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Log from 2008-07-28:
--- Day changed Mon Jul 28 2008
00:01 -!- ivantis_away_ is now known as ivantis
00:01  * ivantis is baack!
00:06 -!- Goodygumdrops [n=Goodygum@h9.167.40.69.dynamic.ip.windstream.net] has joined #armagetron
00:06 <Goodygumdrops> luke-jr. still around?
00:07 <Goodygumdrops> I made my debug recording in tron, then used -videoout and now I'm trying to feed my stdout to mencoder, but it says the file is an unrecognized format
00:16 <Lucifer> eddiefantastic: Tapper, that's right!  Heh
00:16 <Lucifer> eddiefantastic: ping, heh
00:16 <ivantis> Lucifer: you know some stuff about armagetrons source, right? what file are the information about respawning kept in?
00:17 <Lucifer> ivantis: grep -R "respawn" ./
00:17 <ivantis> right
00:20 <epsy> or better grp -Rni 'respawn' ./src/
00:21 <ivantis> whatevah
00:22 <epsy> -i makes it case-Insensitive, -n gives line Numberz
00:22 <ivantis> oh, then -i is helpful
00:23 <epsy> and -n ! and -n !
00:23 <ivantis> not really
00:23 <ivantis> Ctrl+F
00:23 <epsy> <line number>G
00:24 <epsy> in emacs ctrl+alt+P butterfly
00:24 <ivantis> im using gedit
00:24 <epsy> ftl
00:24 <ivantis> and i prefer nano to emacs
00:24 <epsy> me too
00:25 <epsy> but still ,nano ftl too
00:25 <ivantis> yeah, i dont like how nano automatically gives newlines
00:25 <epsy> ew
00:25 <epsy> ever heard about gvim?
00:26 <Lucifer> nano is the suckass, but Ubuntu ships a broken vim
00:26 <Lucifer> or a broken konsole, one of the two
00:27 <epsy> or both
00:27 <ivantis> vim works fine
00:27 <epsy> no highlighting
00:27 <ivantis> and konsole works too
00:27 <Lucifer> here's ODDvantis speaking up now
00:27 <epsy> :O
00:27 <ivantis> but i just use the preinstalled Terminal
00:28 <Lucifer> maybe you've just never seen a working vim :)
00:28 <ivantis> maybe
00:28 <ivantis> now shh, im working
00:28 <ivantis> and cant be interupted
00:28 <Lucifer> ivantis: ivantis (hi there!) ivantis (hi there!) ivantis (hi there!) ivantis (hi there!)
00:28 <Lucifer> then turn off your irc client :)
00:28 <epsy> no, he well just set his name to ivantis_away
00:28 <ivantis> i wont be that long, just something i have to focus on
00:29 <Lucifer> #send ivantis some ritalin(tm)
00:29 <armabot> I have sent some ritalin(tm) to ivantis, it should arrive shortly.
00:29 <epsy> or whatever for a derivation, because monkey stop that nick and enforced protection on it
00:29 <epsy> s/stop/stole/
00:29 <ivantis> i used to take ritalin, but i had to take ritalout for it
00:29 <ivantis> have you guys seen that south park?
00:29 <Lucifer> could use magical op powers to throw him out so he can focus more
00:30 <ivantis> they all pretend to have ADHD
00:30 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@63-245-166-124.kitusa.com] has left #armagetron ["Leaving"]
00:30  * Lucifer speaks of the power of suggestion
00:30 <epsy> hah
00:31 <Lucifer> phear me!
00:31 <Lucifer> now go make this:  http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?t=18590
00:31 <epsy> reading
00:32 <epsy> er, is it just your paynt skillz that make the cycles go in weird angles or...?
00:32 <Lucifer> it's my mad inkscape skills that don't know how to stop drawing lines
00:32 <Lucifer> so please interpret those as arrowheads instead
00:34 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@63-245-166-124.kitusa.com] has joined #armagetron
00:34 <Lucifer> hmmm, I'll be a simple subclass of gWinZone will be able to handle it
00:34 <Lucifer> just have it compute net moment of force and spin
00:34 <Lucifer> you know, in that direction
00:35  * Lucifer considers looking at gWinZone for a bit
00:35 <epsy> what is our blue guy doing on your graph?
00:35 <ivantis> gWinZone is a fun file
00:35 <epsy> full of ZOMG HAX
00:39 <Lucifer> heh
00:40 <ivantis> god dammit, i think i deleted my config file on accident
00:40 <Lucifer> I'm making my daughter look up pedantic
00:40 <epsy> lol
00:40 <Lucifer> she was listing all the reasons I couldn't send my 4 year old boy to the store by himself
00:41 <epsy> Lucifer, ?
00:42 <ivantis> Pathetique:
00:42 <ivantis> Pathetique:
00:42 <ivantis> i need your help with something
00:42 <Lucifer> epsy: that's much better, but it doesn't show anybody having a moment :)
00:43 <epsy> that's because i didnt get it :X
00:43 <Lucifer> torque
00:43 <Lucifer> you capisce torque?
00:43 <Lucifer> it is a french word, you know
00:44 <epsy> hrmmm
00:44 <Lucifer> so both teams are trying to spin the zone
00:44 <Lucifer> we can pretend the zone is the shaft to a dc motor and the lightcycles are charges :)
00:44 <epsy> a fortress that's triggered by accel ?
00:44 <Lucifer> directly spun by accel, yes
00:45 <ivantis> Pathetique:
00:45 <ivantis> i need your help with something
00:45 <epsy> hmm
00:45 <Lucifer> like putting a wrench on a nut
00:45 -!- Pathetique [n=Pathetiq@adsl-99-149-86-134.dsl.wlfrct.sbcglobal.net] has left #armagetron []
00:45 <epsy> that's torp-fortress
00:45 <ivantis> grr
00:45 <Lucifer> and when it's spinning fast enough, it's a win
00:45 <Lucifer> torp-fortress?
00:45 -!- Pathetique [n=Pathetiq@adsl-99-149-86-134.dsl.wlfrct.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
00:45 <Lucifer> don't tell me somebody's already made it ;?
00:45 <epsy> torpedo-fortress :P
00:45 <ivantis> Pathetique:
00:45 <ivantis> i need your help with something
00:45 <Pathetique> Oh?
00:45 <epsy> as in, teams doing torpedo all the time :O
00:45 <ivantis> hey, you remember that source i gave you?
00:45 <ivantis> with my config file in it?
00:46 <Pathetique> uh
00:46  * Pathetique checks his transcripts
00:46 <Lucifer> hmm, I'm thinking more like charges and magnetic fields and stuff
00:46 <ivantis> i accidentally deleted my config files, i was wondering if you still have it
00:46  * Lucifer suggests renaming ivantis to ODDvantis
00:46 <epsy> do we kill the player if he loses?
00:46 <Lucifer> well, the round ends
00:46 <Pathetique> I don't think I do...sorry...how'd you delete them?
00:47 <Pathetique> And don't you have a backup anywhere?
00:47 <Lucifer> it's similar to team sumo, but you have to actually move in a particular direction with acceleration to conquer the zone
00:47 <ivantis> i did make and make install again
00:47 <ivantis> and i didnt back it up
00:47 <ivantis> jfdjlksafdljksdfoifdsoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(R(#)$()#*()$!~!@!!!!!!!!!!
00:47  * Lucifer hands ivantis a copy of bazaar
00:47  * epsy puts himself in the middle and eats it
00:47 <epsy> er
00:47 <Pathetique> LMAO
00:48 <Lucifer> wrong window?
00:48 <Pathetique> someone please put that as a quote
00:48 <epsy> you drank too much lmaonade didnt you
00:48 <Pathetique> PLEASE
00:48 <luke-jr> Goodygumdrops: pipe it, don't make an uncompressed file
00:48 <luke-jr> Goodygumdrops: and rtfm
00:48 <Lucifer> #quote add "epsy puts himself in the middle and eats it.  --epsy"
00:48 <armabot> Lucifer: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
00:48 <epsy> tell me what the it refers to :O
00:48 -!- samsoffes [n=samsoffe@] has quit []
00:48 <Goodygumdrops> luke-jr: any way to pipe something in windows?
00:48 <Lucifer> #quote add "epsy puts himself in the middle and eats it.  --epsy"
00:48 <armabot> Lucifer: The operation succeeded.  Quote #72 added.
00:49 <luke-jr> Goodygumdrops: install somethign other than Windoze
00:49 <Lucifer> #quote get 72
00:49 <Pathetique> yaey
00:49 <armabot> Lucifer: Quote #72: "epsy puts himself in the middle and eats it.  --epsy" (added by Lucifer_arma at 12:48 AM, July 28, 2008)
00:49 <epsy> #yay Pathetique
00:49 <armabot> YAY Pathetique!
00:49 <Goodygumdrops> hmm...that didn't answer my question :-)
00:49 <Pathetique> #epsy
00:49 <armabot> Pathetique, do we really need an alias to put YAY in capitals and append an exclamation mark to it?
00:49 <Pathetique> LOL!
00:49 <ivantis> #quote add "jfdjlksafdljksdfoifdsoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(R(#)$()#*()$!~!@!!!!!!!!!!  --ivantis"
00:49 <armabot> ivantis: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
00:49 <epsy> #disclaimer
00:49 <armabot> anti-online predator disclaimer: any sexual advances made by me upon anyone in this channel is to be considered a joke and not at all serious unless you are 18 years of age or older, female and hot.
00:49 <epsy> your mom
00:49 <Lucifer> #echo ivantis: that's not a useful quote, please don't put it in me
00:49 <armabot> ivantis: that's not a useful quote, please don't put it in me
00:50 <Pathetique> lulz
00:50 <Pathetique> That didn'
00:50 <Pathetique> t sound sexual at all
00:50 <epsy> nDid
00:53 <ivantis> well, i might have backups on my other computer
00:53 <ivantis> im checking right now
00:53 <Pathetique> woo
00:53 <ivantis> but they'll be out of date probly
00:57 <ivantis> im doing scp right now
00:58  * Pathetique sighs
00:59  * epsy counter-sighs
01:21 -!- Goodygumdrops [n=Goodygum@h9.167.40.69.dynamic.ip.windstream.net] has left #armagetron []
01:22 <ivantis> Pathetique: come to my server to see this thing i just made
01:31 <ivantis> #toast
01:31 <armabot> ivantis: There doesn't seem to be a server matching “space-lab” at the moment, sorry.
