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Log from 2008-11-27:
--- Day changed Thu Nov 27 2008
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00:49 <ivantis2> yay!
00:49 <noob13> yay!
00:50 <ivantis2> noobjr bot is gone
00:50 -!- TaZ [i=4aeb0b5f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-22a0c9b512c4894b] has joined #armagetron
00:50 <ivantis2> TaZ
00:50 <noob13> why is that a yay thing?
00:50 <TaZ> Hello
00:50 <noob13> hi
00:50 <TaZ> Hi noob13
00:50 <ivantis2> that reminds me, did Ratchet get his problem solved?
00:50 <TaZ> Hi ivantis2
00:50  * ivantis2 checks his personal logs
00:51 <TaZ> Which one?
00:51 <ivantis2> the one he was yelling about yesterday
00:51 <TaZ> Which was?
00:51 <TaZ> Marshmellow?
00:51 <ivantis2> Ratchet
00:51 <ivantis2> was
00:52 <TaZ> You're confusing xP
00:53 <ivantis2> frum my personal logs:
00:53 <ivantis2> 2008-11-26.txt:Nov 26 02:51:53 *        Ratchet-- *being dumb* didn't scan a fil
00:53 <ivantis2> e before downloading off intranet =[
00:53 <ivantis2> 2008-11-26.txt:Nov 26 02:51:59 <Ratchet-->      now my windows wont even start u
00:53 <ivantis2> p
00:53 <ivantis2> 2008-11-26.txt:Nov 26 02:52:06 <Ratchet-->      so i r on faithful ubuntu
00:53 <ivantis2> 2008-11-26.txt:Nov 26 02:52:56 <Ratchet-->      wrtlprnft:  Lucifer ivantis
00:53 <ivantis2> 2008-11-26.txt:Nov 26 02:53:01 <Ratchet-->      any ideas? :S
00:53 <ivantis2> 2008-11-26.txt:Nov 26 02:57:34 <Ratchet-->      luke-jr:  you here?
00:53 <Monkey_arma> taz, what be your system of operation?
00:53 <TaZ> OSX 10.5
00:53 <ivantis2> eww, mibbit?
00:53 <ivantis2> im on osx 10.4.11
00:54 <ivantis2> you should use x-chat aqua
00:54 <TaZ> I love mibbit xD
00:54 <ivantis2> get a ahem, REAL irc client
00:54 <ivantis2> &mibbt
00:54 <TaZ> rofl
00:54 <ivantis2> who has the mibbit thing?
00:54 <ivantis2> #mibbit
00:54 <ivantis2> @mibbit
00:54 <TaZ> I do
00:55 <TaZ> Can anybody help  me with this revolutionary server I am trying to make?
00:55 <ivantis2> &addcmd mibbit echo Get a real IRC client, <REQARG1>!
00:55 <perlbot2> ivantis2: The command mibbit has been successfully added
00:55 <ivantis2> &mibbit TaZ
00:55 <perlbot2> Get a real IRC client, TaZ!
00:55 <TaZ> ahaha
00:56 <Monkey_arma> Taz, maybe get an IRC client like colluquy or xchat
00:56 <TaZ> .California ivantis2
00:56 <tronner> ivantis2 is known to the state of California to causes Cancer
00:56 <ivantis2> xchat aqua is where its at
00:56 <TaZ> But I gotta download it :.
00:56 <TaZ> :/
00:56 <ivantis2> &addcmd california echo <REQARG1> is known to the state of California to cause cancer.
00:56 <perlbot2> ivantis2: The command california has been successfully added
00:57 <ivantis2> &california "Using Mibbit instead of a real IRC client"
00:57 <perlbot2> Using Mibbit instead of a real IRC client is known to the state of California to cause cancer.
00:57 <TaZ> Bahaha
00:57 <TaZ> So I am trying to make a music server.
00:57 <TaZ> :o
00:58 <ivantis2> a music server?
00:58 <ivantis2> what exactly do you mean?
00:58 <noob13> armagetron disco? :O
00:59 <TaZ> Have a music playlost playing through Amra
00:59 <TaZ> Arma*
00:59 <TaZ> Playlist*
01:00 <TaZ> Sorry, I'm looking at this TST schedule, and am kinda pissed.
