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Log from 2009-04-06:
--- Day changed Mon Apr 06 2009
00:04 -!- Lizmatic [n=Lizmatic@78-27-12-206.dsl.alice.nl] has joined #armagetron
00:05 <Lizmatic> who won the ladle?
00:05 <akira_arma> not I
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00:05 <Vanhayes> CT won
00:05 <akira_arma> why didnt we get a team up liz?
00:05 <Lizmatic> ask savas
00:05 <Lizmatic> eh I mean flex :S
00:05 <Durka> akira_arma: i thought we played u?
00:05 <akira_arma> well
00:05 <akira_arma> was not my team
00:05 <Durka> :D
00:05 <Lizmatic> he didn't wanna do a team, think he quit tron too.
00:06 <akira_arma> ashitake did a good job getting it up though
00:06 <akira_arma> but we had ZERO practice
00:06 <akira_arma> we didnt even play 5 mins before
00:11 <Lizmatic> how far did you come?
00:11 <Vanhayes> -1
00:12 <Vanhayes> we lost 2-0 in the first round
00:13 <Lizmatic> fail :D
00:13 <Durka> u guys almost beat us that 2nd match
00:13 <Durka> it was a mess
00:13 <Durka> sage got disconnected
00:13 <Durka> then our shuffling got messed up
00:13 <Durka> we had no left side
00:13 <Durka> it was just bad lol
00:13 <Vanhayes> plus hole points ftw
00:14 <Durka> yea wtf was with that
00:14 <Durka> lol
00:14 <Lizmatic> how far did tr come durka?
00:14 <Durka> it didnt matter thank god
00:14 <Durka> we lost to ct 2-1
00:14 <Durka> epic come back 2nd match
00:14 <Durka> we were down like 40 or 50
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00:25 <ljrbot> New news from armagetronadbzr: [0.2.8-armagetronad-work] r1119 Removed 'const' qualifier from non-ref return type; gcc 4.3 ...
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00:26 <epsy> @uptime
00:26 <epsy> mm
00:26 <epsy> teabot's been up pretty long
00:26 <epsy> should crash sooner or later
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00:36 <epsy> night
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00:54 <Durka> http://forums3.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=19209
01:00 -!- Durka [n=Durka@cpe-76-173-122-30.socal.res.rr.com] has quit []
01:00 <sinewav> ^^ yes, very nice. I hope this makes thing smoother. I still feel like the ladle is fun and successful and these things are kind of small, but important.
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01:49 <Durka> luke-jr: ping
01:50 <ivantis> pong
01:52 <luke-jr> Durka: wat
01:52 <noob13> hi
01:52 <Durka> how can i upload to beta.armagetronad.net
01:52 <Durka> like new builds
01:52 <luke-jr> Durka: u got a user?
01:52 <Durka> nope
01:53 <luke-jr> what's ur name?
01:53 -!- The_Master [n=master@unaffiliated/ttech/bot/themaster] has joined #armagetron
01:53 <luke-jr> Ttech: -.-
01:53 <ivantis> ~echo D0RKA
01:54 <ivantis> Is broked
01:54 <noob13> btw, why isn't on beta.aa.net?
01:54 <luke-jr> noob13: is it even released yet?
01:54 <Durka> he hasnt uploaded it yet
01:54 <luke-jr> last I checked it was just "about to be"
01:54 <noob13> well, i'm using it..
01:54 <Durka> luke-jr: so what do i do?
01:54 <noob13> so i think it is
01:54 <The_Master> D0RKA
01:54 <Durka> oO
01:55 <luke-jr> what's ur name?
01:55 <noob13> .echo $nick
01:55 <tronner> noob13
01:55 <Lucifer> Door kah
01:55 <luke-jr> Durka: what's ur name?
01:55 <Durka> luke-jr: noob13's right: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=110997&package_id=195927&release_id=673400
01:55 <Durka> my name is Justin
01:55 <luke-jr> Justin what
01:55 <ct|kyle> Durka: when will ladle 21 be?
01:56 <Durka> Justin Durka
01:56 <Durka> duh
01:56 <noob13> btw, you guys ever played Frets On Fire?
01:56 <luke-jr> rly? -.-
01:56 <Durka> no
01:56 <luke-jr> jdurka?
01:56 <luke-jr> -.-
01:56 <Durka> why do u need my full name
01:56 <Durka> ct|kyle: 1st sunday of may...
01:56 <Durka> so
01:56 <ct|kyle> luke-jr be careful of Durka he has wmd's
01:56 <Durka> May 3rd
01:56 <luke-jr> Durka: users on hachi are First Initial + Last Name
01:56 <luke-jr> eg, dfancella for Lucifer
01:56 <Durka> lol
01:57 <Durka> whats hachi oO
01:57 <ct|kyle> I'll add it to CT server
01:57  * Durka googles
01:57 <luke-jr> hachi is my primary server
01:57 <luke-jr> currently at home
01:57 <luke-jr> but about to move to colo
01:57  * Durka finds japanese restaraunt
01:57 <noob13> ;D
01:57 <luke-jr> XD
01:57 <Durka> just do jdurka
01:57 <Durka> :D
01:57 <luke-jr> Durka: http://hachi.dashjr.org
01:57 <luke-jr> -.- Durka
01:57 <luke-jr> Durka: do I have to ask ur ISP?
01:58 <Durka> lol
01:58 <Durka> why is it important?
01:58 <luke-jr> becuz hachi has way too many users
01:58 <Durka> and why would u waste all that time lol
01:58 <Durka> ok
01:58 <luke-jr> so I need to keep new ones organized
01:58 <ct|kyle> luke-jr you still don't know mine
01:58 <Durka> so who the hell is gonna be jdurka
01:58 <luke-jr> ct|kyle: u don't have an account
01:58 <Durka> besides me
01:58 <ct|kyle> luke-jr on?
01:58 <luke-jr> Durka: Osama bin Laden?
01:58 <Durka> ...
01:58 <luke-jr> oladen has an account too, after all
01:59 <luke-jr> a few
01:59 <luke-jr> one happens to be named
01:59 <luke-jr> jdurka
01:59 <Durka> wow ur annoying
01:59 <luke-jr> lol
01:59 <luke-jr> u got a SSH key, Durka?
01:59 <Durka> u asked me this before
01:59 <Durka> u want my public ssh key or something?
01:59 <luke-jr> I forgot the answer
01:59 <luke-jr> yeah
02:00 <luke-jr> Durka: you'll need Svn commit too :x
02:00 <luke-jr> Lucifer: can you help with that?
02:00 <luke-jr> or maybe we need to migrate aabeta to the web team
02:00 <luke-jr> thing
02:00 <luke-jr> sigh
02:00 <Lucifer> er, no, we can't put him into subversion
02:00 <Lucifer> technically we're not putting even developers into subversion anymore, it's all bzr now
02:00 <luke-jr> ok, migrate it is then
02:01 <luke-jr> what's the web team's name again?
