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Log from 2006-10-02:
--- Day changed Mon Oct 02 2006
00:00 <Lackadaisical> i'd play if the rest of the settings are  like fortress but with longer tails
00:00 <i2020> i would too
00:00 <i2020> what was the score lack?
00:00 <spidey> erm
00:00 <spidey> like dogfight? ;p
00:01 <Lackadaisical> i guess? been a while since ive been there
00:01 <i2020> helllllooooooo
00:02 <Lackadaisical> i dont know 2020
00:02 <Lackadaisical> 2 - 0
00:02 <i2020> ah thanks
00:02 <Lackadaisical> first one was close, second was a like 100-30 or something
00:02 <ghableska> lol
00:03 <spidey> vanman and that other one towards the end -_-
00:03 -!- i2020 [n=d4388014@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit ["CGI:IRC"]
00:03 <spidey> least they could have done was grind >:|
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00:04 -!- Nixda929 is now known as i2020
00:04 <i2020> what was the game like?
00:04 <Vanhayes> spidey: dont blame a van
00:04 <ghableska> heh
00:05 <spidey> i did ;p
00:05 <spidey> oh btw, manta ws sucks enough even mom couldn't help us ;p
00:07 <Vanhayes> so is the tourney over?
00:08 <Lackadaisical> yes
00:08 <Vanhayes> who won?
00:08 <Lackadaisical> pronoobs
00:08 <Vanhayes> grats
00:09 <Lackadaisical> stevetaylor failed getting into sebols chicken def
00:09 <manta> grats to any pron00b present
00:09 <Vanhayes> was he doing the huge spiral def?
00:09 <i2020> yup that seb def was tricky... but that's what torps are for...
00:10 <Lackadaisical> yes
00:10 <manta> the circle is the BEST high ping def ever
00:10 <Lackadaisical> torpedoing with 5 people on a team is a bit risky
00:13  * manta Shhhhhhhhhhhh, that's the idea
00:15 <Your_mom_arma> DrJoeTron realy turbulent bridge?
00:15 <DrJoeTron> few more minutes, im on a breakthrough
00:15 <Your_mom_arma> developers vs all
00:16 <Your_mom_arma> lets see lack nemo joda wrtl and mom
00:17 <Your_mom_arma> i dont think luci luke or z-man play anymore and phillip's in an alternate timezone
00:18 <Your_mom_arma> and ed although i dont know if he plays either
00:22 <DrJoeTron> i should be the dev mascont
00:22 <DrJoeTron> mascot*
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00:34 <i2020> anyone seen alex?
00:35 <madmax|pt> #lastseen alex
00:35 <armabot> madmax|pt: |AST| }{Alex}{ has last been seen on -=|LøÏ|=-  Lords Of Destruction Sumo Server 8 minutes ago.
00:35 <madmax|pt> #seen alex
00:35 <armabot> madmax|pt: I have not seen alex.
00:35 <madmax|pt> :D
00:35 <i2020> thanks
00:36 <i2020> well that was a major anticlimax
00:36 <i2020> in fact... i don't think i even got on the foothills of a climax.. 
00:37 <madmax|pt> "that" as in?
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00:38 <i2020> the ladle... i mean... barely twenty minutes play... and even that i played like a denk
00:39 <i2020> there's no... celebration you know... you just hear what happened in the finals... oh... and that's it... hmmm
00:40 <i2020> the game is flawed socially... not here of course... and there are teams and clans and things... but there is something missing...
00:41 <i2020> the sound of the crowd... even just drinks after a game... weird...
00:41 <spidey> it's cyberspace....
00:42 <i2020> if this is community of the future.... we're fucked... period
00:42 <spidey> "passes 2020 a class of fiberoptic"
00:42 <spidey> s/class/glass
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00:43 <i2020> not enough for my portuguese blood... i get the visceral aspect of playing... maybe it just misses voicechat... that makes it more live.. .more human...
00:43 <guru3-uni> can anyone get at the forums?
00:43 <i2020> yes
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00:44 <guru3-uni> try right now
00:45 <guru3-uni> mmm seems they are alive
00:45 <DrJoeTron> #serverinfo Lobster
00:46 -!- guru3 [n=guru3@81-231-230-95-no21.tbcn.telia.com] has quit [Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)]
00:47 <guru3-uni> >:<
00:47 <guru3-uni> >:(
00:47 <guru3-uni> oh well i hope it comes back soon
00:48 <i2020> yeah... lost it
00:49 <DrJoeTron> man
00:50 <manta> http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=20061001
00:53 <guru3-uni> lol
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01:00 <Nixda442> back in to the forum
01:00 -!- i2020 [n=d4388014@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]
01:01 <Nixda442> why do i keep losing connection with this place... it just keeps losing me...
01:01 <DrJoeTron> you made it angry
01:01 -!- Nixda442 is now known as i2020
01:01 <DrJoeTron> the only way to make it pleased is to send DrJoeTron money
01:01 <i2020> oh... and how can i ... hehehhe
01:01 <DrJoeTron> i don't make the rules here
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01:05 <Lackadaisical> 2020 when are you gonna start that king of the grids thing?
01:07 <Lackadaisical> heh looks like alex couldnt handle the stress of being a captain
01:14 <madmax|pt> ?
01:14 <i2020> heheh, yeah, alex went kind of crazy, hehehe... i think he is a bit of a control freak... which is good if you are an organiser i suppose
01:14 <i2020> you think i want to organise something else?
01:14 <i2020> ahehehehhahshhshshahshhshshshit no
01:15 <madmax|pt> lmao
01:15 <Lackadaisical> heh
01:15 <i2020> actually, i have foolishly paid for a server.... but i doubt if that will ever be used.... um... i think i am reducing my um.. involvement hehehe
01:15 <i2020> more playing on the grid
01:16 <Lackadaisical> ah ok, i read your user page
01:16 <Lackadaisical> what kind of server did you pay for?
