jr> unless you don't mind me simply shutting the VPS off in such emergencies
06:14 <ivantis> You can't call me when I'm in schoolz
06:14 <luke-jr> emergencies like a ton of bandwidth drain
06:15 <luke-jr> I call to verify it's intentional, not DoS
06:15 <ivantis> And can you send me a text message instead?
06:15 <luke-jr> I don't have txt msg capability, but if I can email txt msg fine
06:15 <ivantis> my_phone@ivantis.net
06:15 <ivantis> But I wouldn't be able to reply
06:15 <luke-jr> but if I don't hear back in a timely manner, I might have to turn it off
06:16 <ivantis> !
06:16 <luke-jr> ivantis: if you want me to leave it on, I will, but I'm not sure how much over-bandwidth bill you could afford
06:16 <luke-jr> that's the main concern I have
06:16 <ivantis> Cool
06:17 <luke-jr> eg, 2 TB over bandwidth would be pretty expensive
06:17 <ivantis> And how much bandwidth would one need for a simple webstie?
06:17 <luke-jr> depends on traffic obviously
06:17 <luke-jr> not 2 TB :p
06:17 <ivantis> That's all I'm probably going to need it for
06:17 <luke-jr> like I said, it's the DoS I'd be alerting about
06:17 <luke-jr> or rather, the attempted DoS
06:18 <luke-jr> a verified DoS would get the datacenters null routing the IP due to impact to other servers
06:18 <ivantis> And why no text messaging capabilities?
06:18 <ivantis> Get a better cellular device plan
06:18 <luke-jr> ivantis: you want to buy me text messaging service?
06:19 <luke-jr> feel free :D
06:19 <ivantis> I usually have used all my minutes
06:19 <ivantis> I only get 300 a month
06:19 <luke-jr> I don't even own a cell phone, so there.
06:19 <ivantis> What am I talking about? My phone checks my email every 5 minutes
06:20 <luke-jr> lol
06:20 -!- emphasis [n=rolf@170-185-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl] has quit []
06:43 -!- zurd [i=629675b5@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-38b3f3a935035e04] has quit [K-lined]
06:55 -!- zurd [i=629675b5@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-422a0a8f2e48aed7] has joined #armagetron
06:55 <zurd> LOL
06:55 <zurd> 20:33	barjavel.freenode.net	idoru set your hostname to "gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-38b3f3a935035e04" 20:33	barjavel.freenode.net	477: | [0] zurd, [1] #armagetron, [2] [freenode-info] channel trolls and no channel staff around to help? please check with freenode support: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#gettinghelp 21:43	barjavel.freenode.net	465: | [0] zurd,
06:55 <zurd> wtf??
07:00 <ivantis> It was explaining that you are a troll and need to be kicked
07:04 <zurd> and none of you are!
07:04 <zurd> >.<
07:04 <zurd> no fair!
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07:06 <luke-jr> ivantis said "I'm tired"
07:06 <luke-jr> so I asked "Yandere?"
07:06 <luke-jr> lulz
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17:53 <noob13> .tea
17:53 <tronner> noob13: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
18:17 <epsy> guru3, http://forums3.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=19226
18:18 <epsy> guru3, don't let this crap go thru, seriousemy
18:18 <epsy> we have people posing such links coming every 5 minutes in another channel
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19:15 <ct|kyle> luke-jr: FAIL, you fucked up ADD_help_topic, in what you gave me
19:15 <luke-jr> ct|kyle: I didn't give you anything, idiot
19:15 <ct|kyle> on launchpad you told me to merge with you
19:16 <luke-jr> oh that
19:16 <luke-jr> I didn't touch the code
19:16 <luke-jr> I just merged it
19:18 <ct|kyle> luke-jr: I'm guessing I should take out http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~luke-jr/armagetronad/0.2.8-armagetronad-sty+ct/revision/663
19:18 <ct|kyle> the ePlayer.cpp part
19:21 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@24.192-241-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #armagetron
19:23 <Vanhayes> .tea
19:23 <tronner> Vanhayes: Fortress Café: Players (3/32): -»|boo, -»|hoop (hoop@forums), AJ
19:23 <MrBougo> it's Van!