02:05 <Durka> er
02:05 -!- luke-jr_ [n=luke-jr@ip70-187-26-118.om.om.cox.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
02:06 <luke-jr> Durka: …
02:06 <Durka> yea
02:06 <luke-jr> SSH key
02:06 <ivantis> luke-jr, why do you hate me?
02:06 <luke-jr> ivantis: cuz you're a crossdresser
02:07 <ivantis> Eww, why would I do that?
02:07 <luke-jr> shrug, ask a false question get a false answer
02:10 <Durka> how the hell do i find out what my public ssh key is :S
02:10 <luke-jr> Durka: it's in the .pub file
02:10 <luke-jr> -.-
02:10 <ivantis> zomg lol noob
02:10 <Durka> zomg rtfm
02:11 <Durka> id_dsa.pub right?
02:11 -!- luke-jr_ [n=luke-jr@ip70-187-26-118.om.om.cox.net] has joined #armagetron
02:11 <luke-jr> sure
02:11 <Durka> but
02:12 <Durka> that file doesnt exist lol
02:12  * luke-jr facepalms
02:12 <ivantis> Then we need your private key
02:12 <luke-jr> Lucifer: /kick ?
02:12 <Lucifer> kick who?
02:13 <ivantis> luke-jr, you want yourself kicked?
02:13 <luke-jr> ivantis
02:13 <Lucifer> ivantis is usually good for a kick
02:13 -!- mode/#armagetron [+o Lucifer] by ChanServ
02:13 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@adsl-64-123-118-169.dsl.wchtks.swbell.net] has left #armagetron [requested by Lucifer: "don't"]
02:14 <@Lucifer> awww, it only let the one word through
02:14 <Durka> do i need to like generate the ssh key?
02:14 <Durka> :S
02:17 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@adsl-64-123-118-169.dsl.wchtks.swbell.net] has joined #armagetron
02:17 <ivantis> What was that for?
02:17 <Durka> ivantis: luke-jr is weird
02:17 <Durka> ;P
02:17 <ivantis> Very weird
02:18 <luke-jr> ivantis: it was for trying to steal Durka's identity
02:18 <Durka> lol
02:18 <Durka> :D
02:18 <Durka> nevar!
02:19 <ivantis> Dude...if I had his private key, I wouldn't even know what to do with it
02:19 <ivantis> Nor would I want to
02:19 <luke-jr> I hereby declare thee
02:19 <luke-jr> liar
02:21 <ivantis> I hereby declare thee
02:21 <ivantis> noob
02:22 <ct|kyle> Durka: remember this http://crazy-tronners.com/viewtopic.php?p=9726#9726
02:22 <Durka> yea what about that
02:25 <Durka> ct|kyle: see the difference about tui
02:25 <Durka> was that we would name the aliases before hand
02:25 <Durka> http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=Ladle-8/Challenge_Board
02:25 <Durka> Crack, Shrooms, Lacrymosa, X, ketamine, GHß, SmAcK, f, purple kush, os, djt
02:28 <Durka> hey luke-jr i have a question
02:28 <Durka> seriously
02:28 <Durka> :p
02:28 <luke-jr> …
02:28 <Durka> so i have a vps right
02:28 <Durka> lets just imagine
02:28 <Durka> im renting it from u instead of fsckvps
02:29 <Durka> and i buy an additional ip
02:29 <Durka> for a buck a month or w/e it costs
02:29 <Durka> that doesnt mean
02:29 <Durka> that i have "2" machines
02:29 <Durka> aka i can run 2 servers completely independent of one another
02:30 <Durka> or am i not making sense at all right now lol
02:30 <Durka> basically:
02:30 <luke-jr> nope, I jsut know I'm waiting for you pubkey
02:30 <Durka> what would be the advantage of buying another IP
02:30 <Durka> yea
02:30 <Durka> im still lookin for it oO
02:30 <luke-jr> as far as Armagetron or what
02:31 <luke-jr> as far as Armagetron goes, you need an IP for every 7 servers
02:31 <Durka> yea arma
02:31 <Durka> what?
02:31 <Durka> im hosting like 8
02:31 <luke-jr> :o
02:31 <luke-jr> there's only 7 ports for Arma
02:31 <Durka> nope
02:31 <Durka> it used to be like that
02:31 <Durka> i use ports above 4540
02:31 <Durka> like for example
02:31 <Durka> .si dirtfight
02:31 <luke-jr> that's supported now?
02:31 <tronner> Durka: *~ 7-clan ~*~ DirtFight ~*: Players (0/10):
02:31 <Durka> yea
02:32 <Durka> .si -v dirtfight
02:32 <tronner> Durka: *~ 7-clan ~*~ DirtFight ~* ( running 0.2.8-sty+ct_alpha20090331 unix dedicated, url: http://example.com, Description: “CTF Physics Dogfight! Try to play open as much as possible.. High IQ Ai Players for an entertaining SP mode!“, Players (0/10):
02:32 <Durka> see
02:32 <luke-jr> :<
02:32 <Durka> o
02:32 <Durka> yea
02:32 <Durka> 4541 ^
02:32 <Durka> :p
02:32 <luke-jr> Durka: but you can't custom connect to it?
02:32 <Durka> of course u can
02:32 <luke-jr> rly
02:32 <luke-jr> ?
02:32 <Durka> thats only on LAN custom connect that its limited i think
02:32 <luke-jr> um
02:32 <luke-jr> there's only one custom connect
02:33 <Durka> er
02:33 <Durka> i mean
02:33 <Durka> when u go to the lan game menu
02:33 <Durka> and click host lan game
02:33 <luke-jr> o
02:33 <Durka> same thing with internet game
02:33 <Durka> if u click host
02:33 <luke-jr> wtf am I using 5 IPs for then? -.-
02:33 <Durka> it only lets u do 4534-4540
02:33 <Durka> idk
02:33 <Durka> hehe
02:33 <luke-jr> so about that SSH key, Durka?
02:34 <Durka> idk how to find it dude
02:34 <Durka> do i need to generate it
02:34 <Durka> im on a mac
02:34 <luke-jr> ssh-keygen
02:34 <luke-jr> ?
02:35 <Durka> justins-macbook:~ Justin$ ssh-keygen
02:35 <Durka> Generating public/private rsa key pair.
02:35 <Durka> Enter file in which to save the key (/Users/Justin/.ssh/id_rsa):
02:36 <Durka> is that what u want?
02:36 <Durka> a public rsa key pair?
02:39 <luke-jr> sure
02:39 <ivantis> Why does OS X use /Users instead of /home?
02:39 <ivantis> Stupid people...
02:40 <Durka> :D
02:40 <Durka> ok
02:40 <Durka> luke
02:40 <luke-jr> stupid ivantis
02:40 <Durka> talk on gtalk
02:40 <Durka> ill send u it there
02:41 <ivantis> DCC?