01:16 <i2020> right....
01:16 <Lackadaisical> like.. a server from luke?
01:16 <i2020> no idea... ehhehehah you think i know...? heheheh no, i just trust people, and hopefully it will just pop up.... and it works
01:17 <i2020> yes, luke is the armaserver pimp
01:17 <i2020> been reading something
01:18 <i2020> http://www.avantnews.com/modules/news/index.php?storytopic=8
01:18 <i2020> kind of amusing...
01:22 <DrJoeTron> #serverlist
01:23 <Lackadaisical> you know i might run with that kings of the grid idea, but only if you dont mind me stealing the idea
01:24 <i2020> run... jump.. climb a mountain lack...
01:24 <i2020> i was thinking of hosting it on my server for one night a week... friday
01:24  * Lackadaisical runs, jumps and climbs a mountain
01:24 <i2020> would that fit into your idea or is yours more complex and subtle?
01:25 <i2020> write it up, actually i think i already have written something... check the wiki... change it... write your own version... i am cool...
01:27 <Lackadaisical> no i think that would be a good idea
01:28 <Lackadaisical> can you get server logs on that serveR? would be nice to have details on the matches
01:29 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-094-174.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #armagetron
01:29 <joda_bot> h
01:29 <joda_bot> a
01:29 <joda_bot> l
01:29 <joda_bot> l
01:29 <joda_bot> o
01:29 <joda_bot>  ;)
01:29 <joda_bot> änotes
01:29 <joda_bot> #notes
01:29 <armabot> joda_bot: I currently have notes waiting for $randomnick, *josh*, Nickserv, operserv, someone, unknown, z-man, and z-man*.
01:30 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: Request for German Wiki (we had this before didn't we ? ) ;)
01:31 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: http://www.armagetron.nixda.net/dokuwiki/
01:31 <joda_bot> It's a start 
01:31 <joda_bot> #m wrtlprnft http://www.armagetron.nixda.net/dokuwiki/ (German Wiki Start)
01:31 <armabot> joda_bot: The operation succeeded.
01:31 <joda_bot> #m z-man http://www.armagetron.nixda.net/dokuwiki/ (German Wiki Start)
01:31 <armabot> joda_bot: The operation succeeded.
01:32 <joda_bot> #m Lucifer_arma This is just to see who contributes and if it's worth the effort, but I guess if it's officially part of armagetronad.net it might gain more attention ;)
01:32 <armabot> joda_bot: The operation succeeded.
01:37 <i2020> i have asked for logs for the ladle games.. and yes i will make a point of getting server logs for all games played on my server....
01:38 <i2020> hi joda...night joda
01:38 <i2020> night all where-ever and when-ever you are
01:38 <joda_bot> ghn8 i2020
01:38 -!- i2020 [n=d4388014@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has left #armagetron []
01:38 <joda_bot> good job on the ladle
01:38 <spidey> it's only 6:30 pm!
01:39 <MaZuffeR> actually it's 2:30 am
01:39 <spidey> nope
01:39 <MaZuffeR> 2:40 am
01:39 <spidey> no
01:40 <spidey> 6:40pm
01:40 <spidey> xD
01:43 <spidey> hmm
01:43 <spidey> 18:44
01:43 <spidey> o.o
01:44 <spidey> DrJoeTron, DrJoeTron DrJoeTron DrJoeTron 
01:47 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-240-54-90.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Armagetron
01:48 <DrJoeTron> yeah?
01:49 <joda_bot> gn8 all
01:49 <ghableska> cya
01:49 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-094-174.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #armagetron []
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02:04 <DrJoeTron> hoy fuck
02:04 <DrJoeTron> tron on robot chicken
02:05 <madmax|pt> o_O
02:05 <DrJoeTron> http://www.adultswim.com/adultswimfix/index.jsp
02:06 <DrJoeTron> wmv
02:07 <madmax|pt> you gotta love wmv
02:07  * madmax|pt gave up
02:08 <DrJoeTron> gotta click the robot chicken thing on the right
02:09 <madmax|pt> yeah, but i've been having some problems with wmv the last days
02:09 <madmax|pt> OS X doesnt like wmv that much
02:10 <DrJoeTron> i can imagine ;p
02:22 <spidey> DrJoeTron, lets play defcon ;p
02:24 <ghableska> defcon!
02:24 <spidey> joe made me download it :(
02:25 <DrJoeTron> ok
02:25 <spidey> yay :D
02:25 <spidey> now? o.O
02:25 <DrJoeTron> yup
02:25 <DrJoeTron> its up 
02:26 <spidey> come out of afk ;p
02:26 <ghableska> spidey: the demo?
02:26 <spidey> yar
02:26 <ghableska> I suck at it
02:26 <ghableska> heh
02:27 <spidey> pwn
02:30 <spidey> come play ;p
02:30 <ghableska> can't
02:30 <ghableska> homework :P
02:30 <spidey> homework sucks
02:31  * ghableska agrees
02:32 <spidey> that's why i'm in homeschool
02:32 <spidey> i have a week to do 2 books
02:32 <spidey> that aren't really that big
02:32 <ghableska> psh...
02:32 <spidey> but
02:32 <spidey> i do HAVE to do 4 pages of math a day
02:32 <spidey> xD
02:32 <ghableska> easy stuff?
02:32 <spidey> ya
02:32 <spidey> biggest books we get is science
02:32 <spidey> 30 pages
02:32 <ghableska> heh
02:33 <spidey> i wait till the end of the year to do those
02:33 <spidey> lol
02:33 <ghableska> lol
02:33 <spidey> semister*
02:33 <spidey> we have a total of 48 books a year
02:33 <spidey> or less
02:33 <spidey> depending on grade
02:33 <ghableska> *semester :P
02:33 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-64-108-203-231.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
02:33  * spidey notes he didn't fail english
02:33 <spidey> i got all C's
02:33 <spidey> xD
02:34 <ghableska> wd :P
02:34 <spidey> indeed
02:34 <spidey> my best subject is history
02:34 <spidey> straight A's
02:34 <spidey> all 100's xD
02:34 <ghableska> history is easy
02:34 <spidey> no doubt
02:34 <ghableska> one group of people kills an other group
02:34 <spidey> lol
02:34 <ghableska> that's the history of the world for you
02:34 <spidey> haha
02:35 <spidey> hmm
02:35 <ghableska> ?