01:00 <ivantis2> all those tournaments
01:00 <ivantis2> yawn
01:00 <ivantis2> boring
01:00 <ivantis2> i havent played arma in a while actually
01:01 <TaZ> Like seriously, I requested a American server, yet I'm playing with a Euro server with all Euros
01:01 <ivantis2> would you cry me a river?
01:01 <TaZ> Yes
01:01 <ivantis2> i have the same amount of lag on every server
01:01 <TaZ> :`(
01:02 <TaZ> Well I don't
01:02 <ivantis2> :;(
01:02 <ivantis2> boo hoo
01:02 <ivantis2> : . )
01:02 <TaZ> Anyway
01:02 <TaZ> Back to the music sever
01:02 <TaZ> server*
01:02 <ivantis2> mohawk: -:-)
01:02 <TaZ> It's very possible.
01:03 <TaZ> Z-man told me.
01:03 <ivantis2> uh
01:03 <ivantis2> yes
01:03 <ivantis2> but with a modified client
01:03 <ivantis2> you cant just hope for things
01:03 <TaZ> He said it works with and 0.3
01:03 <ivantis2> there are some things that i wanted and tried, but they wouldnt work with the current clients without modification
01:03 <ivantis2> what for realy?
01:03 <TaZ> Yes
01:03 <ivantis2>
01:03 <ivantis2> i would believe 0.2
01:04 <ivantis2> 0.3**
01:04 <TaZ> 0.2 requires tweaking though
01:04 <TaZ>*
01:04 <ivantis2> have you ever heard of WWW?
01:04 <TaZ> YES
01:04 <ivantis2> just have one of those internet radio things
01:04 <ivantis2> and tell them to go to that
01:04 <ivantis2> much easier
01:04 <TaZ> But I want it much more complicated then that
01:05 <TaZ> I wan't people to be able to choose the music they want.
01:05 <ivantis2> well, good luck finding someone crazy enough to help you with that
01:05 <TaZ> rofl
01:05 <TaZ> Thanks for the support :/
01:05 <TaZ> Would it really be that hard?
01:06 <ivantis2> maybe you should just play with my hacked server right now instead
01:06 <TaZ> And what's "hacked" about it?
01:06 <ivantis2> er, modified
01:06 <TaZ> ok
01:06 <ivantis2> well, teleporting
01:06 <ivantis2> /suicide command
01:06 <TaZ> err, I want music
01:06 <ivantis2> /cookie command
01:06 <ivantis2> err, I dont want music
01:06 <TaZ> Specifically Sine.Wav's music
01:07 <ivantis2> there are a lot of things i changed in my server
01:07 <ivantis2> &sd space-lab
01:07 <perlbot2> ivantis2: SPACE-LAB Shooting!: Players (0/8):
01:07 <TaZ> Played before
01:07 <ivantis2> since the teleporting zones?
01:07 <TaZ> You own the spacezones?
01:07 <ivantis2> uh no
01:07 <TaZ> ok
01:07 <ivantis2> the SPACE-LABs
01:08 <TaZ> cool
01:09 <TaZ> So you really can't help me, can you?
01:09 <ivantis2> no
01:09 <ivantis2> well, i really dont want to help you
01:09 <TaZ> Z-man made it sound so easy though
01:09 <ivantis2> but i could
01:09 <ivantis2> maybe you should learn C++
01:09 <TaZ> Well jeez invantis2
01:09 <TaZ> That makes me feel better
01:09 <TaZ> I only know C
01:09 <ivantis2> okay, let me rephrase that
01:09 <TaZ> not C++
01:09 <ivantis2> i really probably could not help you, nor do i want to
01:10 <TaZ> Ok, sounds much better
01:10 <TaZ> You still could have left out the second statement
01:10 <ivantis2> music?
01:10 <TaZ> Yea
01:10 <ivantis2> i really probably could not help you
01:10 <ivantis2> happy?
01:10 <TaZ> Mµ§¡ç
01:10 <TaZ> Yes
01:11 <ivantis2> M?????
01:11 <TaZ> -_-
01:11 <ivantis2> no
01:11 <ivantis2> no music
01:11 <TaZ> Mµ§¡ç
01:11 <ivantis2> ? is not a u, it is an m
01:11 <TaZ> ivantis, you're no help.
01:11 <ivantis2> for some other language, i forget
01:11 <ivantis2> turkish or something
01:11 <ivantis2> im no help?