02:49 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@adsl-64-123-118-169.dsl.wchtks.swbell.net] has quit ["Leaving"]
02:49 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@adsl-64-123-118-169.dsl.wchtks.swbell.net] has joined #armagetron
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03:26 <ljrbot> New news from armagetronadbzr: [aabeta-www] r628 Bent to sf.... || [aabeta-www] r627 Added
03:29 -!- Pathetique [n=chatzill@adsl-99-175-157-249.dsl.wlfrct.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
03:31 <ivantis> Hey, Pathetique
03:31 <Pathetique> \o
03:32 <Durka> o/
03:32 <Pathetique> hi dorka
03:39 <noob13> hai
03:39 <Durka> hai and bai
03:39 <noob13> did you ever figure out what was wrong with your ladder script Pathetique?
03:39 <noob13> bai durka
03:39 <Pathetique> Yeah, I fixed it.
03:39 <noob13> gj
03:39 <Pathetique> It wasn't the script as much as it is my hex sumo server likes to be geigh.
03:40 <noob13> heh, alright..
03:41 <Durka> noob13: how'd u guys lose to ww?
03:41 <Pathetique> lags
03:41 <Pathetique> and lots of it
03:42 <noob13> :P
03:42 <noob13> they actually played really well..
03:42 <noob13> not sure what happened
03:43 <noob13> a bit of unluck on our end
03:43 <noob13> def kept dying randomly etc
03:45 <sinewav> I had high hopes for noobs. do better!
03:49 <noob13> next time ;D unless this no-aliases-plz-rule goes through and we won't be able to participate no more
03:50 -!- Durka [n=Durka@cpe-76-173-122-30.socal.res.rr.com] has quit []
03:51 <sinewav> well, I don't think the aliases should really be an issue. I think allowing aliases is fun more often than not, but sometimes is bad.
03:52 <sinewav> noobs would just have to get their own auth server
03:52 <sinewav> problem solved!
03:52 <sinewav> I personally like the idea of "noobs". It's fun.
03:58 <noob13> hehe! yea, the auth server is on the todo list.. as is finally updating our site..
03:58 <noob13> once one of us finds a little time..
03:58 <noob13> we're all actually quite noob in comparison to the rock stars in here ;P
04:05 <noob13> .servers
04:05 <tronner> noob13: This data is 37 seconds old; Wild West  =Sumo= (12/14), Wild West  =Capture The Flag= (9/10), [] Cheers! [] The friendly server. (8/12), ~Night Walker's Central~DF~ (7/10), The Fight Arena Team Play Mode (7/16), $tronners->racing (7/10), {Delicious Desserts} Racing II (6/14), -=}ID< -=}Immortal Dynasty< -=}Dog Fight< (DF) (6/12), Swampland Mud Puddle (5/8), The YELLOW Submarine (5/12), {Delicious Desserts} (2 more messages)
04:06 <noob13> .ys
04:06 <tronner> noob13: The YELLOW Submarine0xffff88: 0xffff88Players (5/12): Back Words, dead? watch me!, Mike, MISS.FIERCE, StrangeFlavour
04:09 <ivantis> .help sd
04:09 <tronner> ivantis: (sd <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "serv $*".
04:09 <ivantis> .help serv
04:09 <tronner> ivantis: (serv <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "serverdetails $*".
04:10 <ivantis> .help serverdetails
04:10 <tronner> ivantis: (serverdetails <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "fetch".
04:10 <ivantis> Shouldn't it have filter colors on?
04:13 <noob13> its broken, somehow..
04:13 <noob13> :P
04:13 <noob13> doesn't show the colors of the server name either..
04:13 <noob13> not sure.
04:14 <noob13> .dns
04:14 <tronner> noob13: static.
04:14 <noob13> is that wrtls?
04:17 -!- |z10n| [n=anonymou@dslb-094-223-090-023.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #armagetron
04:17 -!- |z1On| [n=anonymou@dslb-094-223-090-023.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #armagetron
04:18 -!- sinewav [n=sinewav@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
04:32 <Vanhayes> .ping
04:32 <tronner> pong
04:35 -!- |z10n| [n=anonymou@dslb-094-223-090-023.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
04:37 <noob13> evening Van
04:38 <noob13> could you knock me out so i'd finally sleep?
04:42  * Vanhayes knocks noob13 out
04:42 <Vanhayes> because my mamma told me to
04:43 <noob13> :/ plz dont mistake me with yo mamma..
04:43 <Pathetique> http://www.dbd.wwwd.name/forum/index.php?action=dlattach;type=avatar;id=24;image LOL
04:43 <Pathetique> .king
04:43 <Vanhayes> .queen
04:43 <noob13> .noob
04:43 <noob13> what?
04:43 <Vanhayes> .van
04:43 <Pathetique> .alias add king echo kong
04:43 <Vanhayes> .king
04:43 <Vanhayes> .ping?
04:44 <noob13> tronner is lame these days
04:44 <Pathetique> ct|kyle: your thing is gay.
04:44 <Vanhayes> .ping
04:44 <tronner> pong
04:44 <Pathetique> ct|kyle: ffs add kong to alias king
04:44 <noob13> ...the bastard doesn't allow ppl to make new aliases..
04:44 <Pathetique>  /callvote kick tronner
04:44 <Pathetique> >:(
04:45 -!- Frobot [n=Frobot@mastercontrolprogram.de] has joined #armagetron
04:45 <Vanhayes> Frobot ping
04:45 <Frobot> pong
04:45 <noob13> !alias add king "echo kong"
04:45 <noob13> Oo
04:45 <Frobot> noob13: The operation succeeded.
04:46 <Vanhayes> 1king
04:46 <Vanhayes> !king
04:46 <Frobot> kong
04:47 <noob13> Pathetique btw.. doesn Nano still play tron?
04:47 <noob13> does*
04:47 <Pathetique> Nano is currently in jail.
04:47 <Vanhayes> ...
04:47 <noob13> orly? :D
04:47 <Pathetique> He got arrested for Driving Under The Influence.
04:47 <Pathetique> Should be getting out soon, though.
04:47 <Vanhayes> repeat offender?
04:47 <Pathetique> I need to ask Katlawlzor when he's getting out.
04:47 <Pathetique> Not sure on the exact details.
04:48 <noob13> ;D
04:48 <noob13> u must be joking?
04:48 <Pathetique> I wish I was.
04:48 <noob13> :/
04:48 <noob13> what was he on?
04:48 <Pathetique> Alcohol.
04:48 <Vanhayes> dont know about there, but usually dont put you in jail for a first offence, unless you were shitfaced going 150 in a schoolzone at 3 pm or something like that
04:48 <Pathetique> LOL
04:48 <Pathetique> Speaking of which
04:48 <Pathetique> I want a 300C.
04:49 <Vanhayes> so you can drive thru a schoolzone really fast while drunk?
04:49 <Pathetique> Its a fucking 4212 pound brick that will very happily hit 173 MPH.
04:49 <Pathetique> No, its the latest incarnation of the American Muscle-car.