02:35 <spidey> when i was in public school i should have told my history teach tha
02:35 <spidey> t
02:35 <spidey> i've had a 14 on my report card
02:35 <spidey> i used to shoot rubber bands at the history teach, 1st period was fun
02:35 <spidey> xDXDXD
02:35 <ghableska> haha
02:36 <spidey> i was mean in public school, i was harsh on that teacher
02:37 <spidey> i kinda feel bad for him :( he stopped teaching 7th and 8th grade
02:37 <ghableska> you must've tramautized him/her
02:37 <spidey> well
02:37 <spidey> basically if the my class didn't like a teacher
02:37 <spidey> odds are they stopped teaching our class :)
02:38 <ghableska> lolololol
02:38 <spidey> once we had everyone bring a jacket to school in the winter opened the windows and turned the air all the way down
02:38 <spidey> ;s
02:39 <ghableska> o.0
02:40 <spidey> best way to piss a teacher off, and it never fails, wod 3 peices of paper up really tight and hit them in the back of the head with it
02:40 <ghableska> heh, why three?
02:40 <spidey> heavier
02:40 <spidey> so you can throw it harder
02:40 <ghableska> true
02:40 <spidey> 1st period we used to have paper ball fights
02:40 <spidey> half the class against the other half
02:41 <ghableska> haha
02:41 <ghableska> did your side always win? :P
02:41 <spidey> i went through about 15 packets of paper that year =/
02:41 <ghableska> O_O
02:41 <ghableska> poor trees XD
02:41 <spidey> lol
02:41 <spidey> take 2 rubber bands
02:41 <spidey> tie them together
02:42 <spidey> take a strip of paper about -------------- that wide
02:42 <spidey> tore all the way down the side, folder it downwards then over once
02:42 <spidey> them fuckers sting
02:42 <ghableska> you're an expert, aren't you ;P
02:42 <spidey> hell ya xD
02:45 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-64-108-203-231.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #Armagetron
02:49 <DrJoeTron> id like to thank steam for fucking me over tonight
02:49 <ghableska> what did it do?
02:53 <DrJoeTron> glitched up and revoked my authentification on the game
02:54 <ghableska> O_O
02:56 <DrJoeTron> and their support site is down
02:57 <DrJoeTron> and it looks like their forums are being slammed
03:07 <ghableska> #cnn 50265
03:07 <armabot> ghableska: The current temperature in West Des Moines, IA is 79.0°F. Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 40%. Wind: SSE at 10 mph (16 km/h).
03:09 <madmax|pt> IA?
03:09 <madmax|pt> indiana?
03:10 <ghableska> Iowa
03:10 <madmax|pt> oh
03:11 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-64-108-203-231.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
03:11 <Vanhayes> #weather Saint John
03:11 <armabot> Vanhayes: Temperature: 52°F / 11°C | Humidity: 88% | Pressure: 30.14in / 1021hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 7mph / 11km/h | Updated: 10:00 PM ADT; Tonight - Cloudy. Periods of rain beginning overnight. Amount 10 to 15 mm. Wind east 20 km/h becoming northeast 30 gusting to 50 overnight. Low 11.; Monday - Rain at times heavy with the risk of a thundershower. Amount 15 to 25 mm. Wind (1 more message)
03:11 <Vanhayes> #more
03:11 <armabot> Vanhayes: northeast 30 km/h gusting to 50 becoming north 30 gusting to 50 in the afternoon. High 13. Monday night..periods of rain ending near midnight then clearing. Risk of a thundershower. Amount 2 mm. Wind north 30 km/h gusting to 50 becoming northwest 30 in the evening. Low 8.; Tuesday - Sunny. High 17.;
03:12 <spidey> Vanhayes, do you really forget the weather that much?
03:13 <ghableska> lol
03:13 <Vanhayes> spidey: the weather changes
03:13 <ghableska> lol
03:13 <spidey> Vanhayes, not 3 times a day
03:13 <ghableska> yes it does :P
03:13 <Vanhayes> um ya it does
03:14 <Vanhayes> more than that actually
03:14 <ghableska> it changes every second
03:14 <ghableska> jeez spidey :P
03:14 <spidey> but they don't update the forcasts on those sites
03:14 <ghableska> #cnn 50265
03:14 <armabot> ghableska: The current temperature in West Des Moines, IA is 79.0°F. Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 40%. Wind: SSE at 10 mph (16 km/h).
03:14 <ghableska> #weather 502654
03:14 <ghableska> heh
03:14 <Vanhayes> updated 14 minutes ago for me
03:14 <armabot> ghableska: Error: Could not retrieve weather for "502654".
03:14 <ghableska> #weather 50265
03:14 <armabot> ghableska: The current temperature in Des Moines, Iowa is 77.0°F (7:54 PM CDT on October 01, 2006). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: 53.6°F. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa.  Near record highs Monday... 
03:14 <ghableska> "near record highs?"
03:14 <ghableska> ...
03:14 <Vanhayes> weird
03:15 <Vanhayes> really hot maybe?
03:15 <ghableska> I hate hot weather
03:15 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@] has joined #armagetron
03:15 <Vanhayes> because you get it so much?