19:24 <MrBougo> eh, he has a new friend
19:24 <MrBougo> Lance Ingvar
19:24 <MrBougo> hairy torso!
19:24 <luke-jr> >>> Emerging (4 of 8) x11-base/xorg-server-
19:29 -!- epsy [n=epsy@unaffiliated/epsy] has joined #aRmAGetRoN
19:42 <Vanhayes> not me
19:43 <PinkTomato> .tea
19:43 <tronner> PinkTomato: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
19:45 -!- epsy [n=epsy@unaffiliated/epsy] has quit ["Ragequit."]
19:46 <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [0.2.8-armagetronad-sty+ct] r666 merging with mainline || [0.2.8-armagetronad-sty+ct] r665 Removing obsolete /help || [armagetronad-old-glancing] r763 Merge from trunk || [trunk-armagetronad-work] r913 Merging branch 0.2.8 from revision 9201 to 9219:...
19:50 <noob13> .tea
19:51 <tronner> noob13: timed out
19:53 <PinkTomato> .ctos
19:53 <tronner> PinkTomato: Crazy Tronners Open Sumo: Players (10/12): *ÂlÊx*, -=}Teck, €-»~¡©£®~, Néró ©, PhysiX_FuZZel, Pink Tomatoes (Pink\\_Tomatoes@forums), thelastSunrise, WTF IS A TRON, Zombie Jesus, ~|DS|~|Alien|~
19:54 <PinkTomato> tronner: Convert latin-1 into UTF-8 Please :)
19:55 <luke-jr> PinkTomato: it isn't?
19:55 <luke-jr> it shouldn't
19:55 <luke-jr> the master data should be UTF-8
19:55 <PinkTomato> luke-jr: €-»~¡©£®~ should be ?-»~¡©£®~«-?, ?
19:55 <noob13> ]tea
19:55 <PinkTomato> oh,,
19:55 <ljrbot> noob13: Fortress Café: Players (1/32): noob13 (noob13@forums)
19:56 <noob13> come!! :P
19:56 <Vanhayes> lobely noob13 ?
19:56 <noob13> yeh, a bit
19:59 <akira_arma> O.o
19:59 <akira_arma> i am fnished dwonlaoding kubuntu in 50 ... then ill join
20:00 <luke-jr> y
20:08 <PinkTomato> 50 whats?
20:11 <Vanhayes> days
20:11 <PinkTomato> haha
20:11 <PinkTomato> no idea what ubuntu servers are like,
20:12 <PinkTomato> isn't kubuntu 9.04 out in a few days?
20:17 <akira_arma> i am downloading 9.10
20:18 <akira_arma> err
20:18 <akira_arma> 8.10
20:19 <PinkTomato> ah
20:19 <akira_arma> i can upgrade when it hits stable
20:19 <akira_arma> i used fedora
20:20 <akira_arma> but i had probs with some of my hardware
20:20 <akira_arma> well soundcard
20:23 <PinkTomato> :( I have had that.
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21:29 <spidey> .tea
21:29 <tronner> spidey: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
21:29  * spidey pokes Vanhayes
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21:39 <noob13> .tea
21:39 <tronner> noob13: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
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22:54 <PinkTomato> .sl
22:54 <tronner> PinkTomato: This data is 3 seconds old; - | D u r k a  D u r k a  L a n d | - (11/16), Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress. (10/14), The YELLOW Submarine (9/12), ~Night Walker's Central~DF~ (7/10), [] Cheers! [] The friendly server. (7/12), -=JacKZenTH=- High RUbber (7/8), |FA| Black Tar! (6/16), *~ 7-clan ~*~ DirtFight ~* (6/10), Crazy Tronners Open Sumo (6/12), Swampland Mud Puddle (5/8), bib (5/16), Wild West  =Sumo= (2 more messages)
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23:59 <madmax> .tea
23:59 <tronner> madmax: Fortress Café: Players (6/32): ¦×¦ Liza (Liza@x/member), blueZ0r, e¦×¦ (epsy@x/member), noob13, noob28, PhysiX_FuZZel

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