01:31 <ivantis> #toast
01:31 <armabot> ivantis: There doesn't seem to be a server matching “space-lab” at the moment, sorry.
01:33 <ivantis> #toast
01:33 <armabot> ivantis: There doesn't seem to be a server matching “space-lab” at the moment, sorry.
01:34 -!- xfroggy [n=xfroggy@adsl-163-231-96.mia.bellsouth.net] has quit []
01:55 <ivantis> #toast
01:55 <armabot> ivantis: There doesn't seem to be a server matching “space-lab” at the moment, sorry.
02:01 <Monkey_arma> hooray!
02:01 <ivantis> what?
02:02 <Monkey_arma> <armabot> ivantis: There doesn't seem to be a server matching “space-lab” at the moment, sorry.
02:02 <Monkey_arma> <
02:02 <Monkey_arma> woot
02:02 <ivantis> what?
02:02 <ivantis> i mean why?
02:04 <Monkey_arma> i am against all crazy servers and high rubber servers..dont take it personally
02:04 <ivantis> its not crazy
02:04 <ivantis> well, ima play MAME now
02:04 <epsy> Monkey_arma, that one is a high-latency server :o)
02:05 <ivantis> what does high-latency mean? high lag, or bad connection or something?
02:06 <epsy> yes, big lagzati0n
02:07 -!- Lizmatic [n=liiz_@ip56583146.direct-adsl.nl] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
02:18 <StickyNoob> is there a ctf tournament atm?
02:19 <Monkey_arma> you just missed it
02:19 <Monkey_arma> i think
02:19 <Monkey_arma> ctf shooting
02:19 <Monkey_arma> ..
02:20 <epsy> LOL
02:20 <StickyNoob> a shooting tournament?
02:21 <Monkey_arma> StickyNoob the correct answer was "oh shooting is crap i dont care"
02:21 <StickyNoob> ahh the elitism
02:22 <Monkey_arma> oO u play shooting?
02:22 <Monkey_arma> www.lagtest.net   ...enjoy
02:22 <StickyNoob> no
02:23 <epsy> ctf shooting sucks..
02:23 <Monkey_arma> s/anti-crap-serverism/elitism
02:23 <epsy> just blow a megashot and you have a giant hole in their def
02:25 <ivantis> #toast
02:25 <armabot> ivantis: There doesn't seem to be a server matching “space-lab” at the moment, sorry.
02:25 <StickyNoob> Monkey_arma fails at sed
02:26 <epsy> i always forget the trailing / as well
02:26 <epsy> :@
02:26 <Monkey_arma> s/elitism/anti-crap-serverism/
02:26 <Monkey_arma> it was vim btw
02:27 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has quit ["To hell with you."]
02:29 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@63-245-166-124.kitusa.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
02:46 <StickyNoob> ill admit sooting does totaly break the whole ctf dynamic since there is no way to defend witout keeping the camera spinning like a mad man as every person on the other team shoots at you
02:46 <StickyNoob> but hell if thats what the people like
02:52 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has joined #armagetron
03:01 -!- Pathetique [n=Pathetiq@adsl-99-149-86-134.dsl.wlfrct.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
03:12 <hoax> anyone
03:12 <hoax> want
03:12 <hoax> to
03:12 <hoax> play
03:12 <hoax> fort?
03:12 <hoax> [/2020]
03:12 <Monkey_arma> we already had eva today
03:12 <epsy> look at shoutbox hoaxy
03:12 <Monkey_arma> i guess you wont get enough people
03:13 <epsy> how come i got no mail about eva btw
03:13 <epsy> was registered & all
03:13 <hoax> so thats what freako wanted
03:14 <epsy> hoax, lol say it
03:14 <hoax> lmao
03:14 <StickyNoob> 2020???? where
03:15 <epsy> StickyNoob, extra-highlight words ftw?
03:15 <StickyNoob> i still miss that guy
03:15 <epsy> i do
03:15 <epsy> too
03:15 <Liza> hoax i want to play fort
03:16 <hoax> yeahh, see Liza is cool
03:16 <StickyNoob> #serverinfo fort
03:16 <armabot> StickyNoob: FlagFortress - CTF/Fortress Hybrid -: Players (0/10):
03:16 -!- tramshed [n=tramshed@got.r0ot.net] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
03:16 <epsy> no jumping and sexy noises making tonight hoaxy
03:16 <hoax> dont think so
03:16 <hoax> maybe later
03:16 <epsy> wsw crashes too much for me X_x
03:16 <StickyNoob> wsw?
03:16 <hoax> :X
03:16 <Liza> xD
03:17 <epsy> wzrszw
03:17 <epsy> er
03:17 <epsy> warsow
03:17 <Liza> what server are u on hoaxy
03:17 <hoax> (v) I need a weapon!
03:17 <epsy> (v) Hoaxy, come here!
03:17 <Liza> (v) Yeehaa!
03:17 <hoax> eds open fort?
03:17 <Monkey_arma> can we go to fort shooting please..i think sticky wont play unless there is shooting.
03:17 <hoax> :D
03:17 <Liza> ok
03:17 <hoax> rofl yeah cu there monk
03:17 <Liza> wtf is fort shooting?
03:18 <epsy> you shoot fortress zones
03:19 -!- tramshed [n=tramshed@got.r0ot.net] has joined #armagetron
03:21 <StickyNoob> wow 97mb install for warsow
03:27 <hoax> come fort
03:29 <hoax> we got 5 now
03:29 <akira_arma> fort
03:29 <akira_arma> ok ill be there soon
03:39 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@63-245-166-124.kitusa.com] has joined #armagetron
03:39 <ivantis> #toast
03:39 <armabot> ivantis: There doesn't seem to be a server matching “space-lab” at the moment, sorry.
03:45 -!- Lucifer_bed [n=satan@adsl-69-150-56-7.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #armagetron
03:45 <ivantis> #toast
03:45 <armabot> ivantis: There doesn't seem to be a server matching “space-lab” at the moment, sorry.
03:46 -!- Lucifer_bed [n=satan@adsl-69-150-56-7.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
03:46 <ivantis> #weather 66044
03:46 <armabot> ivantis: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 90.3°F (8:46 PM CDT on July 27, 2008). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 60%. Dew Point: 75.2°F. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005.0 hPa (Falling).
03:46 <ivantis> #toast
03:46 <armabot> ivantis: SPACE-LAB Shooting!: Players (0/8):
03:46 <ivantis> allright, its back
03:51 -!- ivantis is now known as ivantis_aways
05:15 -!- Monkey_arma [n=Monkey@unaffiliated/monkeyarma] has quit []
05:31 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-062-013.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #armagetron
05:37 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
05:38 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has joined #armagetron
05:38 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
05:39 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has joined #armagetron
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06:21 -!- Pathetique [n=Pathetiq@adsl-99-149-86-134.dsl.wlfrct.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
06:22 <Pathetique> #aka Stingray
06:22 <armabot> Pathetique: ¿10580 stingray
06:23 -!- Pathetique [n=Pathetiq@adsl-99-149-86-134.dsl.wlfrct.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Client Quit]
06:36 <Lucifer> let's have a million posts linking to the same video, that's a good idea
06:36 <Lucifer> wrtlprnft: ping
06:36 <Lucifer> #spam
06:37 <epsy> what would be that video
06:37 <Lucifer> epsy: looks like ivantis changed his name to "ivantis_aways"
06:37 <Lucifer> epsy: tr2n
06:37 <epsy> lol
06:37 <Lucifer> look at the forums, some other smeghead came along and linked us to a copy of the same video
06:37 <epsy> Lucifer, kick
06:37 <epsy> ill group it
06:38 -!- mode/#armagetron [+o Lucifer] by ChanServ
06:38 -!- ivantis_aways was kicked from #armagetron by Lucifer [Because you deserve to be kicked, in general, every time.]
06:38 -!- epsy is now known as ivantis_away_
06:38 -!- mode/#armagetron [-o Lucifer] by Lucifer
06:38 -!- ivantis_away_ is now known as ivantisaway
06:38 <Lucifer> it's "ivantis_aways" with the "s"
06:39 <ivantisaway> well you didn't kline him :P
06:39 <Lucifer> heh, how do I do that?
06:39 <Lucifer> I think you have to be a freenode god to do that
06:39 <Lucifer> at least, that's what the last freenode god told me
06:39 <ivantisaway> /server k-line ivantis_aways
06:39 -!- ivantisaway is now known as epsy
06:40 -!- mode/#armagetron [+o Lucifer] by ChanServ
06:40 <@Lucifer> [23:40] [Info] Looking for server k-line:0...
06:40 <@Lucifer> [23:40] [Error] Connection to Server k-line lost: name lookup has failed. Trying to reconnect.
06:40 <epsy> \o/
06:40 -!- mode/#armagetron [-o Lucifer] by Lucifer
06:40 <epsy> almost roflpwnt
06:40 <epsy> daymn
06:40 <Lucifer> maybe I'm a get pwnt
06:41 <Lucifer> you don't have a custom version string?  wtf is wrong with you?
06:41 <Lucifer> I guess they don't have those in Belgium
06:41 <epsy> i have
06:41 <Lucifer> ah, ok, that's better
06:41 <epsy> better dont try it if you're running a client from a VT
06:41 <Lucifer> why do I get something different when I do "/version" ?
06:42 <epsy> ?
06:42 <Lucifer> running from my desktop
06:42 <Lucifer> Konversation
06:42 <Lucifer> that's interesting
06:42 <Lucifer> [23:42] [351] hyperion-1.0.2b(382). heinlein.freenode.net iMZ dncrTS/v4
06:42 <Lucifer> that's on myself
06:42 <Lucifer> [23:41] [351] hyperion-1.0.2b(382). heinlein.freenode.net iMZ dncrTS/v4
06:42 <Lucifer> that's on you
06:42 <Lucifer> no difference
06:42 <Lucifer> that's typing "/version [name]"
06:42 <epsy>  /version generally maps to /ctcp $1 version
06:43 <epsy> yeah, damn that stupid thing, it always links to to america
06:43 <Lucifer> I don't see anything in Konversation settings
06:43 <epsy> should set it to ue
06:43 <Lucifer> can you give me a pointer, or do you not use konversation?