03:16 <ghableska> no, my room is an oven
03:16 <ghableska> plus, in a couple of months you'll probably hear me complain about the cold ;)
03:16 <Vanhayes> lol
03:25  * ghableska sneezes
03:25 <ghableska> stupid cold
03:28 <madmax|pt> #g 77f in c
03:28 <armabot> madmax|pt: 77 degrees Fahrenheit = 25 degrees Celsius
03:28 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-64-108-203-231.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #Armagetron
03:28 <ghableska> hi
03:29 <DrJoeTron> :/
03:29 <mkzelda> oh man i thought it was est not gmt
03:29 <madmax|pt> that's too hot to get a cold ghab
03:29 <ghableska> madmax|pt: tell my nose that
03:32 <Vanhayes> ghableska's nose: that's too hot to get a cold
03:32 <ghableska> :P
03:33 <ghableska> sorry, it was too busy sneezing to catch that
03:35 <spidey> DrJoeTron, fix it?
03:35 <DrJoeTron> nope
03:35 <spidey> -_-
03:35 <DrJoeTron> looks like everyone else is having this problem at introversion
03:35 <spidey> i'm playing against a bot -_-
03:35 <DrJoeTron> have fun with that :D
03:36 <spidey> actually
03:36 <spidey> i think i'm playing by myself
03:36 <spidey> there isn't a cpu whatever at the top
03:36 <spidey> ;/
03:38 <DrJoeTron> haha
03:41 <spidey> any idea how long it'll take them to fix it? :(
03:41 <spidey> these people are mean to me!! they keep kicking me :<
03:42 <ghableska> haha
03:44 <DrJoeTron> man i hope this ends soon
03:44 <spidey> what is steam getting ddos'd?
03:45 <DrJoeTron> i highly doubt that
03:45 <ghableska> maybe it's so popular that the servers went down?
03:45 <DrJoeTron> i think they are just fucking with stuff, and getting slammed because of it
03:45 <spidey> define slammed
03:48 <DrJoeTron> a large ammount of people trying to access the site at once than the server can handle
03:52 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
03:54 <spidey> wel
03:54 <spidey> fix it
03:54 <spidey> ;p
03:54 <DrJoeTron> im trying
03:55  * spidey drop kicks DrJoeTron 
03:55 <ghableska> "dr." :P
03:55 <ghableska> spidey: is that your new method of punishment?
03:55 <DrJoeTron> lets go!
03:55 <DrJoeTron> its up
03:55 <spidey> woot!
03:55 <spidey> ghableska, yes and you're next
03:56  * ghableska runs away
03:56 <ghableska> hah
03:56  * spidey does a flying barrel roll punch into ghableska's chest
03:56 <ghableska> huh?
03:56 <ghableska> that doesn't make any sense :P
03:56 <spidey> does to
03:56 <spidey> i flew
03:56 <ghableska> nu uh
03:56 <spidey> did a barrel roll
03:56 <spidey> then a punch
03:56 <ghableska> and I ducked
03:56 <spidey> to your chest
03:57 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@] has joined #armagetron
04:10 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
04:15 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@] has joined #armagetron
04:20 <madmax|pt> gnight
04:20 -!- madmax|pt [n=MadMaX@bl4-187-209.dsl.telepac.pt] has quit ["leaving"]
04:20 <ghableska> cya
04:40 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
04:49 <spidey> joe pwned everyone o.o
04:49 <ghableska> lol
04:49 <ghableska> "everyone?"
04:49 <spidey> cept me
04:49 <ghableska> of course
04:49 <spidey> he had 137 kills
04:49 <spidey> he let me live xD
04:50 <ghableska> heh
04:50 <spidey> i'm proud of myself
04:50 <spidey> i ended with 21points, normally i'm in the negatives ;o
04:53 <DrJoeTron> 124 :D
04:53 <spidey> 124?
04:53 <DrJoeTron> no you were right 137
04:53 <spidey> ;p
04:53 <DrJoeTron> spidey killws 35.4million
04:53 <spidey> i bombed the fuck outta boomer
04:53 <ghableska> heh
04:54 <DrJoeTron> i did 73 million :D
04:54 <spidey> ;p
04:54 <spidey> hmm
04:54 <spidey> live in my ts
04:54 <spidey> or live in joes
04:55 <spidey> i'll live in joe sxD
04:57 <DrJoeTron> wha?
04:57 <Vanhayes> #night
04:57 <armabot> Good night Vanhayes!
04:57 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034199037.nb.aliant.net] has quit ["So, pouring water on that IS a bad idea.... Good to know."]
04:57 <spidey> teamspeak ;p
04:57 <ghableska> #night
04:57 <armabot> Good night ghableska!
04:57 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-240-54-90.client.mchsi.com] has left #Armagetron []
04:57 <DrJoeTron> what of it
04:58 <DrJoeTron> oh nm
04:58 <spidey> der
05:12 -!- TiTnAsS [n=Nick@ppp-71-128-95-1.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #armagetron
05:12 -!- TiTnAsS [n=Nick@ppp-71-128-95-1.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has left #armagetron []
05:26 <DrJoeTron> #listservers
05:26 <DrJoeTron> #serverlist
05:27 <DrJoeTron> #lastseen Dr Joe Tron
05:27 <armabot> DrJoeTron: Dr Joe Tron has last been seen on Shrunkland in 2.8.2 0 days 9 hours 29 minutes ago.
05:42 <spidey> #lastseen DrJoeTron 
05:42 <armabot> spidey: timed out
05:42 <spidey> #lastseen DrJoeTron 
05:42 <DrJoeTron> #last seen Dr Joe Tron
05:42 <armabot> DrJoeTron: (last [--{from,in,on,with,without,regexp} <value>] [--nolimit]) -- Returns the last message matching the given criteria. --from requires a nick from whom the message came; --in requires a channel the message was sent to; --on requires a network the message was sent on; --with requires some string that had to be in the message; --regexp requires a regular expression the message must match; --nolimit (1 more message)
05:42 <armabot> spidey: I haven't seen anyone matching “drjoetron” yet, sorry.
05:42 <spidey> lol
05:43 <spidey> #lastseen Dr Joe Tron
05:43 <armabot> spidey: Dr Joe Tron has last been seen on Shrunkland in 2.8.2 0 days 9 hours 45 minutes ago.