04:49 <Pathetique> noob13: I think that's something like 320 KPH. :)
04:50 <Pathetique> Not sure, don't trust my guestimation. lol
04:50 <Vanhayes> dont think its that fast
04:50 <noob13> !convert 173 miles kilometers
04:50 <Frobot> noob13: 278.416512
04:50 <noob13> close
04:50 <Pathetique> youknow...close enough.
04:50 <Pathetique> LOL
04:51 <Pathetique> !convert 320 kilometers miles
04:51 <Frobot> Pathetique: 198.838781516
04:51 <Pathetique> oic
04:51 <ivantis> Nano got arrested?
04:51 <ivantis> zomg
04:51 <Pathetique> That's what a Corvette can hit with the mirrors folded in.
04:51 <Pathetique> With them folded out it can do 192.
04:51 <Pathetique> Don't go gossiping please, ivantis.
04:51 <ivantis> I don
04:52 <Pathetique> I don't think he'd appreciate having everyone know.
04:52 <ivantis> 't even play anymore, don worry
04:52 <Pathetique> oic
04:52 <Vanhayes> who needs mirrors when no one can come close to you
04:52 <Pathetique> LOL
04:52 <ivantis> I need to look at my beautiful face sometimes
04:52 <Pathetique> well, its a style thing.
04:53 <Vanhayes> thats what the rear view is for, make up and what not
04:54 <Pathetique> noob13: http://www.chrysler.com.au/300c/img/300c_sedan_home.jpg <--- that's the car I'm talking about. :D
04:54 <noob13> yeh, i googled it..
04:54 <Pathetique> It screams "getthefuckoutofmyway"
04:55 <noob13> looking good ;)
04:55 <Pathetique> Read Road & Track's review of it.
04:55 <noob13> do you have license Pathetique?
04:55 <Pathetique> Yesm.
04:55 <Pathetique> I drive a 98 Dodge Grand Caravan.
04:55 <Vanhayes> awesome
04:55 <Pathetique> Which in first gear has medium-sized balls.
04:55 <Pathetique> After that, forget about it.
04:56 <Pathetique> Yes, I'm still in that phase where I want a fast car. lol
04:57 <noob13> hm, good car for road trips
04:57 <Pathetique> Oh yes, absolutely.
04:57 <Pathetique> The thing drives like a car, and has one of the smoothest rides I've experienced.
04:57 <Pathetique> The only thing that surpassed it was the 300C the boyfriend brought home from the dealership he works at one time.
04:57 <Vanhayes> i just want a car thats good on gas these days
04:58 <ivantis> Pathetique, you're a Mac guy right?
04:58 <Pathetique> yarly.
04:58 <ivantis> Did you get Apache working with PHP?
04:58 -!- |z1On| [n=anonymou@dslb-094-223-090-023.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit []
04:58 <Pathetique> No, sadly.
04:58 <Pathetique> I gave up on it.
04:58 <ivantis> I cannot either
04:58 <Pathetique> I can't seem to make it work with tron.  So I was like "fuckit"
04:59 <ivantis> And I need it for work :(
04:59 <ivantis> Eww why is there a booger on my mousepad?
04:59  * Pathetique doesn't care :S
04:59 <noob13> Oo
04:59 <Pathetique> snotrockets ftg (for the gross)
05:00 <ivantis> zomg twitter is dumb. Why do they not have a simply accessible profile image directory? They got to have some other dumb thing
05:01 <Pathetique> Like a directory listing?
05:01 <ivantis> Yarly
05:01 <ct|kyle> Pathetique: that is P4's thing
05:01 <ivantis> like http://imgs.twitter.com/profileimgs/<USERNAME>.jpg
05:01 <Pathetique> Because people would try to crash their server by downloading all the images at once, possibly from multiple computers.
05:01 <ivantis> I wish it were like that
05:01 <Vanhayes> 0_o
05:02 <Pathetique> P4: Your thing is gay.  I want to make aliases.
05:02 <ivantis> Ppl could still do that
05:02 <ivantis> But instead of using USERNAME, its some weird ID
05:02 <Pathetique> Yeah, but that requires a lot more time than just saving all the links in a directory listing.
05:02 <Pathetique> That's the whole idea behind having this complicated profile image thing.
05:03 <ivantis> So they needed to make work for me harder
05:04 <Pathetique> Why would you need a lot of profile images?
05:05 <Vanhayes> he is a profiler?
05:08 <Pathetique> ew my parents locked the bedroom door again ¬_¬
05:08 <ivantis> I is need to write a twitter thing
05:08 <ivantis> WP plugin to fetch tweets
05:09 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@adsl-64-123-118-169.dsl.wchtks.swbell.net] has quit ["Leaving"]
05:09 <Pathetique> SWEET
05:09 <Pathetique> FUCKIN SWEET
05:10 <noob13> i'm not rly sure what to think about that..
05:10 <noob13> .tea
05:10 <tronner> noob13: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
05:10 <Pathetique> About...?
05:10 <noob13> howbout some fortress?
05:10 <Vanhayes> sumo
05:10 <Vanhayes> .si sumo
05:10 <tronner> Vanhayes: .-=VcL.Clan\'s ->Sumo<-: Players (8/10): -=VcL.Rajinn, -=VcL.TaZ, -=VcL.tRon Paul, -=VcL.YoshI, .dBdlee, .dBd|jenga_fet, MEL, v<|.OppOse
05:10 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@m4a0436d0.tmodns.net] has joined #armagetron
05:10 <Pathetique> I'll be there after some forum maintenance.
05:11 <ivantis> What IRC client do you use?
05:11 <Vanhayes> xchat
05:12 <ivantis> Notu
05:12 <Pathetique> I use Durka'sMomRC
05:12 <ivantis> For OS X
05:12 <Pathetique> mhm
05:12 <noob13> went to ww sumo..
05:12 <Vanhayes> did someone just leave?
05:12 <ivantis> I right now use xchat aqua, but it aint so great
05:13 <ivantis> Me but i came back
05:13 <noob13> ah, too tripped out to play ;P maybe tomorrow
05:14 <Pathetique> Tripped out?
05:14 <Pathetique> o.O
05:14 <Vanhayes> i use x-chat 2, they expect windows user to pay for things like xchat
05:14 <Pathetique> Winblows*
05:14 <ivantis> winblows lusers**
05:14 <Vanhayes> a window is better than an apple
05:14 <noob13> sleep deprived, path.. thats all
05:15 <ivantis> true, but not than a mac
05:15 <Pathetique> oic, noob
05:15 <Pathetique> oic, 13*
05:15 <Pathetique> llol
05:15 <Pathetique> ivantis: that makes no sense. :S
05:16 <Vanhayes> a window is better than An apple, i agree mac is better than PC for the most part
05:16 <Pathetique> oic
05:16 <noob13> at least you can eat the apple
05:16 <Pathetique> <-- sleepdepreivedt oo
05:18  * Vanhayes needs to get back on regular sleeping hours again
05:18 <Vanhayes> gonna help build a house
05:21 <Pathetique> What blew for me today was I only got 3 hours of sleep.