06:43 <epsy> i use xchat
06:43 <Lucifer> it may only give *me* the server I'm connected to, and I'm in america
06:44 <epsy> did you read heinlein's motd ? :P
06:44 <Lucifer> heh, I've got Flex, luke-jr, and Monkey_arma on my ignore list, that means I don't see anybody talking here, ever
06:45 <epsy> there's still ivanthing
06:45 <Lucifer> I've read it before, I just read it, anything in particular you wanted me to notice?
06:45 <epsy> not really
06:45  * epsy thinks about going to bed
06:45 <epsy> almost 7am ew
06:45 <Lucifer> too late, staay up
06:46 <epsy> lol
06:46  * Lucifer is thinking about going to bed too, which is bad for any european who's also thinking of going to bed
06:46 <epsy> im forgetting what i was going to code
06:46 <epsy> "tomorrow"
06:46 <Lucifer> I was actually going to ping zman just to annoy him over that new post linking to the same old FUCKING trailer we've already seen
06:46 <Lucifer> I was going to work on my alarm clock
06:46 <Lucifer> aka my alarm cock
06:46 <Lucifer> heh
06:47 -!- hoax_ [n=hoax@dyn-62-56-114-156.dslaccess.co.uk] has joined #armagetron
06:47 <Lucifer> so yesterday, I noticed my alarm clock didn't go off, and I asked my wife, and she didn't know anything about it
06:47 <Lucifer> it hasn't gone off in several weeks
06:47 <Lucifer> last night, before I went to bed, I looked at it and saw it wasn't set for Saturday and Sunday
06:47 <Lucifer> so I set it, and today I woke up with my alarm
06:47 <Lucifer> my wife was freaked out, she's not used to me being awake at 9am
06:48 <Lucifer> (my alarm clock is configurable by day of week, so it's been going off during the week just fine, just not on the weekends)
06:48 <Lucifer> so today I decided to start serious work porting my alarm clock to c++
06:48 <Lucifer> which should make it easier to fix all the little stupid problems that have come up over the years
06:48 <epsy> my problem is that i dont *hear* my alarm
06:48 <Lucifer> this is one port that wasn't just arbitrarily decided upon, it was definitely weighed against cons
06:48 <Lucifer> I have that problem too!
06:49 <Lucifer> during the week, that is
06:49 <epsy> haha
06:49 <Lucifer> see, my alarm clock is a program on my computer, so it's a little different than a clock/alarm
06:49  * hoax_ imune to alarms
06:49 <epsy> the only tracks that make me wake up are those that i dont want to hear
06:49 <Lucifer> but it's a python program, which means I've had *serious* problems with it
06:49 <epsy> coincidence eh?
06:49 <Lucifer> then those are the tracks it shoudl play every day
06:49 <epsy> program on my phone
06:49 <epsy> yeah
06:50 <Lucifer> I used to have mine set to a country radio station, back before I had my own program to do it
06:50 <Lucifer> that worked for about a month, then I adapted and slept through it
06:50  * epsy needs to test his pwn-over-bluetooth program
06:50 <Lucifer> the whole point of having my own program is that it's supposed to adapt, but I've spent so much time dealing with cross-platform issues that I haven't written any of the code that makes it adapt,
06:50 <epsy> lol
06:50 <Lucifer> or log sleeping habits, report/study songs that work, etc
06:50 <Lucifer> it's really frustrating
06:51 <Lucifer> so python is this god-send to cross-platform developers
06:51 <Lucifer> FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06:51 <Lucifer> no way!!!!!!!!!
06:51 <Lucifer> I've lost more hours of sleep on my alarm clock than I've gained!
06:51 <Lucifer> so I'm rewriting it in C++
06:51 <Lucifer> this is the end of it, it's going to be in C++, and anybody who doesn't like it can lick my balls
06:51 <epsy> you are likely to loose sleep when setting up a clock alarm
06:52 <Lucifer> I have actually fought cross-platform issues in python for so long that I'm actually willing to switch most of my programming over to C++ just to avoid that
06:52 <Lucifer> that speaks volumes about python
06:52 -!- Liza [n=Liza@p5B25E52F.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit ["Verlassend"]
06:52 <epsy> lol
06:52 <Lucifer> or my miniscule programming ability, one of the two
06:53 <Lucifer> I hope luke's not awake
06:53 <Lucifer> hmmm, I'm drunk enough to play some freeciv
06:53 <Lucifer> for like 20 minutes :)
06:53 <epsy> heh
06:53 <Lucifer> hey epsy, have you gotten in on any of the freeciv games yet?
06:53 <epsy> no
06:53 <epsy> bores me
06:54 <Lucifer> hang around, maybe I'll see what we can get during the intercession
06:54 <epsy> hmm
06:54 <epsy> ill bbl some hours
06:54 <Lucifer> freeciv can't possibly bore you when the prospect of nuking luke-jr lurks just around the corner
06:54 <Lucifer> have a good night's sleep :)
06:54 <epsy> ty
06:54 <luke-jr> yeah
06:54 <luke-jr> nuking me has GOT to be fun
06:54 <epsy> already fully blue sky ew
06:54 <epsy> hah
06:54 <Lucifer> that sucks
06:54 <Lucifer> need some wine?
06:54 <epsy> nah
06:54  * hoax_ nukes luke-jr
06:55  * hoax_ confiscates Lucifer's wine
06:55 <Lucifer> heh
06:55 <epsy> need to write down that eEvent stuff, too
06:55 <Lucifer> if he knew it tasted like chardonnay, he wouldn't be in such a hurry to confiscate it
06:55 <Lucifer> eEvent?  Do we have an event manager now?
06:55 <epsy> i feel like its loosing time to document it on the wiki before coding it
06:55 <epsy> Lucifer, er, we have a concept
06:55 <Lucifer> that's going to hurt talking about it, though.  "eEvent.  IT sounds just like EEVENT, only different."
06:55 <hoax_> Lucifer you a wine connoisseur or an alcoholic?
06:56 <Lucifer> hoax_: home wine maker?
06:56 <Lucifer> epsy: we've had a concept for some time, even a construction area
06:56 <hoax_> home brew eh :D
06:56 <Lucifer> hoax_: is there any other kind?  ;)
06:56  * Lucifer is hungry
06:56 <epsy> i've read your stuff about that
06:56 <hoax_> is it not illegal then?
06:56 <epsy> didn't really look for anything else yet
06:57 <Lucifer> epsy: see, I've actually written some code, it's in both 0.2.8 and the trunk, I think
06:57 <hoax_> under a certain %
06:57 <Lucifer> there's en EventManager, but I don't remember what it's called right off
06:57 <Lucifer> I even wrote some basic code to manage events
06:57 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
06:57 <epsy> would it be wise to base it on tOutput?
06:57 <Lucifer> not enough to run with it, but something to build on, anyway
06:57 -!- hoax_ is now known as hoax
06:57 <Lucifer> no
06:57 <epsy> ok
06:57 <Lucifer> you need to have all input, including net events, route through the event manager
06:57 <epsy> i hopefully forgot about that idea
06:58 <Lucifer> so that game objects don't have to know where the input came from, just that it arrived
06:58 <epsy> so it's not really object orented?
06:58 <Lucifer> hoax: I think the limit here is 20%
06:58 <hoax> wow
06:58 <hoax> ^^
06:58 <Lucifer> epsy: it is, but it's a top-level object, so it can be hard to tell if it's OO or not
06:58 <epsy> heh
06:58 <epsy> mine is a bit more OO
06:59 <Lucifer> epsy: to be honest, what I put in is so basic that if you prefer to write it off and start from scracth, there will be no hurt feelings
06:59 <epsy> ok
06:59 <Lucifer> so long as you at least look at it, steal what you want, trash what sucks (even if that's all of it), etc.
06:59 <epsy> well feel free to look at EEvent on the wiki
06:59 <epsy> it's in engine right?
06:59 <Lucifer> to be honest, it might be in tools, heh
06:59 <epsy> O_o
07:00 <Lucifer> it's been so long, I'd have to really look at it.  It's a construction site, so it currently does nothing, and probably doesn't even get compiled
07:00 <epsy> do you have any clue on vVaue btw?
07:00 <Lucifer> it was supposed to be "this is the basic idea", with the hope that someone would come along and rewrite it in a way that actually made sense
07:00 <Lucifer> vValue can be backed out as far as needed, luke-jr never finished it, is probably never going to finish it, and we've got at least 2 other solutions in line to take over
07:01 <Lucifer> so as long as you back it out without breaking anything, you're free to go off on it
07:01 <epsy> has nothing to do with events but i seen someone write this command in another game
07:01 <epsy> !ban someone 1w2d
07:01 <epsy> as in one week two days
07:01 <Lucifer> does vValue actually handle that?
07:01 <epsy> idk, i'd think it would be the right thing to handle that
07:01 <Lucifer> I'd be surprised, last time I heard, luke was bitching that c++ didn't support features he needed to make it work
07:01 <Lucifer> it is, but see, it's like this
07:01 <epsy> lol
07:02 <Lucifer> consider the size of a zone
07:02 <Lucifer> let's say for the moment that the size of a zone is given by the function sin(gametime)
07:02 <Lucifer> *that's* what vValue is supposed to add, the ability to parse and interpret mathematical functions
07:02 <epsy> but not expression parsing in general?
07:02 <Lucifer> so maybe it handles the 1w2d case, I don't know
07:03 <epsy> i guess it doesnt yet
07:03 <Lucifer> it's supposed to be expression parsing as a mathematical function, but we got into a big argument over what that meant, even
07:03 <epsy> wondering if it would be the right place to do that
07:03 <Lucifer> I suspect not, vValue should store the total time
07:03 <epsy> hm, could make that more modular
07:04 <Lucifer> the command line parser should parse the 1w3d thing
07:04 <Lucifer> indeed, even the command line parser could be more modular
07:04 <epsy> like, you could load a different vValueParser at will
07:04 <Lucifer> well, it's complicated
07:04 <Lucifer> consider the case where we have both scripting and our own vValue parser
07:04 <Lucifer> which do you choose for a given expression?