05:43 <DrJoeTron> lies
05:43 <spidey> ?
05:43 <DrJoeTron> i was in the cage 30 minutes ago
05:43 <spidey> lol
05:43 <spidey> wanna play defcon again? ;p
05:43 <DrJoeTron> not yet
05:43 <spidey> :[
05:43 <DrJoeTron> im still basking in my victory
05:44 <spidey> hhaha
05:44 <spidey> man
05:44 <spidey> these guys are fuckin slow
05:45 <spidey> i asked to have a tcp / udp port forwarded 4 days ago
05:45 <spidey> they still got me on hold
05:45 <spidey> -_-
05:58 <DrJoeTron> i think i just got a splinter under my finger nail
05:58 <spidey> haha that;s gotta suck
05:59 <spidey> i'ma go play warrock while i can before they start kicking me off because of my connection
05:59  * spidey beats joe up in teamspeka xD
05:59 <spidey> teamspeka spidey for teamspeak!
06:13 <DrJoeTron> alright im going to redo my drivers
06:13 <DrJoeTron> and possibly play again
06:13 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-64-108-203-231.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has quit [">-;;,ccc3"]
06:23 <spidey> :D:D:D::D
07:02 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-64-108-203-231.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #Armagetron
07:04 <spidey> wb
07:04 <spidey> play? :D
07:04 <spidey> i'm lagging at respawn in warrock so i keep hearing ""go go lets move out"" go go go"
07:16 -!- jpilot [n=jirc@ca-stmnca-cuda4-gen2k1-229.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #armagetron
07:16 -!- jpilot [n=jirc@ca-stmnca-cuda4-gen2k1-229.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has quit [Client Quit]
07:22 <spidey> DrJoeTron :D
07:23 -!- WPN|g| [n=WPN|g|@ca-stmnca-cuda4-gen2k1-229.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #Armagetron
07:23 -!- WPN|g| [n=WPN|g|@ca-stmnca-cuda4-gen2k1-229.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has quit [Client Quit]
07:36 -!- WPN|g| [n=WPN|g|@ca-stmnca-cuda4-gen2k1-229.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #armagetron
07:36 <WPN|g|> hmm this works
07:36 -!- WPN|g| [n=WPN|g|@ca-stmnca-cuda4-gen2k1-229.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has left #armagetron []
08:03 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-64-108-203-231.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has quit [">-;;,ccc3"]
08:06 <wrtlprnft> #morning
08:07 <armabot> Good Morning wrtlprnft Random Fortune: "If you want to travel around the world and be invited to speak at a lot || of different places, just write a Unix operating system." || (By Linus Torvalds)
08:10 -!- Nixda033 [n=46215ae5@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
08:10 -!- Nixda033 is now known as Durka
08:13 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-64-108-203-231.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #Armagetron
08:16 -!- Durka [n=46215ae5@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]
08:33 <spidey> goddamn it
08:33 <spidey> DrJoeTron, warrock pisses me off >:|
08:36 <spidey> DrJoeTron, DrJoeTron DrJoeTron DrJoeTron ping ping ping ping ping 
08:44 <DrJoeTron> sorry :/ gotta go to bed
08:44 <DrJoeTron> but tommarow
08:45 <DrJoeTron> later however
08:45 <DrJoeTron> my friend and i are gonna do some major defcon
08:45 <DrJoeTron> plus that was amazing
08:45 <DrJoeTron> i wanna end on a good note :p
08:53 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@c-71-199-204-144.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
08:54 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-64-108-203-231.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has quit [">-;;,ccc3"]
11:50 -!- NegativePlazma [n=Plazma@about/apple/TiBook/Plazma] has joined #armagetron
11:51 -!- Plazma [n=Plazma@about/apple/TiBook/Plazma] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
12:28 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dhcp-73-173.uni-paderborn.de] has joined #armagetron
12:30 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dhcp-73-173.uni-paderborn.de] has left #armagetron []
12:37 -!- joda_bo1 [n=anonymou@dhcp-73-173.uni-paderborn.de] has joined #armagetron
13:43 -!- joda_bo1 [n=anonymou@dhcp-73-173.uni-paderborn.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
14:08 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has joined #armagetron
14:19 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dhcp-73-173.uni-paderborn.de] has joined #armagetron
14:21 <joda_bot> #notes
14:21 <armabot> joda_bot: I currently have notes waiting for $randomnick, *josh*, Lucifer_arma, Nickserv, operserv, someone, unknown, z-man, and z-man*.
14:21 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dhcp-73-173.uni-paderborn.de] has left #armagetron []
14:46 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@71-212-174-91.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #armagetron
15:06 <armabot> armagetronad: nemostultae * r6198 /armagetronad/branches/ruby/armagetronad/src/swig/ext/armagetronad/ (8 files in 3 dirs):
15:06 <armabot> armagetronad: - Added tLinkedList implementation file
15:06 <armabot> armagetronad: - Got rid of several warnings over missing base class tListItem<T>
15:19 -!- joda_bo1 [n=anonymou@dhcp-73-173.uni-paderborn.de] has joined #armagetron
15:26 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-64-108-203-231.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #Armagetron
15:28 -!- joda_bo1 [n=anonymou@dhcp-73-173.uni-paderborn.de] has left #armagetron []
15:29 <spidey> DrJoeTron, 
15:29 <spidey> i just got blew to hell xD
15:29 <DrJoeTron> haha
15:29 <spidey> him => 118 me => -59
15:29 <DrJoeTron> wowee
15:29 <DrJoeTron> he rocked your face off
15:29 <spidey> no doubt
15:29 <DrJoeTron> what country were you
15:30 <spidey> south america
15:30 <spidey> he was north
15:30 <spidey> so i set my silos up in the middle he attacks there :D
15:30 <DrJoeTron> that sounds interesting
15:30 <spidey> but i wasn't enough =/
15:30 <spidey> it*
15:30 <DrJoeTron> did you try and use subs?