01:11 <TaZ> Yes
01:12 <ivantis2> bah humbug
01:12 <ivantis2> lets see
01:12 <TaZ> That's how I spell it
01:12 <TaZ> Mµ§¡ç
01:12 <ivantis2> i helped fix a bug for zoidberg
01:12 <TaZ> Who barely plays..
01:12 <ivantis2> then merged it into pink tomatoe's code
01:12 <ivantis2> for the DD servers
01:12 <TaZ> And you still can't help me?
01:12 <TaZ> :o
01:12 <ivantis2> i have never done any music related stuff
01:13 <ivantis2> or network related stuff, which this would require
01:13 <TaZ> Me and you could learn together.
01:13 <TaZ> Like brothers
01:13 <TaZ> But only closer
01:13 <TaZ> :o
01:13 <ivantis2> whatever
01:13 <ivantis2> go to the library and get some C++ books
01:14 <TaZ> Well I already know C
01:14 <ivantis2> what a start
01:14 <TaZ> So C++ shouldn't be toohard.
01:14 <ivantis2> C++ is like a hacked C
01:14 <ivantis2> more features
01:14 <TaZ> You sound s sarcastic :/
01:14 <TaZ> ok
01:14 <ivantis2> works with everything from C, and more
01:16 <TaZ> 0.3 is supposed to have an embedded media player
01:16 <ivantis2> i think it does
01:16  * ivantis2 goes to look around his copy of 0.3
01:19 <ivantis2> i didnt find it
01:20 <TaZ> http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?t=18367
01:30 <TaZ> I understand now
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02:27 <TaZ> DUN DUN DUN
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03:26 <Lucifer> why can't taz stay long enough for me to kick him>
03:26 <Lucifer> er, ?
03:29 <ct|kyle> Lucifer: don't know, how is your Girl Chasing going
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04:40 <ivantis2> TaZ is gone?
04:41 <luke-jr> thank God
04:42 <ivantis2> you're welcome
04:42 <luke-jr> ivantis2: you have a death wish?
04:42 <luke-jr> God knows where you live, retard.
04:43 <ivantis2> i said you're welcome and already i get a death wish?
04:43 <ivantis2> calm down
04:44 <ivantis2> &thisisn't #god luke-jr
04:44 <perlbot2> This isn't #god, luke-jr.
04:44 <luke-jr> Lucifer: wanna kill a bot?
04:45 <ivantis2> Lucifer: wanna kill a person who acts like a bot?
04:55 <ct|kyle> Lucifer: that is ivantis2 and perlbot2 :P
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05:11 <luke-jr> lol
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08:45 <Pathetique> lol can someone who speaks German tell me if schnoodle noodle means dick snot?
08:46 -!- EJ [n=electron@wsip-24-249-108-15.ks.ks.cox.net] has joined #armagetron
08:46 <luke-jr> Pathetique: it's difficult to burn McDonald's chicken nuggets to a crisp
08:46 <Pathetique> That's cute, but utterly useless.
08:47 <luke-jr> cute?
08:47 <luke-jr> annoying more like
08:47 <luke-jr> it means I need to use the trash for them when they're no good
08:47 <luke-jr> and I can't just throw them in the fireplace
08:50 <Pathetique> #lastseen saibot
08:50 <armabot> Pathetique: noob_saibot has last been seen on  Wild West  =Team Sumo= 19 minutes ago.
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15:01 <Ratchet--> mornin
15:30 <Monkey_arma> Ratchet-- you have a virus on *linux*?
15:38 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has joined #armagetron
15:39 <Ratchet--> not exactly
15:39 <Ratchet--> not on linux, but on windows partiton
15:40 <Ratchet--> and i *THOUGHT* the only way to access my recovery partition was to bypass partition chooser
15:40 <Ratchet--> come to find out theres a way to get to it on start meny
15:40 <Ratchet--> menu*
15:40 <Ratchet--> *Monkey_arma*
15:45 <Monkey_arma> yes>?
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17:32 <BabyBug> *waves(
17:32 <BabyBug> ** ><
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18:45 <ivantis2> Stewaaahhh
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19:22 <noob_saibot> elloello
19:36 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has joined #armagetron
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19:44 <Monkey_arma> ello
19:44 <Monkey_arma> im checking food sai bbl
19:46 <noob_saibot> hey no prob....i have gotten hold of everyones email...check your email i CC'd you
19:46 <noob_saibot> only one i dont have is rogue, but he seems to be free sunday
19:57 <ivantis_> for what?