05:22 <Pathetique> And while I'm tired enough to fall asleep right now, I don't want to. :S
05:22 <Pathetique> :(
05:23 <Vanhayes> thats how it usually goes, the less sleep you get, the harder it is to go to sleep, untill you crash
05:26 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@m4a0436d0.tmodns.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
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07:10 <Vanhayes> alias add stats "echo http://electricpotential.net/ircstats/armagetron.html"
07:10 <Vanhayes> woops
08:13 -!- z-manuel [n=manuel@p50871990.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
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10:17 <luke-jr> "Btw: How will my server settings be changed. I do not plan on buying a Control panel. Does this mean I will have to wait until you get online to edit/add to my Configuration files or what?"
10:17 <luke-jr> oh boy
10:17 <luke-jr> he doesn't really understand what an unmanaged VPS is, does he? :x
10:28 <ljrbot> New news from armagetronadbzr: [0.2.8-armagetronad-work] r1121 Fixed client (and possibly server?) crash due to endless rec... || [0.2.8-armagetronad-work] r1120 Removed PREDICT_WALLS setting for non-dedicated builds....
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13:37 <PinkTomato> .cfg2 MATCH
13:37 <tronner> PinkTomato: LADDERLOG_WRITE_MATCH_SCORE: ladderlog_write_match_score_help(Default: 1 ) || LADDERLOG_WRITE_MATCH_SCORE_TEAM: ladderlog_write_match_score_team_help(Default: 1 ) || LADDERLOG_WRITE_MATCH_WINNER: Write to ladderlog: MATCH_WINNER (Default: 1 ) || LADDERLOG_WRITE_NEW_MATCH: Write to ladderlog: NEW_MATCH(Default: 1 ) || START_NEW_MATCH: Initiates a new match
13:37 <PinkTomato> .cfg MATCH_CONSOLE_MESSAGE
13:37 <tronner> PinkTomato: Sorry, no matches :S
13:37 <PinkTomato> .cfg MATCH_
13:37 <tronner> PinkTomato: Sorry, no matches :S
13:37 <PinkTomato> .cfg ROUND_
13:37 <tronner> PinkTomato: EXTRA_ROUND_TIME: Lenght of an extra pause at the beginning of the round (default: 0) || ROUND_CENTER_MESSAGE: Big message sent to clients after every round (default: ) || ROUND_CONSOLE_MESSAGE: Message sent to clients after every round (default: ) || SP_WIN_ZONE_MIN_ROUND_TIME: Minimum number of seconds the round has to be going on before the instant win zone is activated in single player mode (1 more message)
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16:23 <P4> Pathetique: aliases are gay, ask me to confirm them :)
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16:52 <noob13> .tea
16:52 <tronner> noob13: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
16:56  * P4 is now playing: 215. liquid blasted - enjoy my music shit (1:28)
16:56 <P4> :D
16:56 <P4> the cut from 'beter kom je niet' :D
16:57 <P4> (by DJ Hellfish, Deathchant, UK) :)
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17:49 <oRaw> #list alias
17:49 <oRaw> die
17:49 <oRaw> bah useless!
17:49 -!- oRaw [n=oRaw@unaffiliated/oraw] has left #armagetron ["Leaving"]
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19:03 <akira_arma> .tea
19:03 <tronner> akira_arma: Fortress Café: Players (6/32): \'rope, akira, TieDrawer, |x| RoterBaron (RoterBaron@x/member), ~|DS|~ JS, ~|DS|~ Judders
19:32 <ljrbot> New news from armagetronadbzr: [0.2.8-armagetronad-work] r1122 We require GNU make. Silence warnings during bootstrap about...
20:20 -!- Pathetique [n=chatzill@adsl-99-175-157-249.dsl.wlfrct.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
20:29 -!- Durka [n=Durka@cpe-76-173-122-30.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
20:29 <Pathetique> \o
20:29 <Durka> hey luke-jr are you here?
20:29 <Durka> o/
20:30 <ct|kyle> I think something is wrong with Durka
20:31 <Durka> yew
20:31 <Durka> yes
20:31 <Durka> im malfunctioning
20:31 <Durka> :p
20:31 <ct|kyle> ya I can tell by the amount of time spent on IRC :P
20:31 <Pathetique> Durka: http://www.obdev.at/products/littlesnitch/index.html <-- Would you think that is worth buying from them?
20:33 <Durka> um idk
20:33 <Durka> i dont use those programs that send stuff out like bittorrent, limewire, etc
20:33 <Durka> ct|kyle: i usually bother u and luke on IM
20:33 <Durka> but i've been choosing irc lately :D
20:33 <Durka> im confused why the beta site
20:33 <Pathetique> What if you had pirated software and weren't sure if it liked to phone home occasionally? :o
20:33 <Durka> doesnt have the rc1 builds
20:34 <Durka> but the releases.php files shows its all updated
20:34 <Durka> Pathetique: but i dont
20:34 <Durka> or do i o_O
20:34 <Pathetique> suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure ;)
20:34 <Pathetique> I'm going to try a demo of it first.
20:34 <Durka> lol k
20:35 <Durka> tell me how it is
20:35 <Pathetique> willdo
20:35 <Pathetique> booo
20:35 <Pathetique> requires restart :(
20:35 <Pathetique> I'll do it later.
20:40 <Durka> lol
20:43 <dlh> luke-jr: can you give /var/www/armagetron/beta/htdocs group write permissions so we can run /var/www/armagetron/beta/scripts/updateme manually if we need to?
20:46 <Durka> dlh: is that why the rc1's arent showing on the beta site?
20:46 <dlh> Yea, sometimes the update script doesn't run
20:46 <Pathetique> Durka: I think we should continue this circlular tab-completing. :)
20:47 <dlh> Actually, the update script was issued by armabot.
20:47 <dlh> That's why it didn't get run this time.
20:48 <Pathetique> wrtlprnft: wtf
20:49 <Pathetique> wrtlprnft: fixxxxiiiiiiiiiiit.
21:00 <noob13> .tea
21:00 <tronner> noob13: Fortress Café: Players (8/32): \'rope, AverageWhiteBoy, Luzifer, pruHell-lo, slagsmalskluben, Ww_Compguygene (compguygene@forums), |x|Dimb, ~|DS|~ JS
21:00 <Durka> lies
21:00 <Durka> theres 13 ppl in there
21:00 <Durka> i just checked
21:01 <noob13> its a bit delayed..