15:31 <DrJoeTron> its all about the six player bonanza
15:31 <spidey> um
15:31 <spidey> he killed my subs
15:31 <spidey> as soon as i went to launch
15:31 <DrJoeTron> haha
15:31 <spidey> i lost 6 at one time
15:31 <spidey> ;/
15:31 <DrJoeTron> should've had him join your alliance :D
15:32 <spidey> 2 people
15:32 <DrJoeTron> im aware
15:32 <DrJoeTron> when i was playing with mom everyone rised up and tried to single me out
15:32 <DrJoeTron> and they were trying to get mom to go too
15:34 <spidey> lol
15:34 <spidey> me and him's playing again
15:35 <spidey> so i can try not to lose so badly ;p
15:37 <armabot> armagetronad: nemostultae * r6199 /armagetronad/branches/ruby/armagetronad/src/swig/ext/armagetronad/ (4 files in 2 dirs):
15:37 <armabot> armagetronad: - comment out the tListItem base classes — they are causing problems
15:37 <armabot> armagetronad: - Fixed typo
15:37 <armabot> armagetronad: - Leave nNetwork out of ArmagetronAd::Network for now — it is a mess
15:38 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dhcp-73-173.uni-paderborn.de] has joined #armagetron
15:39 <nemostultae> it said that commit failed again…
15:46 <wrtlprnft> nemostultae: happened to me a few times too
15:47 <wrtlprnft> but it seems like it gets committed anyways
15:47 <Luke-Jr> Has anyone looked at phpBB's bug tracker?
15:47 <nemostultae> it happens to me a lot. It is very annoying.
15:48 <joda_bot> luke-jr: scared ?
15:49 <Luke-Jr> joda_bot: wtf?
15:50 <nemostultae> ftw?
15:50 <wrtlprnft> nemostultae: yeah, it's committed
15:50 <nemostultae> yeah, I did a svn update and it sorted itself out.
15:52 <spidey> god i suck at this game
15:52 <Luke-Jr> maybe the hook failed
16:04 <wrtlprnft> someone tell me what these spam links on the wiki are good for.
16:04 <wrtlprnft> i clicked on one of them (referrers disabled), and it's just a list of links to other stuff
16:04 <wrtlprnft> following one of those links i get to another link list
16:04 <wrtlprnft> and so on
16:05 <wrtlprnft> now i'm getting to some page that sells jewelry. the original link talked about stocks and finance
16:05 <spidey> DrJoeTron, i should give up on defcon :(
16:09 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@c-71-199-204-144.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #armagetron
16:15 <Luke-Jr> wrtlprnft: so edit them out?
16:15 <spidey> DrJoeTron, i made a new defcon friend ;D
16:16 <Luke-Jr> spidey: is that your replacement for a girlfriend? ;p
16:16  * spidey stabs Luke-Jr 
16:17  * Luke-Jr falls to the floor and begins to bubble away in green goo
16:17 <Luke-Jr> erm wait
16:17 <Luke-Jr> where'd you stab me?
16:17 <spidey> the brain
16:17 <Luke-Jr> oh, in that case
16:17 <spidey> so you can't even come back as a zombie!
16:17  * Luke-Jr just heals back up
16:17 <DrJoeTron> i did too
16:17 <DrJoeTron> today
16:18 <DrJoeTron> nah dont give up on defcon
16:18 <spidey> mine's german, he's gonna teach me to play better :D
16:18 <DrJoeTron> haha
16:18 <DrJoeTron> mines 28
16:18 <Luke-Jr> spidey: it needs to be a stab to the back of the neck ;p
16:18 <DrJoeTron> and bought the game from introversion
16:18 <Luke-Jr> mines 21
16:18 <spidey> Luke-Jr, we don't care about your boyfriend
16:18 <DrJoeTron> backstabbing is essential in defcon
16:19 <Luke-Jr> s,boyfriend,wife
16:19 <spidey> you mean MY wife
16:20 -!- Niii [n=Niii@lnr56-1-82-246-48-71.fbx.proxad.net] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
16:21 <spidey> ok time to sleep
16:22 <spidey> DrJoeTron, i'll be waking up about 9-10pm wanna play then? ;p
16:22 <DrJoeTron> we will see how my project is going
16:24 <DrJoeTron> il be playing with my friend as well
16:28 <DrJoeTron> bbl
16:28 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-64-108-203-231.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has quit [">-;;,ccc3"]
16:34 <wrtlprnft> Luke-Jr: deleted already, long before i read them
16:34 <wrtlprnft> i just wonder what the guys who put them there actually want
16:34 <wrtlprnft> they're useless for a human
16:34 <wrtlprnft> and the wiki uses rel="nofollow"
16:43 <joda_bot> luke-jr: I thought phpBB bug list was so long, you might object ;)
16:46 <luke-jr_work> joda_bot: I meant the bug system they use
16:57 <joda_bot> luke-jr: oh alright, no I've never explored it thoroughly just used it to look at bugs once
17:08 <joda_bot> back to works
17:08 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dhcp-73-173.uni-paderborn.de] has left #armagetron []
17:52 -!- Lackadaisical [n=lack@ipd50aa335.speed.planet.nl] has joined #armagetron
17:54 -!- Niii [n=Niii@lnr56-1-82-246-48-71.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
18:05 <wrtlprnft> Luke-Jr: phpBB's bugs have a system?
18:06  * wrtlprnft always thought they were random
18:18 <luke-jr_work> ...
18:18  * luke-jr_work stabs wrtlprnft's eyes out
18:39 <GodTodd> how very...christian
18:42 <wrtlprnft> GodTodd: christianity is not a standard by Luke-Jr's definition
18:43 <GodTodd> so christianity is not following the teachings of jesus christ?