19:57 <ivantis_> what is going on?
19:57 <ivantis_> i havent seen rogue in a while
19:58 <ivantis_> i think i have his email
20:04 <noob_saibot> do you
20:04 <noob_saibot> its for ladle info
20:05 <Monkey_arma> no i dont
20:06 <noob_saibot> its fine he is pretty good on forums
20:06 <Monkey_arma> ok
20:07 <ivantis_> let me find it
20:08 <noob_saibot> alright
20:10 <ivantis_> hmm, i guess i didnt have it
20:10 <ivantis_> cant find it
20:10 <noob_saibot> okay no problem thanks anyway
20:11 <Monkey_arma> can you see  the PM ?
20:11 <noob_saibot> where
20:11 <Monkey_arma> click on my name
20:11 <Monkey_arma> the tab
20:11 <noob_saibot> ok
20:11 <noob_saibot> i see pm
20:13 <ivantis_> maybe there should be a seperate tournaments/noobs forums
20:13 <ivantis_> i hate the forums now with all this tournaments stuff
20:14 <noob_saibot> lol i just talk about anything
20:14 <ivantis_> and why are you not in #armagetron.tourneys?
20:15 <noob_saibot> me?
20:15 <ivantis_> ya
20:15 <ivantis_> its for tournaments
20:15 <Monkey_arma> #later tell noob_saibot this is how to leave pink a message
20:15 <armabot> Monkey_arma: The operation succeeded.
20:15 <noob_saibot> i sent him an email
20:16 <ivantis_> #seen Rogue
20:16 <armabot> ivantis_: Rogue was last seen in #armagetron 2 weeks, 1 day, 18 hours, 18 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <Rogue> http://vclclan.com/serverbrowser.php
20:16 <ivantis_> ha, yeah right
20:16 <Monkey_arma> .ls quake
20:16 <tronner> Monkey_arma: -=VcL.Quake_sob seems to be on  Wild West  =Sumo= right now.
20:16 <Monkey_arma> thats him
20:16 <Monkey_arma> go get
20:16 <ivantis_> i remember the last time rogue was here
20:17 <noob_saibot> quake is rogue?
20:17 <Monkey_arma> yes
20:17 <Monkey_arma> rogue = quake = code hunter
20:17 <ivantis_> #seen quake
20:17 <Monkey_arma> #later tell pinktomato check your email!
20:17 <armabot> ivantis_: I have not seen quake.
20:17 <armabot> Monkey_arma: The operation succeeded.
20:17 <Monkey_arma> ivantis you noob its lastseen not seen
20:17 <ivantis_> #seen pinktomato
20:17 <armabot> ivantis_: pinktomato was last seen in #armagetron 2 weeks, 2 days, 23 hours, 10 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <PinkTomato> l33t filters?
20:17 <ivantis_> no
20:18 <ivantis_> i remember pink being here recently
20:19 <noob_saibot> lol
20:19 <noob_saibot> what is all this code
20:20 <ivantis_> huh?
20:20 <noob_saibot> i cant follow whats going on
20:20 <noob_saibot> im a noob on irc
20:21 <ivantis_>  #seen <nick> makes armabot tell you when <nick> was last seen
20:21 <ivantis_> which is the ladle server?
20:22 <noob_saibot> monkey has it
20:23 <ivantis_> Monkey_arma: nooo, i meant seen on IRC
20:23 <ivantis_> i havent played arma in a loong time
20:24 <ivantis_> noob_saibot: eww, youre using mibbit?
20:24 <ivantis_> like i said before
20:24 <Monkey_arma> i have what?
20:24 <ivantis_> &california Using mibbit instead of a real IRC client
20:24 <perlbot2> Using is known to the state of California to cause cancer.
20:24 <ivantis_> &california "Using mibbit instead of a real IRC client"
20:24 <perlbot2> Using mibbit instead of a real IRC client is known to the state of California to cause cancer.