07:04 <epsy> so you exchange the math parser vs human ui parser
07:04 <epsy> or w/e
07:05 <epsy> yeah :/
07:05 <Lucifer> ideally, you'd do the human ui parsing early, before the data even hits vValue
07:05 <epsy> ideally? :/
07:05 <Lucifer> so, last I heard, the consensus was to either let the scripting engine handle it, or to use the math library that's in bzr right now
07:06 <epsy> basically i want to do with it, ok, this is a time length, now i want it as minutes
07:06 <Lucifer> I'm happy to let the resource that uses expression parsing to signal what it should use to parse a given expression
07:06 <Lucifer> I think that's outside of vValue
07:06 <Lucifer> have you done any Qt programming, by any chance?
07:06 <epsy> hm
07:06 <epsy> no
07:06 <Lucifer> Qt has a neato class, lemme dig it up
07:07 <Lucifer> http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/qvariant.html
07:07 <Lucifer> that class is essentially what wrtlprnft created for the cockpit, only I think we predated Qt by a few months
07:07 <epsy> heh
07:08 <Lucifer> so what you want is something like a tDateTime that can represent itself as a string with a given format, or a default format if nothing is given
07:08 <epsy> otherwise arma would now include qt? :P
07:08 <Lucifer> heh :)
07:08 <Lucifer> we've taken a step back if we depend on Qt ;)
07:08 <epsy> indeed
07:08 <Lucifer> we're so cutting edge, nobody's even noticed it yet
07:08 <Lucifer> (that's not entirely a joke, either)
07:08 <epsy> :O
07:09 <epsy> nah, we still dont have a correct handling of polls, game modes, scoreboards etc :)
07:09 <Lucifer> but you ahve to go to bed, the sun's rising in your part of the world
07:09 <Lucifer> ah, we'll get to that stuff ;)
07:09 <epsy> yes heh
07:10 <epsy> thought about an useful use of css with scoretables :P
07:10 <epsy> nighty
07:10 -!- epsy [n=epsy@mar75-4-82-227-65-72.fbx.proxad.net] has quit [".. but he will be back!"]
07:19 <luke-jr> so I saw Google's link that says "Dissatisfied? Help us improve"
07:19 <luke-jr> seemed appropriate
07:20 <luke-jr> so I submitted: "I am looking for information on a PCI card that has the M/N of DVR2000B. Google did not find anything. ☹("
07:20 <luke-jr> Google fail
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15:28 <eddiefantastic> z-man-work: you around?
15:28 <z-man-work> Yep
15:29 <z-man-work> Thanks for taking over the server yesterday.
15:29 <eddiefantastic> np
15:29 <z-man-work> Stupid new fashion of turning PCs off here :)
15:30 <eddiefantastic> if I want to kick a player by the name of "6", wouldn't it kick the player with id 6? I would have to kick him via his id of say 4
15:30 <eddiefantastic> if I "kick 6" that is
15:30 <z-man-work> Heh, that's the problem I'm having with these things, too.
15:30 <eddiefantastic> let me start again :S
15:30 <eddiefantastic> ok, I think you get it then
15:31 <z-man-work> I'd advocate separate commands for the two actions, so you can explicitly say whether you want to have someone kicked by name or ID.
15:33 <eddiefantastic> ok thx, as long as I know there isn't a simple solution
15:36 -!- ct|kyle [n=kyle@pool-71-97-143-186.aubnin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
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16:08 -!- Bougo is now known as MrBougo
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16:35 -!- epsy [n=epsy@mar75-4-82-227-65-72.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
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16:40 -!- ivantis [n=ivantis@63-245-166-124.kitusa.com] has joined #armagetron
16:41 <ivantis> heyheyhey! why did you kick me?
16:41 <ivantis> i just got up
16:42 -!- Liza [n=Liza@p5B25E20E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #armagetron
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17:18 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has joined #armagetron
17:25 -!- Lucifer [n=satan@adsl-69-150-56-7.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #armagetron
17:34 <ivantis> Lucifer: why did you kick me?
17:34 -!- z-man [n=manuel@] has joined #armagetron
17:36 -!- samsoffes [n=samsoffe@] has joined #armagetron
17:37 <Lucifer> epsy made me do it!
17:38 <StickyNoob> if epsy told you to jump off a clif...
17:38 <Lucifer> YES I WOULD!
17:39 <ivantis> #toast
17:39 <Lucifer> but you can't equate the two.  kicking ivantis is nothing at all like jumping off a cliff
17:39 <armabot> ivantis: SPACE-LAB Shooting!: Players (0/8):
17:39 <ivantis> anyway
17:39 <ivantis> guess what mame game im playing right now?
17:39 <Lucifer> xybots
17:39 <ivantis> no
17:40 <StickyNoob> tidilywinks
17:40 <ivantis> War of the bugs (or monstrous maneouvers in a mushroom maze)
17:40 <ivantis> like milipede
17:42 <ivantis> aw, i died
17:43 <ivantis> ok, ill try your xybots game. where do you download it?
17:45 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p5087253E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
17:45 <ivantis> found it
17:45 <ivantis> this game looks really familiar
17:46 <ivantis> the opening screen
17:46 -!- z-man [n=manuel@] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
17:47 <ivantis> oh, Lucifer: have you watched "King of Kong"?
17:47 <ivantis> they talk about this game in it, or a similar one
17:48 -!- Monkey_arma [n=Monkey@unaffiliated/monkeyarma] has joined #armagetron
17:54 -!- Liza [n=Liza@p5B25E20E.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:55 -!- Liza [n=Liza@p5B25E20E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #armagetron
18:00 <ivantis> #toast
18:00 <armabot> ivantis: There doesn't seem to be a server matching “space-lab” at the moment, sorry.
18:05 -!- intgr [n=ack@2001:470:1f0a:17a:0:0:0:10] has joined #armagetron
18:05 <intgr> Hi!
18:05 <ivantis> hi
18:06 <intgr> For some reason, the Internet game isn't working out for me; after I connect to a server, I can play for about 5 minutes or so, and then suddenly everyone freezes as if no packets were going through anymore
18:07 <intgr> I'm on Windows XP with no 3rd party firewalls.
18:07 <ivantis> huh
18:07 <intgr> Well, they don't freeze, they continue along the path they were heading until they hit a wall, then they freeze
18:08 <intgr> And this happens on several different servers.
18:08 <ivantis> you know, that used to happen on my moms work computer, windows XP will block the internet to it because it thinks its a virus or something
18:08 <ivantis> see if it says "Windows has blocked some features of this program" or something
18:08 <intgr> No it doesn't.
18:09 <ivantis> and yeah, when the other players look like that, it means you were disconnected
18:09 <intgr> It asked whether I want to unblock it from the firewall once
18:09 <ct|kyle> intgr: did you unblock?
18:09 <intgr> Yes
18:09 <ivantis> go to my server, ill look at it
18:09 <ct|kyle> ok
18:09 <intgr> Maybe I should try without the firewall.
18:09 <intgr> ivantis: Which server is that?
18:09 <ct|kyle> no that should be fine
18:09 <ivantis> SPACE-LAB Shooting
18:09 <intgr> In the global server list?
18:09 <ivantis> yeah
18:10 <intgr> Ok, I'll be there
18:10 <ct|kyle> i'll come :D
18:10 <ct|kyle> i wanna try it
18:10 <ivantis> you oughta see the new thing i added
18:11 <Monkey_arma> intgr his server sucks
18:12 -!- Monkey_arma [n=Monkey@unaffiliated/monkeyarma] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:12 -!- Monkey_arma [n=Monkey@unaffiliated/monkeyarma] has joined #armagetron
18:13 <intgr> ivantis: There, I was disconnected
18:13 <epsy> log?
18:13 <ivantis> yeah, i see it
18:13 <ivantis> ill look at the log
18:14 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has joined #armagetron
18:16 <epsy> intgr, norton?
18:19 <intgr> epsy: No, no 3rd party antivirueses/firewalls
18:19 <epsy> ah ok
18:19 <intgr> Well this time it connected again, somewhy
18:19 <epsy> os?
18:19 <intgr> Windows XP
18:20 <epsy> what happens if you turn off the firewall?
18:20 <ivantis> intgr: the reason you reconnected is because my server has really really nice packet settings, it can take 8 hours for 2 packets
18:20 <epsy> are you behind a router? is your connection working over wifi?
18:20 <intgr> Behind a NAT yes, wifi no.
18:21 <ivantis> yes, routers sometimes cause problems
18:21 <epsy> er, maybe try on another server than ivantis's
18:21 <epsy> what router
18:21 <ivantis> put the computer in DMZ on the router setup
18:21 <ivantis> or unblock whatever the ports are
18:21 <ivantis> i forget
18:21 <intgr> Some Eicon Shiva VPN router. :)
18:21 <intgr> I can't, I'm at my work
18:21 <ivantis> ooh, prickly
18:22 <ivantis> well, this will be an issue
18:22 <intgr> Also, sometimes the server list takes forever to fetch.
18:23 <ivantis> well, how fast is the internet at your work? http://internetfrog.com/mypc/speedtest
18:23 <intgr> 4 Mbit/s down, 768 kbit/s up
18:24 <epsy> i dont find much trouble shooting with this router
18:24 <epsy> if i understand correctly, you're playing for work?
18:24 <intgr> from work, yes
18:24 <ct|kyle> ivantis: for shooting servers that lives hack is ok but most servers i don't think it would work too well
18:24 <epsy> they are just blocking udp traffic lasting more than n seconds i'd say
18:25 <intgr> Well, got to fire up Wireshark.
18:25 <ivantis> its because how routers work: they will send requests from a server to the computer that called it originally, but it just times out after a while
18:25 <ivantis> hard to explain
18:26 <intgr> Yeah, the NAT mapping. No, that would be broken router firmware if it timed out a connection so fast.
18:26 <ivantis> ct|kyle: yeah, i really just wanted to use it for my server
18:26 <epsy> intgr, does other games work?
18:26 <intgr> Sure, I've played ET for example.
18:26 <epsy> no lag nor anything?
18:27 <intgr> Nah; although I played in local servers.
18:27 <intgr> Is Armagetron just picky about packet loss?
18:27 <epsy> ah, did you play online?
18:27 <intgr> Yes
18:27 <intgr> But the server was in the same city
18:27 <epsy> i mean online as in with servers out of the office
18:27 <ct|kyle> ivantis: did you ever play my shooting server?
18:27 <ivantis> no, whats it called?