18:43 <GodTodd> interesting ;)
18:45 <GodTodd> of course, it also confuses me as to how someone who condemns the practice of capitalism can charge people to host servers for games...heh
18:50 <Lucifer_arma> I love my text editor
18:52 <luke-jr_work> GodTodd: something wrong with running a business?
18:52 <GodTodd> not in my mind
18:52 <GodTodd> then again, i'm not against capitalism
18:53 <luke-jr_work> nothing capitalism in simply running a business
18:53 <luke-jr_work> capitalist*
18:54 <GodTodd> sure
18:54 <GodTodd> ok
18:55  * wrtlprnft loves his text editor too
19:02 <GodTodd> Under capitalism, profit is a positive return made on an investment by an individual or by business operations. <--- so a business that isn't out to make a profit...interesting
19:08 -!- luke-jr_work [n=ubuntu@adsl-70-128-250-253.dsl.ksc2mo.swbell.net] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
19:14 -!- luke-jr_work [n=ubuntu@adsl-70-128-250-253.dsl.ksc2mo.swbell.net] has joined #armagetron
20:22 -!- madmax|pt [n=MadMaX@bl4-196-232.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #armagetron
20:23 <madmax|pt> hello
20:26 <wrtlprnft> hi
20:32 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-64-108-203-231.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #Armagetron
20:32 <DrJoeTron> well my day has been made
20:32 <DrJoeTron> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWatc5U8RC4&eurl=
20:35 <madmax|pt> that's one sick turtle
20:35 <madmax|pt> nice video :D
20:36 <DrJoeTron> :D
20:55 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034242083.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
21:00 <Vanhayes> #armaservers
21:00 <armabot> Vanhayes: Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress (13 players) || Tigers Network Classic Play (11 players) || AST Server |Fortress/Ladle| (11 players) || ~*Speeders*~ Classic Server (11 players) || Norm's Place (10 players) || Strawberry Fields (9 players) || Capture The Flag Sty (8 players) || icemans network nuke zone - www.icemans.net (6 players) || ~|DS|~DarkSyndicate's Arena {100MBit} (4 players) || (1 more message)
21:00 <Vanhayes> #serverdetails ast
21:00 <armabot> Vanhayes: AST Server  |Fortress/Ladle|: Players (10/16): at.bot, ErrorR4o4, Infamous, Kamakazi, N-OA-N, one_tm, Skunk_it!, SL ( ??? ), ~*SP*~oO.k3nNy,  ªWPN» ªDµrk庠
21:01 <DrJoeTron> #serverdetails Lobster
21:01 <armabot> DrJoeTron: The Lobster Cage: No online players.
21:01 <DrJoeTron> i dont need you guys
21:02 <DrJoeTron> #serverdetails Tub
21:02 <armabot> DrJoeTron: There doesn't seem to be a server matching “tub” at the moment, sorry.
21:04 <wrtlprnft> no clue wy
21:04 <wrtlprnft> *why it isn't on the list
21:04 <wrtlprnft> what't its IP?
21:04 <DrJoeTron> the tub?
21:05 <wrtlprnft> 1
21:05 <DrJoeTron> its up, jsut no one is there
21:05 <DrJoeTron> tub isnt up because god knows why
21:05 <DrJoeTron> its not my server
21:05 <DrJoeTron> my friend runs it
21:06 <wrtlprnft> #serverdetails cage
21:06 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The Lobster Cage: No online players.
21:06 <wrtlprnft> #serverdetails -v cage
21:06 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The Lobster Cage ( running win dedicated, Description: “Medium Sized Grid, Medium Speed. Single Use Turbo  First Official Armagetron Server To Have Its Own Teamspeak Server! IP Password is "option" Download the client at www.goteamspeak.com.“, No online players.
21:10 <Vanhayes> Password is "option"??
21:10 <Vanhayes> should that be in there?
21:10 <DrJoeTron> duh
21:10 <Vanhayes> er nvrm, thats the team speak pass
21:10 <wrtlprnft> it's the pw for the teamspeak server
21:11 <DrJoeTron> hehe
21:11 <Vanhayes> heh
21:11 <wrtlprnft> even i know that
21:11 <wrtlprnft> though i've never used TS
21:11 <Vanhayes> me either
21:11 <DrJoeTron> its nothing spectacular
21:12 -!- Niii [n=Niii@lnr56-1-82-246-48-71.fbx.proxad.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:12 -!- Niii_ [n=Niii@lnr56-1-82-246-48-71.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
21:12 -!- Niii_ is now known as Niii
21:26 <Lucifer_arma> my wife is such a wuss
21:28 <wrtlprnft> maybe she figured out you're in love with your *text editor*?
21:28 <Lucifer_arma> heh
21:28 <Lucifer_arma> check this out
21:28 -!- Your_mom_arma [n=Jacob@pool-151-204-193-196.pskn.east.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
21:29 <Lucifer_arma> last night, she drove her car and I rode in the passenger seat, and I noticed the corner of the hood closest to me vibrating a lot on bumps
21:29 <Lucifer_arma> so I told her to stop the car, thinking the hood had come unlatched.  It hadn't, so I had her pop the hood so I could investigate further
21:29 <Lucifer_arma> the front-right strut mount is sooo broken, the stop of the strut is just poking up.  It's even worn a neat little hole in the hood, and soon it'll punch all the way through the hood.
21:30 <Lucifer_arma> So I declared her car unsafe to drive until we get that strut mount replaced, and we're waiting for my check so we can do it.  Need to do all 4 strut mounts and probably have to replace the front-right strut again.
21:30 <Lucifer_arma> so the logical and reasonable thing for her to do today is to drive *my* car to school
21:31 <mkzelda> hehe
21:31 <Lucifer_arma> aha, but my car is a 5-speed, and she's afraid to drive it
21:31 <Your_mom_arma> wrtlprnft: how often should the real chat logs update?