21:02 <Durka> lol
21:02 <Durka> vcl stole my ladle name thing
21:02 <Durka> 0x7fff7f-=VcL.Clan Server 0xff7f7f(0xffff7fHigh Rubber0xff7f7f)
21:02 <Durka> but is using ffff7f instead of 7f7fff
21:03 <Durka> for the "High Rubber"
21:03 <Durka> ladle names were 0x7fff7fLadle 20 0xff7f7f(0x7f7fffZ-Man's0xff7f7f)
21:03 <Durka> look similar? :p
21:04 <PinkTomato> For next ladle make sure you get everyone to reconfirm that they can host a server :)
21:04 <PinkTomato> I didn't realise I was hosting one :)
21:04 <Durka> someone is hosting a ton of Unnamed Servers, holy crap
21:05 <Durka> yea pink :\
21:05 <Durka> we were lucky i was still mod
21:05 <Durka> using my tst gid
21:05 <Durka> mods have like 0 powers lol
21:05 <PinkTomato> :), I wasn't aware of the ladle
21:05 <Durka> couldnt start_new_match, couldnt set the team_max_players to 6, couldnt even change score_hole to 0
21:06 <PinkTomato> ouch...
21:06 <Durka> yea..
21:06 <Durka> maybe u should give me perm admin powers just in case? :p
21:06 <Durka> 15 Unnamed Servers
21:06 <Durka> its crazy
21:06 <PinkTomato> Could do, but I'm pretty sure I won't pay next month's renewal :)
21:07 <Durka> meh
21:07 <Durka> arent u hosting dd racing 2?
21:07 <Durka> :(
21:07 <PinkTomato> yeah,
21:07 <Durka> o
21:07 <Durka> that reminds me
21:07 <Durka> i couldve gone to armaserv
21:07 <Durka> and set up a ladle server
21:07 <Durka> right?
21:07 -!- Pathetique [n=chatzill@adsl-99-175-157-249.dsl.wlfrct.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:07 <PinkTomato> that would have worked, grants Owner rights to a user
21:08 <Durka> er
21:08 <Durka> http://armaserv.ath.cx/
21:08 <Durka> right?
21:08 <Durka> not workin for me
21:09 <PinkTomato> works here
21:09 <PinkTomato> .fetch http://armaserv.ath.cx
21:09 <tronner> PinkTomato: '<html>\n<head><title>ArmaServ</title>\n<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content=\n"text/html;charset=UTF-8">\n</head>\n<body>\n<font face=\'sans-serif\'>\n<a href = \'index.php\'>\n<b><font size = \'+2\' =>ArmaServ</font></a></b><br />\nYou are not currently logged in.\n <a href=\'user.php\'>Login</a> <a href = \'register.php\'> Register</a> <br /><br />\n<b>Welcome to Armaserv! </b><br />This service (2 more messages)
21:09 <Durka> it must hate me
21:10 <PinkTomato> Probably my fault, it is badly coded
21:10 <Durka> its just not loading for me o_O
21:10 <Durka> .fetch http://durka.ath.cx/servers
21:10 <tronner> Durka: '<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/DTD/xhtml11.dtd">\n<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">\n<head>\n<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" />\n<title>.:] Twisted Rats [:. Servers</title>\n\n<link rel=\'stylesheet\' type=\'text/css\' href=\'style/default.css\' />\n<!--[if lte IE 6]>\n<link rel=\'stylesheet\' type=\'text/css\' (5 more messages)
21:10 <Durka> .more
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21:10 <Durka> .more
21:10 <tronner> Durka: rats.co.cc/forum/">Forums</a></li>\n\t\t\t<li><a href="http://twisted-rats.co.cc/forum/memberlist.php?mode=group&g=7">Members</a></li>\n\t\t\t<li><a href="http://durka.ath.cx/servers">Servers</a></li>\n\t\t\t<li><a href="http://durka.ath.cx/hosting">Hosting</a></li>\n\t\t</ul>\n\t</div>\n\n<hr><font size="5"><a href="stats"><span style="color:#ffffff;"></span><span style="color:#ffffff;">.</span><span (3 more messages)
21:10 <Durka> .more
21:10 <tronner> Durka: style="color:#f2f2fc;">:</span><span style="color:#e6e6f8;">] </span><span style="color:#ccccf1;">T</span><span style="color:#bfbfee;">w</span><span style="color:#b3b3eb;">i</span><span style="color:#a6a6e7;">s</span><span style="color:#9999e4;">t</span><span style="color:#8c8ce0;">e</span><span style="color:#8080dd;">d </span><span style="color:#6666d6;">R</span><span style="color:#5959d3;">a</span><span (2 more messages)
21:10 <Durka> .more
21:10 <dlh> ... stop that
21:10 <tronner> Durka: style="color:#4d4dcf;">t</span><span style="color:#4040cc;">s</span><span style="color:#2626c5;"> [</span><span style="color:#1a1ac2;">:</span><span style="color:#0d0dbe;">. </span><span style="color:#bbbb00;">F</span><span style="color:#c4c420;">o</span><span style="color:#cccc40;">r</span><span style="color:#d5d560;">t</span><span style="color:#dddd80;">r</span><span style="color:#e6e69f;">e</span><span (1 more message)
21:10 <Durka> LOL
21:10 <Durka> scnr
21:11 <Durka> there's definitely more than just 1 more msg
21:11 <dlh> The unamed servers are being run by
21:12 <dlh> The same IP hosts a few named servers
21:12 <Durka> yea that's flynn's arcade
21:12 <Durka> hosted by cloud
21:12 <Durka> ill let him know if i see him
21:14 <PinkTomato> So the master server's have no spam protection?
21:14 <epsy> could be legitimate as well
21:14 <epsy> and it does have flood protection afaik
21:15 <epsy> ct|kyle, yes
21:15 <epsy> PinkTomato, anyway if there wasn't, luigi would have found out about it
21:15 <Durka> PinkTomato: what happnes to the dd servers?
21:15 <PinkTomato> epsy: ah right :)
21:16 <ct|kyle> epsy: I'll post something and see
21:16 <PinkTomato> Durka: they cease, backed up though, may return very shortly
21:16 <Durka> im hosting a few servers
21:16 <Durka> i could maybe host those
21:16 <Durka> like my very lame hosting page?
21:16 <Durka> http://durka.ath.cx/hosting
21:16 <Durka> :P
21:17 <ct|kyle> epsy: how many?
21:17 <PinkTomato> :), {DD} Racing needs a huge clean up
21:17 <epsy> 6v6
21:19 <PinkTomato> Durka: did you make a control panel for armagetron ?
21:19 <Durka> yea
21:19 <Durka> ct|kyle: control panel...LOL
21:19 <Durka> PinkTomato: http://durka.ath.cx/cp/
21:19 <Durka> username: Demo
21:19 <Durka> password: password
21:20 <Durka> Demo account controls a fake server
21:21 <epsy> (all the unnamed ones)
21:21 <Durka> lol no
21:22 <Vanhayes> .tea
21:22 <tronner> Vanhayes: Fortress Café: Players (12/32): \'rope, AverageWhiteBoy, ÅÏ, Chuck Norris (Sithy@forums), Cicciuz, ct K - Y o, Player 1, redice, slagsmalskluben, Títânôbòa, |x|Dimb, ~|DS|~|Alien|~
21:23 <Durka> PinkTomato: u like it?
21:23 <PinkTomato> Durka: quite nice :)
21:24 <PinkTomato> no end or stop though?