18:27 <epsy> ivantis, what about mine? :P
18:28 <ivantis> whats it called?
18:28 <epsy> it was called kowsklan shooting or w/e
18:28 <ct|kyle> ivantis: i forget what i called it it was only up for a few days
18:28 <epsy> down
18:28 <ct|kyle> epsy: yours was fun but laggy :D
18:28 -!- Lackadaisical [n=lckdscl@ip202-29-210-87.adsl2.static.versatel.nl] has joined #armagetron
18:28 <epsy> one of the maps was one of yours kyle i remember
18:28 <ivantis> i think i saw yours a couple times epsy, ct|kyle: that doesnt really help
18:28 <ct|kyle> ya
18:29 <ivantis> i ought to make mine a map rotation server
18:29 -!- K-Yo1 [n=K-Yo@35.Red-217-127-84.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #armagetron
18:29 <epsy> it was one
18:29 <ivantis> good idea eh?
18:29 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:29 <epsy> erm right
18:29 <intgr> Wow, Wireshark even has an Armagetron protocol dissecter.
18:29 -!- K-Yo1 is now known as K-Yo
18:29 <epsy> :O
18:30 <ivantis> srsly?
18:30 <ct|kyle> ivantis: http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/map-previews/preview-31398.png  was the map
18:30 <ivantis> oh man thats huge
18:31 <ct|kyle> teleportation zones
18:31 -!- MaZuffeR [n=mazuffer@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has joined #armagetron
18:31 <epsy> oh yeah that
18:31 <ct|kyle> i should see if i still have the stuff
18:31 <epsy> i still have that stuff
18:31 <epsy> it's just that the server binary is fucked up
18:32 <ivantis> aw
18:32 <epsy> idk if it will work
18:32 <ct|kyle> there was 1 bug though, if you transported your zombie died
18:32 <ivantis> i had to restore my servers settings from an out of date backup yesterday
18:32 <epsy> the biggest problem is that i even forgot how to start it
18:32 <ivantis> transported??
18:32 <ivantis> what?
18:32 <epsy> teleported
18:32 <ct|kyle> the zones are teleporters
18:32 <ivantis> how?
18:33 <ivantis> what?
18:33 <ivantis> i never heard of this
18:33 <ct|kyle> lemmm set it up for a few minutes if i can find it
18:33 <ivantis> how does teleporting work?
18:33 <epsy> type ZOMGHAXX24627 in console(or in settings) and you will be able to use tzeleporter zones in your maps
18:33 <ivantis> baloney
18:33 <ivantis> srsly?
18:34 <epsy> yarly
18:34 <ct|kyle> ivantis: ya target zones
18:34 <ct|kyle> kill command and respawn_player
18:35 <ivantis> ok so how?
18:35 <ct|kyle> i found it :)
18:36 <ivantis> hold on
18:39 <ct|kyle> ivantis: http://rafb.net/p/JkjNN956.html
18:40 <ct|kyle> i was actually trying to make lives with the script, but i aborted it after a while
18:40 <ivantis> awesome
18:40 <ct|kyle> i removed that part of code
18:40 <intgr> <ivantis> srsly?
18:40 <intgr> Yes
18:41 <epsy> i think it works
18:41 <intgr> Crashed again, can't see anything obvious from the packet capture.
18:41 <intgr> I'll go home and try from there.
18:42 <intgr> The last packet is sent from the server, my end just sends no responses.
18:42 <intgr> And the server doesn't attempt to retransmit either (!)
18:43 <intgr> Oh wait, the capture was limited to 1MB
18:43 <intgr> Never mind
18:47 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@35.Red-217-127-84.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:48  * ivantis is working on lives messages
18:49 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has joined #armagetron
18:49 <ivantis> hmm, didnt work
18:50 <ivantis> oh, i see.
18:51 <ivantis> in C++, is == mean testing equality right?
18:51 <ivantis> like
18:51 <ct|kyle> ivantis: ya
18:51 <ivantis> ok good
18:51 <epsy> heh :D
18:51 <ct|kyle> lol
18:54 <ct|kyle> ivantis:
18:54 <ct|kyle> .si kyle
18:54 -!- sebol [n=sebol@efo2.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #armagetron
18:54 <ivantis> what?
18:55 <ivantis> ???????
18:55 <ct|kyle> ivantis: nm i forgot i error
18:55 <epsy> #sd shooting
18:55 <armabot> epsy: Wild West  =CTF Shooting=: Players (6/10): Hìppíe, inVert, Monkey.D.Luffy, Neo_The_Real_1, Råt¢hêt, `Ww JimDaAsian
18:55 <epsy> onoz
18:55 <ct|kyle> #si kyle
18:55 <epsy> #sd kows
18:55 <armabot> ct|kyle: Kyle Shooting test: Players (1/12): ct¤ky13
18:55 <armabot> epsy: thekowsklan shooting: Players (0/8):
18:55 <ivantis> hey theyre up!
18:57 <ivantis> i needed to change resource repository client
18:57 <epsy> not on mine :D
18:58 -!- sebol [n=sebol@efo2.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:59 <ct|kyle> ivantis: on mine works now :D
18:59 <epsy> not on mine :D
18:59 <epsy> #sd kows
18:59 <armabot> epsy: thekowsklan shooting: Players (2/8): ivantis, ¦×¦epsy
18:59 <epsy> roflpwnt :D
19:00 <epsy> damn i was charging for a mega shot
19:07 -!- G5 [n=G5@p5796288B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #Armagetron
19:10 -!- Pathetique [n=Pathetiq@adsl-99-149-86-134.dsl.wlfrct.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
19:10 <Pathetique> greetings :)
19:10 <ivantis> Pathetique you gotta try the teleport thing, go to the server im at
19:11  * Pathetique just got MySQL and is going to try and make a database for statistics on the dbd server
19:21 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:22 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has joined #armagetron
19:23 -!- G5_ [n=G5@p5796288B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #Armagetron
19:23 -!- G5 [n=G5@p5796288B.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:36 <ivantis> ct|kyle
19:36 <ivantis> hey
19:36 <ct|kyle> ivantis:
19:36 <ivantis> have you ever worked with dtds for maps?
19:36 <ct|kyle> nope
19:36 <ivantis> i want to know how to add a zone type
19:36 <ivantis> ok, nvm then
19:37 <ivantis> target is a zone type in sty+ct?
19:37 <ivantis> right?
19:37 <ct|kyle> yes
19:37 <ivantis> good
19:38 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:39 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has joined #armagetron
19:47 <ivantis> ok kyle, im gonna compile what i think will do the teleporting stuff soon
19:47 <ivantis> almost finished
19:47 <ct|kyle> ok
19:48 -!- G5 [n=G5@p5796288A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #Armagetron
19:48 <Lucifer> http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/07/28/church.shooting/?iref=mpstoryview  <--- because american fanatics *never* do anything like a suicide bombing
19:50 <ivantis> aw, problem
19:50 <ivantis> some things for spawning were not declared in its scope
19:51 -!- aa_voodoo [n=erollet@def92-6-82-230-4-2.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
19:56 -!- G5_ [n=G5@p5796288B.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:58 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:59 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has joined #armagetron
20:10 <ivantis> Lucifer: youre a good programmer and somewhat familiar with armagetron source right? i need some help with something
20:11 <ct|kyle> ivantis: don't you think luke-jr would be much better help :D
20:11 <ivantis> whatever
20:12 <ivantis> luke-jr: what i just said to Lcuifer
20:12 <ct|kyle> LOL
20:12 <ct|kyle> you said nothing to Lcuifer
20:12 <epsy> indeed
20:13 <ct|kyle> epsy: may no too
20:13 <ct|kyle> know*
20:13 <ivantis> ok, epsy:
20:13 <ivantis> help me plz!
20:14 <epsy> what?
20:14 <epsy> erm
20:14 <epsy> don't ask to ask, just ask
20:14 <ivantis> i need to know where the variable "p" is declared in gGame.cpp
20:14 <epsy> :|
20:15 <epsy> what function
20:15 <ivantis> wait, no i don't
20:15 <ivantis> different problem
20:15 <ivantis> ill pastebin it
20:15 <epsy> nah
20:15 <ivantis> ok
20:15 <ivantis> tron/gWinZone.cpp:4657: error: prototype for ‘void gTargetZoneHack::OnEnter(gCycle*, REAL, gArena&)’ does not match any in class ‘gTargetZoneHack’
20:15 <ivantis> tron/gWinZone.h:484: error: candidate is: virtual void gTargetZoneHack::OnEnter(gCycle*, REAL)
20:15 <ivantis> make[3]: *** [libtron_a-gWinZone.o] Error 1
20:15 <ivantis> thats what i get when i do make
20:15 <epsy> you forgot to put it in the .h
20:15 <ivantis> .h?
20:16 <epsy> er
20:16 <ivantis> what does that error mean?
20:16 <ivantis> thats all i need to fix
20:16 <epsy> it's void gTargetZoneHack::OnEnter(gCycle*, REAL, gArena&) vs void gTargetZoneHack::OnEnter(gCycle*, REAL)
20:16 <epsy> not the correct type at arg #2
20:17 <ivantis> so what do i need to do?
20:17 <ivantis> sorry if i sound noobish
20:17 <epsy> give a correct garbage to OnEnter?
20:17 <ivantis> like how?
20:17 <epsy> OnEnter only takes garbage of type gCycle and REAL
20:18 <epsy> oh
20:18 <ivantis> so what do i need to change?
20:18 <epsy> er you forgot to rename void gTargetZoneHack::OnEnter(gCycle*, REAL) to void gTargetZoneHack::OnEnter(gCycle*, REAL, gArena&)
20:18 <ivantis> ok
20:18 <epsy> or you're mixing up 0.2.8 and trunk code, idk
20:19 <ivantis> it still gives an error
20:19 <ivantis> hold on
20:20 <ivantis> ok, it says "target" and "arena" were not declared in this scope
20:20 <ivantis> what do i do now?
20:22 <epsy> er
20:22 <epsy> full error please?