21:31  * wrtlprnft doesn't understand half the stuff you're talking about
21:31 <wrtlprnft> Your_mom_arma: 5 mins
21:31 <Lucifer_arma> basically, the broken strut mount means that at high speeds the car could flip
21:31 <DrJoeTron> Your_mom_arma keep running away right when im ready to play
21:32 <wrtlprnft> 21:29 <Lucifer_arma> the front-right strut mount is sooo broken, the stop of the strut is just poking up.  It's even worn a neat little hole in the hood, and soon it'll punch all the way through the hood.
21:32 <Your_mom_arma> last update was 22 mins ago
21:32 <wrtlprnft> that's the last line of em
21:32 <DrJoeTron> rtb i mean
21:32 <wrtlprnft> Your_mom_arma: reload?
21:32 <Your_mom_arma> erm nm it just updated
21:32  * wrtlprnft didn't do anything, really
21:32 <Your_mom_arma> realistic turnip bonanza
21:33 <DrJoeTron> Lucifer_arma my school just filed an Intent to strike
21:33 <Lucifer_arma> readily takes blowjobs
21:33 <Your_mom_arma> haha
21:33 <DrJoeTron> really tired boar
21:33 <Lucifer_arma> DrJoeTron: does that mean you won't drive my car?
21:34 <Lucifer_arma> so she took her car to school
21:34 <DrJoeTron> haha
21:34 <DrJoeTron> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWatc5U8RC4&eurl= :D
21:34 <DrJoeTron> turtles are brutal creatures
21:34 <Lucifer_arma> I love my wife and all, but I hope she flips her car doing this chickenshit stuff
21:35 <Lucifer_arma> actually, flipping is just worst-case.  More likely she'll just lose control when the strut itself breaks and just starts rattling around
21:35 <Lucifer_arma> and since it's a front wheel, she probably won't be able to regain control.
21:36 <Lucifer_arma> but if she puts the kids in that car to take them somewhere, I swear I'll go take the starter out
21:36 <armabot> armagetronad: nemostultae * r6200 /armagetronad/branches/ruby/armagetronad/src/tools/tRuby.cpp: GetExceptionInfo() was formatting the exception and backtrace wrong
21:37 <Your_mom_arma> dr joe tron ready for regularly turning bricks?
21:37 <DrJoeTron> almost, im doing page 2 of my paper, there is just a paragraph left
21:37 <Lucifer_arma> why bother if your teacher's just going to strike?
21:37 <DrJoeTron> then i can play for a bit,
21:37 <DrJoeTron> intent to strike was filed
21:38 <DrJoeTron> meaning they cant do it for 10 days
21:38 <DrJoeTron> if they are gonna do it, its gonna be october 9th at the earliest
21:38 <DrJoeTron> this paper is due tommarow
21:38 <Lucifer_arma> tom or row ?
21:38 <DrJoeTron> both
21:39 <Lucifer_arma> you're going to run a spellchecker on it?
21:39 <DrJoeTron> don't get audrey on me
21:39 <Lucifer_arma> you could just have spidey proofread it
21:39 <Your_mom_arma> haha
21:40 <Your_mom_arma> hmm
21:52 <DrJoeTron> ok
21:52 <DrJoeTron> up for defcon tonight?
21:53 <DrJoeTron> let me put the server up for rats taste bitter
22:04 <DrJoeTron> Your_mom_arma ?
22:41 <madmax|pt> "Your_mom_arma keep running away right when im ready to play"
22:41 <madmax|pt> so...
23:09 <DrJoeTron> hahaha
23:09 <DrJoeTron> so i guess it cant handle that
23:09 <Your_mom_arma> blame the liberal media
23:09 <DrJoeTron> remind me
23:09 <DrJoeTron> loading blocks twice + remove all blocks = crash
23:11 -!- [Xpert]DarkStar [n=pso@84-74-40-251.dclient.hispeed.ch] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:13 -!- [Xpert]DarkStar [n=pso@84-74-40-251.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #armagetron
23:20 <armabot> armagetronad: nemostultae * r6201 /armagetronad/branches/ruby/armagetronad/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Added lib directory
23:27 <Lackadaisical> #armaservers
23:27 <armabot> Lackadaisical: Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress (13 players) || Strawberry Fields (12 players) || ~*Speeders*~ Classic Server (9 players) || Tigers Network Classic Play (6 players) || Norm's Place (6 players) || {WPN} |Fortress| (6 players) || -=|LøÏ|=- Lords Of Destruction Sumo Server (6 players) || MicroBusCity.com (6 players) || Swampland in 2.7.1 (6 players) || ~"XzL. Clan Server (5 players) || (1 more message)
23:46 -!- Revan [n=onomus@kermit.barmen.nu] has joined #armagetron
23:46 -!- Revan [n=onomus@kermit.barmen.nu] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:49 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has quit ["-"]
23:57 <Vanhayes> #armaservers
23:57 <armabot> Vanhayes: Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress (13 players) || Strawberry Fields (11 players) || {WPN} |Fortress| (10 players) || Tigers Network Classic Play (8 players) || Capture The Flag Sty (7 players) || -=|LøÏ|=- Lords Of Destruction Sumo Server (5 players) || ~"XzL. Clan Server (5 players) || ~*Speeders*~ Classic Server (4 players) || Shrunkland in 2.8.2 (4 players) || Norm's Place (3 players) || (1 more message)
23:57 <Vanhayes> #more
23:57 <armabot> Vanhayes: ~|DS|~DarkSyndicate's Arena {100MBit} (3 players) || MicroBusCity.com (3 players) || Swampland in 2.7.1 (3 players) || Palatinum's Place (2 players) || :: spilgrp fko - armagetron advanced :: (1 players)
23:57 <Vanhayes> #serverdetails wpn
23:57 <armabot> Vanhayes: {WPN} |Fortress|: Players (7/16): ct|- play, Vanhayes, Zop, |AST| }{Alex}{, ~*SP*~ ØLÊfÀ	Hy,  «VPN»?«Cµqkå»?, ¯VPN¯G5

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