21:24 <ct|kyle> Durka: lets see how server reboot works :P
21:25 <Durka> yea well
21:25 <Durka> i had a restart button
21:25 <Durka> that didnt work so well
21:25 <Durka> it would send the quit command to the server
21:25 <Durka> and the server would do just that
21:25 <Durka> quit
21:25 <Durka> and never restart
21:26 <Durka> :P
21:27 <Durka> the buttons still there
21:27 <Durka> http://durka.ath.cx/cp/home?tool=restart
21:27 <Durka> it just doesnt work so i took it off the toolbox
21:27 <Durka> xD
21:28 <PinkTomato> Durka: put it in an if statement that is always true
21:28 <PinkTomato> then when the server quits, it automatically restarts
21:28 <Durka> what do u mean
21:28 <PinkTomato> though, now you cannot stop it :)
21:28 <Durka> well, first of all
21:28 <Durka> my servers are using specialy ct|kyle h4x0r3d scripts
21:29 <Durka> that dont like anything i do to them
21:29 <Durka> or anything he does to them either for that matter
21:29 <Durka> they're like frankenstien
21:30 <ct|kyle> Durka: I'll probably look at that this summer,
21:31 <PinkTomato> Durka: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~www-armagetronad-match-dev/armagetronad-match/www-armagetronad-match/annotate/head%3A/server-starter.sh
21:31 <Vanhayes> he created a freak of nature that the townspeople want to destroy cause they dont understand him?
21:31 <Durka> ct|kyle: meh, if u wish
21:32 <PinkTomato> Durka: line 12,:)
21:32 <ct|kyle> Durka: I still need to learn bash :P those are hacks from ed's scripts wich I think were wrtl's
21:33 <Durka> im using http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=Running_Multiple_Servers_on_a_single_Linux_computer#The_server_script
21:33 <Durka> kinda
21:33 <ct|kyle> PinkTomato: that would probably work :P
21:33 <ct|kyle> he is using line 10
21:33 <Durka> with some tail -garbage out in front
21:34 <PinkTomato> my hoop modified script uses screen to output a log :)
21:34 <PinkTomato> by in front, do you mean before?
21:35 <PinkTomato> wait
21:35 <PinkTomato> that's what it means, ignore me :)
21:35 <PinkTomato> Durka: so you are tailing a script?
21:36 <Durka> ill paste bin my scripts
21:37 <Durka> http://rafb.net/p/tCtWOq87.html
21:37 <Durka> thats the srv script
21:37 <Durka> http://rafb.net/p/kGYeSE21.html
21:37 <Durka> and thats the start script
21:38 <PinkTomato> I hate those wiki scripts, I think they could be made easier
21:38 <Durka> i hate not knowing what any of it means :)
21:39 <ct|kyle> lol
21:39 <ct|kyle> I hate them as well
21:39 -!- freako [i=54188e74@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f32f718c08374ed6] has joined #armagetron
21:39 <Durka> i love u too kyle
21:40 <freako> I knew it
21:40 <freako> http://forums3.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=19208&start=15
21:40 <ct|kyle> Durka: for all you know you may be trusting luke-jr's work which is a bad thing to do :P
21:40 <freako> plus+ didnt play with a correct player :)
21:40 <PinkTomato> Durka: the reason it is not restarting is that for the server to loop, the tail command must fail.
21:40 <PinkTomato> but tail never fails
21:40 <PinkTomato> so tail needs to come before the loop
21:40 <Durka> PinkTomato: tell that to my secretary
21:40 <Durka> ct|kyle
21:44 <Durka> er
21:44 <Durka> apparently i didnt copy everything
21:44 <Durka> lemme do that again
21:45 <Durka> srv: http://rafb.net/p/0ZNmkZ46.html
21:45 <Durka> start: http://rafb.net/p/WE8kTR69.html
21:45 <Durka> there ya go
21:46 <epsy> pastebin advertiser
21:46 <epsy> go to hell
21:46 <PinkTomato> We have a problem with pastebin now?
21:48 <Durka> :o
21:52 <Durka> PinkTomato: any suggestions?
21:52 <PinkTomato> Durka: sorry, what we trying to do :)?
21:53 <Durka> restart?
21:54 -!- freako [i=54188e74@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f32f718c08374ed6] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
21:55 <PinkTomato> Durka: Oh sorry, http://rafb.net/p/3vedxS76.html
21:56 <PinkTomato> Only need to move that line
21:57 <Durka> thats it?
21:57 <Durka> and quit will work
21:57 <Durka> if its read in cmds.txt?
21:58 <PinkTomato> it should work
21:58 -!- G5 [n=G5@cl-506.dus-01.de.sixxs.net] has joined #armagetron
21:58 <Durka> :)
21:58 <Durka> k
21:58 <Durka> ill try
22:02 -!- g4p [n=jp@p4FCE3F2D.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
22:07 <Durka> ok im testing it :O
22:07 -!- z-manuel [n=manuel@p50871990.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
22:09 <Durka> lol i forgot to change the path
22:09 <Durka> Warning: fopen(/arma/NEEDTOFIX/servers/server8/var/cmds.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream:
22:09 <Durka> lol
22:09 <Durka> NEEDTOFIX :o
22:10 <Durka> OMFG PinkTomato it works :)
22:10 <Durka> OMG
22:10 <Durka> ct|kyle: the stupid tail line was in the wrong spot
22:10 <Durka> :X
22:10 <PinkTomato> Durka: good good :),
22:10 <Durka> PinkTomato: ur a god
22:11 <Durka> now i assume dedicated_idle will work too?
22:11 <PinkTomato> Durka: thanks be to wrtlprnft
22:11 <PinkTomato> they showed me that first :)
22:11 <Durka> wrtlpwnd, i love u
22:11 <Durka> <3
22:11 <PinkTomato> dedicated_idle should work :)
22:14 <Durka> sweet
22:16 <Durka> everything else should also work right?
22:16 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@77-64-161-27.dynamic.primacom.net] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.8/2009032609]"]
22:16 <Durka> like if i write include filename.cfg to the cmds.txt file
22:18 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@63-245-159-7.kitusa.com] has joined #armagetron
22:18 <Vanhayes> .ping
22:18 <tronner> pong
22:18 <noob13> .pong
22:18 <tronner> ping
22:18 <noob13> ha! i win
22:18 <noob13> O_O
22:19 <PinkTomato> Durka: I hope so :)
22:19 <Durka> lol
22:19 -!- animuson_ [n=animuson@CM-204-193-203-61.omah.tconl.com] has joined #armagetron
22:19 <PinkTomato> Wrtlpwnd would also suggest inotail as a replacement to tail :)
22:19 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@77-64-161-27.dynamic.primacom.net] has joined #armagetron
22:20 <animuson_> is there a way to clear the map cache for ur server?
22:20 <epsy> indeed
22:20 <epsy> animuson_, it is stored in the resource/automatic directory
22:23 <animuson_> im not seeing that directory
22:23 <epsy> how do you start armagetron?