20:22 <ivantis> k
20:22 <ivantis> tron/gWinZone.cpp:4657: error: prototype for ‘void gTargetZoneHack::OnEnter(gCycle*, REAL, gArena&)’ does not match any in class ‘gTargetZoneHack’
20:22 <ivantis> tron/gWinZone.h:484: error: candidate is: virtual void gTargetZoneHack::OnEnter(gCycle*, REAL)
20:22 <ivantis> tron/gWinZone.cpp: In member function ‘void gTargetZoneHack::OnEnter(gCycle*, REAL, gArena&)’:
20:22 <ivantis> tron/gWinZone.cpp:4661: error: ‘target’ was not declared in this scope
20:22 <ivantis> tron/gWinZone.cpp:4671: error: ‘target’ was not declared in this scope
20:22 <ivantis> tron/gWinZone.cpp:4684: error: ‘target’ was not declared in this scope
20:22 <ivantis> tron/gWinZone.cpp:4707: error: ‘target’ was not declared in this scope
20:22 <ivantis> tron/gWinZone.cpp:4740: error: ‘arena’ was not declared in this scope
20:22 <ivantis> make[3]: *** [libtron_a-gWinZone.o] Error 1
20:23 <epsy> i need a stuid function name, but less stupid than seKickPeople()
20:23 <epsy> se_KickPeople()*
20:23 <ivantis> what?
20:23 -!- eddiefantastic [n=ed@eddie.plantpeanuts.co.uk] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:23 -!- eddiefantastic [n=ed@eddie.plantpeanuts.co.uk] has joined #armagetron
20:24 <epsy> i dont know your code
20:24 <epsy> cant help with that
20:24 <ivantis> ok
20:24 <ivantis> ill just figure it out
20:24 <epsy> probably didnt declare your vars, or its a typo or w/e
20:24 <ct|kyle> se_epsyisan00b() will work
20:24 <epsy> hmm
20:24 <epsy> isnt descriptive enough
20:24 <epsy> obfuscated
20:25 <ct|kyle> no it is the gArena& is not in the header or in any other calls
20:25 <epsy> yes
20:25 <epsy> i was talking about the not declared in score msgs
20:25 <ct|kyle> se_epsy_wants_to _kill_you_now_*****
20:31 <ivantis> ok, now i need help: i got all the errors worked out cept for this one:
20:31 <ivantis> this is the error:
20:31 <ivantis> tron/gWinZone.cpp:4657: error: prototype for ‘void gTargetZoneHack::OnEnter(gCycle*, REAL, gArena&)’ does not match any in class ‘gTargetZoneHack’
20:31 <ivantis> tron/gWinZone.h:484: error: candidate is: virtual void gTargetZoneHack::OnEnter(gCycle*, REAL)
20:31 <epsy> tron/gWinZone.cpp:4684: error: ZOMGITDUZNTWURK
20:31 <ivantis> and this is my code
20:32 <epsy> <ct|kyle> no it is the gArena& is not in the header or in any other calls
20:32 <ivantis> void gTargetZoneHack::OnEnter(gCycle * target, REAL time, gArena & arena )
20:32 <ivantis> oh yah
20:32 <epsy> you didn't change the line in the .h
20:32 <ivantis> oh
20:32 <ivantis> oh now i get it
20:32 <ivantis> what do i change it to?
20:32 <epsy> change it to match what you've changed it to
20:33 <ivantis> all right, i get it now
20:34 <ivantis> now it says:
20:34 <ivantis> In file included from engine/ePlayer.cpp:59:
20:34 <ivantis> engine/../tron/gWinZone.h:484: error: ‘gArena’ has not been declared
20:34 <ivantis> make[3]: *** [libengine_a-ePlayer.o] Error 1
20:34 <ivantis> what do i do?
20:34 <epsy> #include "gArena.h "?
20:34 <ivantis> in what?
20:34 <epsy> beginning
20:35 <epsy> well it depends on the line
20:35 <epsy> idk
20:35 <ivantis> of .h or .cpp?
20:35 <epsy> <ivantis> engine/../tron/gWinZone.h:484: error: ‘gArena’ has not been declared
20:35 <ivantis> right right right
20:35 <epsy> whats at line 484
20:35 <ivantis> idk
20:35 <ivantis> hold on
20:36 <ivantis> yay i think it worked now
20:36 <epsy> brb dinnar
20:41 <ivantis> well, it didnt work
20:41 <ivantis> but i g2g
20:41 <ivantis> ill work on it tomorow
20:41 -!- Flex [i=Flex@unaffiliated/flex] has quit [Excess Flood]
20:41 -!- ivantis is now known as ivantis_awya
20:42 <ct|kyle> #dict awya
20:42 <armabot> ct|kyle: No definition for "awya" could be found.
20:47 -!- ivantis_awya is now known as ivantis
20:47 <ivantis> back
20:47 <ivantis> #dict away
20:47 <armabot> ivantis: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: moby-thes: 106 Moby Thesaurus words for "away": a rebours, a reculons, absconded, absent, afar, against the grain, aloof, anticlockwise, apart, arear, aside, ass-backwards, astern, asunder, at a distance, at once, back, backward, backwards, counterclockwise, deleted, departed, directly, disappeared, distal, distant, distantly, elsewhere, (12 more messages)
20:48 <ivantis> fjslkd
20:58 -!- ivantis is now known as ivantis_awya
20:59 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:00 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has joined #armagetron
21:02 <Monkey_arma> #ls Monkey
21:02 <armabot> Monkey_arma: Monkey17 has last been seen on  Wild West  =Capture The Flag= 1 minute ago.
21:02 <Monkey_arma> ..
21:02 <Monkey_arma> !
21:04 <Pathetique> lulz
21:04 <K-Yo> #ls k-yo
21:04 <armabot> K-Yo: cT¤K-Yo seems to be on Eddie's Armathenticating Fortress right now.
21:04 <Pathetique> I find it funny how ivantis can write C++ but has no clue how to actually write it.
21:04 <K-Yo> :)
21:05 <Pathetique> Pathetique seems to be trying to install phpMyAdmin on his computer.
21:05 <ct|kyle> lol
21:05 <aa_voodoo> how is it going ?
21:05 <Pathetique> lol
21:05 <Pathetique> I'm trying tor ead the quick install.
21:05 <ct|kyle> #quote add Pathetique: I find it funny how ivantis can write C++ but has no clue how to actually write it.
21:05 <armabot> ct|kyle: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
21:05 <ct|kyle> err
21:05 <Pathetique> LOL
21:05 <Pathetique> kyle, do #whoami
21:06 <ct|kyle> i know i forget my password with armabot LOL
21:06 <Pathetique> lol
21:07 -!- Liza [n=Liza@p5B25E20E.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:07 <ct|kyle> #quote add Pathetique: I find it funny how ivantis can write C++ but has no clue how to actually write it.
21:07 <armabot> ct|kyle: The operation succeeded.  Quote #74 added.
21:07 <ct|kyle> :D maybe not
21:07 <Pathetique> How do you get a password with armabot?
21:08 <ct|kyle>  /msg armabot REGISTER
21:08 <K-Yo> # register
21:08 <armabot> K-Yo: Error: That operation cannot be done in a channel.
21:08 <ct|kyle> and armabot will explain
21:08 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has left #armagetron []
21:09 -!- Liza [n=Liza@p5B25E20E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #armagetron
21:09 <Pathetique> lulz
21:09 <Pathetique> #whoami
21:09 <armabot> Pathetique: Pathetique
21:09 <Pathetique> yaey
21:09 <ct|kyle> #whoami
21:09 <armabot> ct|kyle: ct|kyle
21:12 <Pathetique> LOLwtf.
21:13 <Pathetique> I just had an explosion of code appear on setup.php
21:13 <Pathetique> x.x
21:13 -!- aa_voodoo [n=erollet@def92-6-82-230-4-2.fbx.proxad.net] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
21:14 <intgr> Where can I find a noob server?
21:15 <ct|kyle> #si flynns
21:15 <armabot> ct|kyle: There doesn't seem to be a server matching “flynns” at the moment, sorry.
21:16 <Pathetique> lulz
21:16 <Pathetique> intgr
21:16 <Pathetique> try perhaps like
21:16 <Pathetique> hmmm
21:17 <Pathetique> Flynns is a good one, maybe Cheers? Or ID High Rubber
21:17 <Pathetique> lol
21:17 <intgr> Hmm
21:18 <Pathetique> High Rubber is always more forgiving of newbies :)
21:18 <intgr> I see
21:18 <intgr> Thanks
21:18 <Pathetique> No problem. :)
21:19 <intgr> I just were to Cheers, it didn't have much rubber at all
21:19 <Pathetique> Oh, lol
21:19 <intgr> s/were/was
21:21 <epsy> nah highrubber makes you suck ™
21:21 <intgr> :)
21:21 <intgr> Well I want to have some fun, tired of losing all the time ;)
21:22 <epsy> generally didn't find highrubber funny
21:22 <epsy> there's all these rimmers
21:23 <intgr> Rimmers?
21:23 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p5087253E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
21:23 <epsy> people who stick on the arena walls(the "rim")
21:24 <intgr> Ah
21:26 <Pathetique> hmmm
21:26 <Pathetique> phpinfo.php is supposed to give you information about your PHP installation.
21:26 <Pathetique> ><
21:27 <Pathetique> wtf
21:28 <epsy> orly? :)
21:29 <Monkey_arma> rimmers LOL
21:29 <Pathetique> motherfucker.
21:29 <epsy> rimmerfucker yeah
21:30 <epsy> :O
21:30 <Pathetique> no
21:30 <Pathetique> I'm talking about
21:30  * Monkey_arma wont post a link
21:30 <Monkey_arma> its rude
21:30 <Pathetique> my fracking php module not working.
21:30 <epsy> or is it your script that is the pwnz0r?
21:30 <Pathetique> No, I'm trying to get phpMyAdmin working.
21:30 <Pathetique> ><
21:31 <epsy> and what's the problem?
21:31 <Pathetique> It isn't running.
21:31 <Pathetique> But I can do some form of PHP stuff from terminal
21:31 <epsy> um, press the power button?
21:31 <Pathetique> ???
21:31 <intgr> PULL TEH CABLE
21:32 <Monkey_arma> http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/rimming
21:32 <Monkey_arma> HAHA
21:32 <Pathetique> lulz
21:33 <epsy> i have a tendency to spread if conditions to warp on more lines
21:34 <intgr> lol
21:34 <Pathetique> oh wait
21:34 <Pathetique> nvm
21:34 <Pathetique> I got my hopes up
21:34 <epsy> it's funny, all of my worst code is in the same function
21:34 <Pathetique> wut?