20:26 <ct|kyle> Lucifer: time to kick a bot
20:26 <ivantis_> /kick ct|kyle
20:27 <Monkey_arma> kick all of them, especially any related to invantis, but leave armabot
20:27 <ct|kyle> tronner and teabot are nice additions thoug
20:27 <ivantis_> there is only one related to me
20:27 <ct|kyle> though*
20:27 <ivantis_> botvantis was already banned
20:27  * Monkey_arma sighs
20:28 <Monkey_arma> ok then leave all bots and lets have even more bots please
20:30 -!- mib_b50b2a [i=56025459@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-0371e41b1cd57906] has joined #armagetron
20:30 <mib_b50b2a> ivantis i love u
20:30 <ivantis_> eww, another mibbiter
20:30 -!- mib_b50b2a is now known as annoyingbot
20:30 <noob_saibot> i am using mibbit
20:30 <annoyingbot> .me
20:30 <noob_saibot> i am a noob
20:30 <annoyingbot> annoyingbot: ivantis causes cancer
20:31 <annoyingbot> moar bots please thx
20:31 -!- annoyingbot [i=56025459@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-0371e41b1cd57906] has quit [Client Quit]
20:32 -!- tronner [i=p4@unaffiliated/tronner] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
20:33 <noob_saibot> bbl
20:33 -!- noob_saibot [i=457095bb@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-125bcb0a6479720b] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
20:36 -!- tronner [i=p4@unaffiliated/tronner] has joined #armagetron
20:38 <ct|kyle> .California ivantis
20:38 <tronner> ivantis is known to the state of California to causes Cancer
20:49 -!- Netsplit heinlein.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: GodTodd, P4, tramshed, perlbot2
20:49 <ivantis_> &california "using bots in this way"
20:49 <ivantis_> hey!
20:49 <ivantis_> niven split
20:50 -!- Netsplit over, joins: perlbot2, P4, GodTodd, tramshed
20:50 <ivantis_> &california "using bots in this way"
20:51 <perlbot2> using bots in this way is known to the state of California to cause cancer.
20:51 <MrWordPress> omg no
20:51 <MrWordPress> IT'S IVANTIS V2!
20:52 <ivantis_> GodTodd: you from Kansas? so am i
20:52 <Monkey_arma>  /MDK ivantis
20:53 <ivantis_> MDK??
20:53 -!- Lucifer [n=satan@75-13-83-46.lightspeed.austtx.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:53 <ivantis_> and isnt niven an IPv6 server?
20:54 <MrWordPress> your mom is an ipv6 server
21:02 -!- MrWordPress is now known as epsy
21:08 <GodTodd> ivantis_,  me? from kansas? wash your mouth out.
21:11 <ivantis_> i couldnt have guess by your .ks.ks.cox.net hostname...
21:12 <epsy> what is that?
21:13 <ivantis_> a picture of a bird
21:13 <ivantis_> look at it
21:14 -!- PinkTomato [n=sam@hn-33-24.brookes.ac.uk] has joined #armagetron
21:14 <ivantis_> hey!
21:14 <ivantis_> its pinktomato
21:15 <PinkTomato> hi ivantis_
21:18 <ivantis_> ga-BLAH!
21:18 -!- ivantis_ [n=ivantis@adsl-69-149-215-67.dsl.wchtks.swbell.net] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:20 <epsy> ivantis out :>
21:20 <epsy> or at least, partially
21:25  * BabyBug tickles epsy 
21:26 -!- teabot [i=xclan@fiji.dreamhost.com] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
21:28 -!- teabot [i=xclan@fiji.dreamhost.com] has joined #aRmAgEtROn
21:29 <epsy> http://www.icc-ccs.org/index.php?option=com_fabrik&view=visualization&controller=visualization.googlemap&Itemid=89
21:29 <epsy> look at Yemen O_O
21:51 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.4/2008102920]"]
22:32 -!- PinkTomato [n=sam@hn-33-24.brookes.ac.uk] has quit ["Leaving."]
22:41 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:43 -!- ivantis2 [n=ivantis@adsl-69-149-215-67.dsl.wchtks.swbell.net] has joined #armagetron
22:47 -!- ivantis2 [n=ivantis@adsl-69-149-215-67.dsl.wchtks.swbell.net] has quit [Client Quit]
22:52 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has joined #armagetron
23:24 -!- teabot [i=xclan@fiji.dreamhost.com] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
23:25 -!- epsy [n=epsy@unaffiliated/epsy] has quit [".. and remember, Have'em caps !"]
23:26 -!- teabot [i=xclan@fiji.dreamhost.com] has joined #aRmAgEtROn
23:26 -!- madmax [n=madmax@unaffiliated/madmax] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
23:26 -!- madmax [n=madmax@unaffiliated/madmax] has joined #armagetron
23:47 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has quit ["Quitte"]

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