22:23 <animuson_> ./server start [server]
22:23 <epsy> well
22:24 <epsy> the line which starts the server itself
22:26 -!- emmy_arma [n=peiaeman@pc240018.static.is.airbites.ro] has joined #armagetron
22:26 <animuson_> inotail -n0 -f ../servers/$SRV_NAME/var/cmds.txt | while true; do  ../bin/armagetronad-dedicated --configdir ../servers/$SRV_NAME/settings --vardir ../servers/$SRV_NAME/var; done
22:26 <PinkTomato> animuson_: where did you get that from?
22:27 <animuson_> you :P
22:28 <PinkTomato> really? anyway, that dosen't help epsy because the paths are relative rather than absolute
22:28 <Durka> PinkTomato: what's the difference between inotail and tail
22:29 <Vanhayes> ino
22:29 <Durka> ty van :(
22:29 <animuson_> lol
22:29 <Vanhayes> np, im a helper
22:29 <PinkTomato> Durka: Um... I don't really understand it, but inotail checks to see if the file is updated only when it is updated, while tail checks the file every -s [variable].
22:30 <Durka> um
22:30 <Durka> that seems like u understand it ^
22:30 <animuson_> tomato find how to clear the cache :P
22:30 <PinkTomato> It's something like that :), I am persuaded to believe that inotail is more efficient.
22:31 <PinkTomato> animuson_:
22:31 <PinkTomato> what is the location of the  server_starter.sh script
22:31 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@63-245-159-7.kitusa.com] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
22:31 <animuson_> arma/scripts
22:32 <PinkTomato> go up one folder
22:32 <epsy> PinkTomato, there could be a --resourcedir option
22:32 <animuson_> moved up :P
22:32 <epsy> that just looks like my command
22:32 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@63-245-159-7.kitusa.com] has joined #armagetron
22:33 <PinkTomato> epsy: wouldn't the resource-dir need to be used on the same line as the other options,
22:33 <epsy> yes it would
22:33 <Vanhayes> .tea
22:33 <tronner> Vanhayes: Fortress Café: Players (6/32): \'rope, -=}ID< ßµ||£, /Å/Ï/SWÏSS, <<~luAp~>>, Silver Turd, slagsmalskluben
22:35 <PinkTomato> epsy: default resource-dir is /usr/games/armagetronad-dedicated/resource?
22:35 <epsy> idk :X
22:35 <animuson_> ive searched all these directories and havent found any automatic folder
22:36 <PinkTomato> animuson_: have you tried the above folder?
22:36 <animuson_> doesnt exist
22:36 <animuson_> the only thing in /usr/games is some banner file
22:37 <PinkTomato> Ok, that should be relative to the previous posistion you were in
22:37 <epsy> er
22:37 <dlh> $ locate automatic
22:37 <epsy> rather /user/share/games/blah
22:38 <PinkTomato> wait, animuson_
22:38 <PinkTomato> what are you trying to do?
22:38 <animuson_> clear the map cache...
22:39 <epsy> why do you want to do that by the way?
22:39 <animuson_> cause some of them r old
22:39 <animuson_> it wont load the new ones
22:39 <PinkTomato> isn't the map cache under the user that ran the files?
22:39 <animuson_> and i dont wanna modify 30 maps to change the version #
22:39 <PinkTomato> animuson_: tough
22:39 <dlh> You should change the version number, otherwise the client won't download the new map
22:40 <PinkTomato> animuson_: as bove :)
22:40 <Durka> PinkTomato: right now i have tail -n0 -f /arma/alpha20090331/servers/$1/var/cmds.txt
22:41 <Durka> should i change that to inotail /arma/alpha20090331/servers/$1/var/cmds.txt
22:41 <PinkTomato> inotail -n0 -f *
22:41 <PinkTomato> apt-get install inotail as well
22:41 <Durka> no
22:41 <Durka> i keep that yea
22:41 <Durka> ok
22:42 <PinkTomato> :)
22:42 <Durka> ok sweet
22:42 <Durka> :)
22:45 -!- z-manuel [n=manuel@p50871990.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:01 -!- emmy_arma [n=peiaeman@pc240018.static.is.airbites.ro] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:05 <animuson_> if u load a map on one server, will it cache it for EVERY server?
23:07 <dlh> Yes, the client uses a shared cache
23:20 -!- z-manuel [n=manuel@p50871990.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
23:21 -!- animuson_ [n=animuson@CM-204-193-203-61.omah.tconl.com] has quit ["Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com"]
23:25 -!- Concord [n=Concord@pool-72-93-80-152.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
23:25 -!- MaZuffeR [n=mazuffer@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
23:25 <Concord> epsy: what's your opinion on this: http://buddypress.org/
23:26 <epsy> never worked with it
23:26 <epsy> but it's probably the same quality as wordpress and company
23:26 <epsy> what's your use for it?
23:26 <Concord> which is good quality, right?
23:26 <Vanhayes> .tea
23:26 <tronner> Vanhayes: Fortress Café: Players (6/32): \'rope, /Å/Ï/SWÏSS, Silver Turd, slagsmalskluben, Zombie Jesus, ~|DS|~G5 (G5@forums)
23:26 <epsy> heh yeah
23:26 <Concord> I've just seen it myself, I love wordpress so it piqued my interest
23:27 <Concord> idk if I have any use for it tho
23:27 <Concord> :P
23:29 <epsy> http://bbpress.org/
23:29 <Vanhayes> is zombie jesus an offensive name to anyone here?
23:30 <dlh> No
23:30 <Concord> it seems that it would be feasible to run the entire AA site of wordpress & co...
23:30 <Concord> prolly more work tho ;)
23:30 <epsy> Concord, well, that's my idea but guru3 doesn't seem to want tjat
23:36 -!- G5 [n=G5@cl-506.dus-01.de.sixxs.net] has quit ["Over and out."]
23:37 <z-manuel> dlh:  good job removing that configure warning. I was annoyed by it myself.
23:37 <dlh> Yes, it was annoying. :)
23:40 <dlh> z-manuel: how long do you expect the rc process for to be?
23:40 <dlh> Assuming no massive bugs are found
23:40 <z-manuel> Not too long. About a month. Another rc near the end of next week, then the full release one or two weeks later.
23:41 <z-manuel> I *may* have squished the odd server crash today. Can't be sure.
23:41 <epsy> (by the way no that wasn't our AFD joke)
23:42 -!- Concord [n=Concord@pool-72-93-80-152.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has quit []
23:48 -!- Durka [n=Durka@cpe-76-173-122-30.socal.res.rr.com] has quit []
23:50 -!- z-manuel [n=manuel@p50871990.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
23:54 <Vanhayes> afd?
23:54 <Vanhayes> oh nvrm
23:59 <noob13> .tea
23:59 <tronner> noob13: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
23:59 <noob13> .ctos
23:59 <tronner> noob13: Crazy Tronners Open Sumo: Players (0/12):
23:59 <noob13> .sd fort

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