21:35 <epsy> ePlayerNetID::UpdateName() :(
21:35 <intgr> Why do you sometimes get stuck while grinding?
21:35 <epsy> get stuck?
21:36 <epsy> grinding? as in grinding a wall or grinding in teams?
21:36 <epsy> hehe
21:36 <intgr> Grinding a wall
21:36 <epsy> you mean that you can face it for too long?
21:37 <epsy> it = the wall
21:37 <Lucifer> READ a C++ book, don't just skim it!
21:37 <Lucifer> (that's my belated reply to ODDvantis)
21:37 <Pathetique> x.x
21:37 <ct|kyle> heh
21:38 <Pathetique> so I figured out that php is installed
21:38 <Pathetique> but
21:38 <Pathetique> won't run without using terminal to launch it
21:38 <epsy> erm
21:38 <epsy> how do you want to run it?
21:39 <Lucifer> probably needs mod_php too
21:39 <Pathetique> mod_php?
21:39 <ct|kyle> RTFM
21:39 <Pathetique> And I want to run it so it could actually work
21:39 <epsy> do you want to embed it in a webserver?
21:39 <Pathetique> mhm
21:39 <epsy> what do you mean with "work" ??
21:39 <Lucifer> do you want to run it with a fox?  Do you want to run it in a box?
21:40 <Pathetique> with a fox
21:40 <epsy> (v) I need a weapon!
21:40 <Pathetique> a firey one
21:40 <Pathetique> I want to be able to install this fracking thing, but PHP won't run as a server.
21:40 <Pathetique> ><
21:40 <epsy> PHP doesnt run as webserver
21:40  * Pathetique knew he should have bought Mac OS X Server
21:40 <epsy> Apache is a webserver
21:40 <Pathetique> It runs as a data parser
21:41 <epsy> and it can use PHP to parse its webpages, if you have mod_php
21:41 <intgr> Amazing! I have 7 points
21:41 <intgr> :)
21:41 <epsy> don't chat here then and win teh match! :D
21:42 <Pathetique> For fucks sake, it shouldn't be easier to run a server on Windows than it is on Mac OS X.
21:42 <epsy> use apache jeez
21:42  * Pathetique is trying
21:42 <epsy> try using the mac osx dl instead
21:43 <intgr> :)
21:43 <epsy> >:D
21:43 <Pathetique> that would be smart
21:43  * Pathetique headdesk
21:43 <luke-jr> ct|kyle: ivantis_awya: f u
21:43 <ct|kyle> lol
21:43 -!- epsy is now known as ivantis_aways
21:44 -!- ivantis_aways is now known as ivantis_is_away
21:44 <ivantis_is_away> argh flood limited
21:44 <Pathetique> lulz
21:44 <ct|kyle> LOL
21:45 <ivantis_is_away> #later tell ivantis http://www.bitches-irc.net/awaymsgs.html
21:45 <armabot> ivantis_is_away: The operation succeeded.
21:45 -!- ivantis_is_away is now known as epsy
21:45 <epsy> who did that ?!
21:46 <ct|kyle> i should have asked you for that link, i needed it for something
21:47 <epsy> funny is, that he wont notice its me wo sent him that msg lol
21:47 <Monkey_arma> heh
21:47 <Pathetique> LOL!
21:47 <Monkey_arma> until he does /ns info ...
21:47 <Pathetique> Unless he rereads the logs
21:47 <Pathetique> and uh
21:47 <epsy> unless you tell him
21:48 <epsy> unless he hackz freenode cuz he doesnt know how to use nickserv
21:48 <Pathetique> LOL!@apache already running.
21:48 <Pathetique> wtf
21:48 <Monkey_arma> he knew i was ivantis_away
21:49 <epsy> the message maybe told him
21:49 <epsy> Pathetique, unreachable
21:50 <Pathetique> wut?
21:50 <Pathetique> well duh, its not forwarded
21:50 <Pathetique> XP
21:50 <epsy> was that a smiley or..?
21:51 <Pathetique> mhm
21:51 <Pathetique> smiley
21:51 <epsy> lol
21:51 <epsy> =3
21:53 <Pathetique> Did you try connecting to my webserver a second ago, epsy?
21:54 <epsy> yes
21:54 <Pathetique> ic
21:54 <Pathetique> Well, ISPs here in america block port 80 because they fail.
21:54 <Pathetique> So I have to change the port apache uses first
21:55 <epsy> do not make the same mistake as me
21:55 <epsy> use port 8080
21:55 <Pathetique> 8080?
21:55 <epsy> 8080
21:55 <Pathetique> Any particularl reason?
21:55 <epsy> standart second port
21:55 <epsy> standart second-choice* port
21:56 <Pathetique> lol
21:56 <Pathetique> hmmm
21:56 <Pathetique> well I'm using no-ip for when I actually get a working ladder running
21:57 <Pathetique> its going to be dbdserver.servegame.com
21:57 <epsy> btw do you know any free dns that doesnt screw up your dns upon some time?
21:57 <Pathetique> no-ip.org?
21:57 <Pathetique> lol
21:57 <Pathetique> That's the only one that I know about.
21:58 <epsy> was using dyndns.com
21:58 <Pathetique> hmmm
21:58 <epsy> it sucks
21:58 <Pathetique> dunno
21:59 <epsy> well i used it and i know it sucks..
21:59 <Pathetique> see, I can see my page at my computers local network IP page
21:59 <Pathetique> so idk
21:59 <epsy> still timing out
21:59 <Pathetique> I know
22:00 <Monkey_arma> #later tell ivantis I have given you back your ivantis_away on the condition that your learn to program c++ and OO programing properly with good code. Anyone can learn C++ but not many write great code.
22:00 <armabot> Monkey_arma: The operation succeeded.
22:01 <epsy> dont encourage him to use _away nicks
22:03 <ct|kyle> heh
22:03 <Pathetique> yaey
22:03 <epsy> #yay Pathetique
22:03 <armabot> YAY Pathetique!
22:04 <ct|kyle> i never knew Monkey_arma took it
22:04 <Pathetique> hehe
22:05 <luke-jr> Pathetique: bypass the port 80 block
22:05 <Pathetique> I used the port 80 redirect thing on no-ip.org
22:06 <Pathetique> lol
22:06 <luke-jr> that costs $ IIRC
22:06 <Monkey_arma> im not encouraging him
22:06  * Pathetique doesn't like acronyms he doesn't know the meaning of :S
22:06 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p5087253E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
22:07 <ct|kyle> see now i want to learn C++ but i don't want to buy a book
22:07 <Pathetique> kyle
22:07 <Pathetique> that's what sexual favors are for
22:07 <ct|kyle> LOL
22:09 <Pathetique> Oh, Lucifer, mod_php comes already installed, you just have to uncomment the line that has it.
22:09 <epsy> that's why you should really rtfm
22:09 <Pathetique> I know :D
22:09 <Lucifer> or in this case, rtfcf
22:10 <epsy> heh
22:10 <Pathetique> o_o
22:10 <Pathetique> wut
22:10 <epsy> read the fucking config file
22:10 <ct|kyle> that is what i had to do with armthencation
22:10 <epsy> ct|kyle, ?
22:11 <epsy> oh, you mean google.com?
22:11 <ct|kyle> :D i did that to durka a few weeks ago
22:11 <epsy> yeah on ct forums
22:11 <ct|kyle> no on AIM
22:11 <epsy> on ct forumz too
22:12 <ct|kyle> ya but he started that
22:13 <epsy> so what did you have to do with auth
22:13 <ct|kyle> i forget no
22:13 <ct|kyle> now*
22:14 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has joined #armagetron
22:14 <epsy> jfgi
22:14 <K-Yo> I didn't ask yet
22:14 <K-Yo> !
22:14 <ct|kyle> #google K-Yo
22:14 <armabot> ct|kyle: Search took 0.18 seconds: Kyo (musician) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyo_(musician)>; Kyo Kusanagi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyo_Kusanagi>; KYO : Summary for KYOCERA CP - Yahoo! Finance: <http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=KYO>; YouTube - kyo feat sita - le chemin: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFZT--QjLXg>; (2 more messages)
22:14 <K-Yo> hey
22:14 <epsy> haha
22:14 <K-Yo> why noone playing?
22:15 <epsy> K-Yo, jfgi
22:15 <K-Yo> #armaservers
22:15 <armabot> K-Yo: This data is 29 seconds old; The YELLOW Submarine (12/16), Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress (12/14), [] Cheers! [] The friendly server. (11/12), Wild West  =Team Sumo= (10/14), Wild West  =CTF Shooting= (10/10), Wild West  =Capture The Flag= (10/10), internalDrive -=- iD Tech Camps (8/16), -=}ID< -=}Immortal Dynasty< -=}High Rubber < (6/12), Norm's Place (6/12), |gZ Clan Server (5/16), SPACEZONE (2 more messages)
22:15 <epsy> #google why is none playing?
22:15 <armabot> epsy: Search took 0.26 seconds: Why are none of the videos playing ? - Veoh Forum: <http://forums.veoh.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2886>; Why are none of the videos playing ? - Page 5 - Veoh Forum: <http://forums.veoh.com/forum/showthread.php?p=13997>; YouTube - me singing and playing sixpence none the richer- kiss me: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_gfoe4zM4M>; MySpace.com - Seconds 2 None (3 more messages)
22:15 <ct|kyle> #more K-Yo
22:15 <armabot> ct|kyle: III (4/15), Nexus9 Deathmatch (NO RUBBER!) (3/16), |Forgotten Warriors~ Box3rs FUNHOUSE (3/16), >>> FAST TRACK DEATH WALLS (NO RIMING)<<< (3/16), -=}ID< -=}Immortal Dynasty< -=}Dog Fight< (DF) (2/12), ~*SpeederS*~ Server (2/12), ~"XzL.Clan The Server (2/12), .: Eclipse'd.EC|d Arma Clan :. (2/16), Eddie's Armathenticating Fortress (2/14), CPsychoStyBallClassic (2/8), >>> FAST TRACK RELOADED (1 more message)
22:15 <epsy> #google you are an idiot
22:15 <armabot> epsy: Search took 0.19 seconds: Flash » You Are an Idiot: <http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/youare>; You are an Idiot ! (dot org): <http://youareanidiot.org/>; OkCupid.com: Free Online Dating, Online Dating, Free Dating ...: <http://www.okcupid.com/tests/take?testid=3417500297117819885>; YouTube - you are an idiot !: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiRacdl02w4>; You are an idiot: (2 more messages)
22:15 <ct|kyle> #more epsy
22:16 <armabot> ct|kyle: <http://piv.pivpiv.dk/>; Re: You idiot republicans!: <http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Alt/alt.politics.bush/2008-07/msg00180.html>; Are you an idiot ? Quiz at Quiztron: <http://www.quiztron.com/tests/an_idiot_quiz_77780.htm>; VOA News - You 're an Idiot !: <http://www.voanews.com/english/AmericanLife/2008-06-23-voa21.cfm>; You 're an Idiot !: (1 more message)
22:16 <epsy> #more
22:16 <armabot> epsy: <http://piv.pivpiv.dk/>; Re: You idiot republicans!: <http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Alt/alt.politics.bush/2008-07/msg00180.html>; Are you an idiot ? Quiz at Quiztron: <http://www.quiztron.com/tests/an_idiot_quiz_77780.htm>; VOA News - You 're an Idiot !: <http://www.voanews.com/english/AmericanLife/2008-06-23-voa21.cfm>; You 're an Idiot !: (1 more message)
22:16 <epsy> #more
22:16 <armabot> epsy: <http://www.contactomagazine.com/articles/youareanidiot0608.htm>; Go to Venezuela, You Idiot !: <http://www.commondreams.org/views06/0706-32.htm>
22:16 <epsy> lol
22:16 <epsy> player_imposter         \1 is trying to imposter someone. It will be kicked in \2 seconds.
22:16 <epsy> doesnt sound right
22:17 <ct|kyle> Monkey_arma: is this beautiful c++ code http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~armagetronad-ct/armagetronad/0.2.8-armagetronad-sty+ct/revision/642 :D
22:18 <Monkey_arma> im not even gonna look thx
22:18 <ct|kyle> LOL
22:18 <epsy> roflpwnt
22:18 <ct|kyle> just a small diff
22:20 <epsy> cpu hogging time
22:20 <epsy> blah
22:20 <epsy> ShowAnchors ftl sometimes
22:21 <intgr> Why the hell do people kick others randomly?
22:21 <Pathetique> Oh
22:22 <epsy> because god invented idiots
22:22 <Pathetique> That's cause people are ridiculous and think OMG NOOB KICK
22:22 <epsy> ok i think i froze firefox
22:22 <Pathetique> LOL
22:22 <epsy> not even worth to congratulate me
22:23 <Pathetique> wtf
22:23 <K-Yo> LOL
22:23 <K-Yo> wtf
22:23 <epsy> LOLWTFLULZ
22:23 <Monkey_arma> ok we  are going to eddies fort
22:23 <K-Yo> boo
22:23 <epsy> (v) Booo!
22:23 <cusco> http://ralree.com/images/MacPCLinuxTruth.jpg
22:24 <epsy> well i give up on linking on the worse line i've ever done in arma
22:24 <K-Yo> this (v) scares me
22:24 <Pathetique> llol
22:24 <Pathetique> nice one cusco
22:24 <epsy> stop thinking about vaginas
22:24 <epsy> heh
22:24 <Pathetique> ¯-_-¯agina
22:25 <cusco> :p
22:25 <cusco> LOL
22:25 <epsy> right, gcc error deciphering time
22:25 <epsy> or not
22:25 <epsy> let's see
22:26 -!- Flex [i=Flex@unaffiliated/flex] has joined #armagetron
22:26 <Pathetique> FLEX!!
22:26 <epsy> OMG FLOODER
22:26 <epsy> OMG FLOODER
22:26 <epsy> OMG FLOODER
22:26 <epsy> OMG FLOODER
22:26 <epsy> OMG FLOODER
22:26 <epsy> OMG FLOODER
22:26 <Pathetique> lol
22:26 <Flex> lol
22:27 <epsy> err
22:27 <epsy> i don't know what just got compiled, but that was certainly not my code
22:28 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has left #armagetron []
22:29 <epsy> not good
22:32 <ct|kyle> #flex
22:32 <ct|kyle> did you rm it Flex
22:33 -!- Lucifer [n=satan@adsl-69-150-56-7.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has quit ["Won't my momma be so proud of me!"]
22:33 <Flex> yeah
22:40 -!- GodTodd [n=TheTruth@pool-71-170-145-197.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has quit [No route to host]
22:50 <epsy> ok, no compiling the correct source :o)
22:50 <epsy> now*
22:53 <epsy> zmanuel, by the way, when you committed r867, « fixed some warnings », did you take a look at that ListAdmins command?
22:53 <zmanuel> THE MENU DISPLAYYYYYS!
22:54 <epsy> :D
22:54 <zmanuel> epsy: no, I just fixed some warnings.
22:54 <epsy> that code causes a segv, that's why i disabled it
22:54 <epsy> if i remember correctly, in the copy constructor of tString
22:57 <zmanuel> Hmm, what would I need to to to check that?
22:57 <epsy> uncomment the lines you and me commented, set up some admins, then type ADMIN in console
22:57 <epsy> er
22:58 <epsy> ADMINS
23:00 <luke-jr> cusco: only retards call Windows "PC"
23:04 <Pathetique> heh
23:08 <ct|kyle> heh wow i agree with luke-jr for once
23:09 <epsy> nah luke typed /admin ACCESS_LEVEL AGREE_WITH_LUKE 0
23:13 <cusco> luke-jr: thats allright, I didn't call it that
23:13 <cusco> maybe supertard did
23:16 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:18 <Flex> my PC has Minesweeper
23:33 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@ip-62-235-219-128.dsl.scarlet.be] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:34 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@ip-62-235-219-128.dsl.scarlet.be] has joined #armagetron
23:40 <ivantis_awya> #quote get 74
23:40 <armabot> ivantis_awya: Quote #74: "Pathetique: I find it funny how ivantis can write C++ but has no clue how to actually write it." (added by ct|kyle at 09:07 PM, July 28, 2008)
23:41 <Flex> eddiefantastic, got my message?
23:41 <ivantis_awya> yes Pathetique, that is correct
23:41 <ivantis_awya> but im still away
23:41 <ct|kyle> #list later
23:41 <armabot> ct|kyle: notes and tell
23:42 <ct|kyle> #help later
23:42 <armabot> ct|kyle: Error: There is no command "later".
23:42 <Flex> kyle, wont fit in a #later
23:42 <ct|kyle> Flex: how do you see what people said in later
23:42 <ct|kyle> later tell
23:42 <ct|kyle> #get ivantis
23:43 <armabot> ct|kyle: Error: The command "get" is available in the Praise and Quote plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "get".
23:43 <ct|kyle> #list get
23:43 <armabot> ct|kyle: Error: 'get' is not a valid plugin.
23:43 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@ip-62-235-219-128.dsl.scarlet.be] has quit []
23:45 <Flex> MaZuffeR ping
23:45 <Flex> tell ed his server is laggy :p
23:45 <Flex> oh nm, i'll just come
23:46 <eddiefantastic> Flex: I know, there's something up, if it doesn't go away romorrow I'll look into it
23:48 -!- G5 [n=G5@p5796288A.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit []
23:54 <epsy> #praise get ivantis
23:54 <armabot> epsy: Error: 'ivantis' is not a valid id.
23:54 <epsy> #list praise
23:54 <armabot> epsy: add, change, get, praise, remove, search, and stats
23:54 <epsy> #praise help add
23:54  * armabot gives help add a cookie
23:54 <epsy> right
23:55 <epsy> #help praise add
23:55 <armabot> epsy: (praise add [<channel>] <text>) -- Adds <text> to the praise database for <channel>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
23:55 <epsy> #praise get 1
23:55 <armabot> epsy: Error: There is no Praise with id #1 in my database for #armagetron.
23:55 <epsy> #praise get 2
23:55 <armabot> epsy: Error: There is no Praise with id #2 in my database for #armagetron.
23:55 <epsy> #praise get 3
23:55 <armabot> epsy: Error: There is no Praise with id #3 in my database for #armagetron.
23:56 <epsy> #praise luke-jr
23:56  * armabot falls down to his knees and praises luke-jr
23:56 <epsy> wops
23:56 <epsy> #praise liza
23:56  * armabot gives liza the Medal of Not Sucking
23:56 <epsy> ew
23:56 <Liza> ? :O
23:57 <epsy> :O
23:57 <epsy> #praise plankton
23:57  * armabot gives plankton the Medal of Not Sucking
23:57 <epsy> #praise plankton
23:57  * armabot gives plankton a cookie
23:57 <epsy> #praise plankton
23:57  * armabot gives plankton a cookie
23:58 <epsy> #praise add gives words of praise for
23:58 <armabot> epsy: Error: Praises must contain $who.
23:58 <epsy> #praise add gives words of praise for $who
23:58 <armabot> epsy: The operation succeeded.  Praise #8 added.
23:58 <epsy> #praise get 8
23:58 <armabot> epsy: Praise #8: "gives words of praise for $who" (added by epsy at 11:58 PM, July 28, 2008)
23:58 <epsy> #praise get 7
23:58 <armabot> epsy: Praise #7: "adds $who to bash.org" (added by wrtlprnft at 05:27 AM, June 30, 2006)
23:59 <epsy> #praise get 6
23:59 <armabot> epsy: Praise #6: "gives $who a cookie" (added by a user that is no longer registered at 01:01 AM, March 24, 2006)
23:59 <epsy> #praise get 5
23:59 <armabot> epsy: Praise #5: "gives $who the Medal of Not Sucking" (added by Lucifer_arma at 11:12 PM, March 23, 2006)
23:59 <epsy> #praise get 4
23:59 <armabot> epsy: Praise #4: "falls down to his knees and praises $who" (added by a user that is no longer registered at 11:11 PM, March 23, 2006)
23:59 <epsy> heh, seems i stopped at the wrong point
23:59 <epsy> #praise fishfood
23:59  * armabot adds fishfood to bash.org
23:59 <epsy> #praise fishfood
23:59  * armabot gives words of praise for fishfood
23:59 <epsy> :D

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